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March 27, 2015

Retailers Still Struggling with Seamless Digital Shopping Experiences

While the mobile platform gets bigger by the day, there are still plenty of companies that are struggling to take full advantage of the market. United States retailers are among those trying to find their footing. These companies are feeling the push because they know they must act quickly in order to take advantage of the ability to deliver a “seamless retail” experience to customers.

Industry analysts Accenture has just released a report which underlines the struggles, saying that most American consumers do not feel as though their expectations are being met when it comes to mobile retail. The report is based on a survey of more than 750 U.S. consumers as well as a look at how retailers operate across numerous sales channels.

The information discovered is that just 42 percent of shoppers are finding it easy to complete a purchase using a mobile device. On the flipside, when consumers were asked what aspect of their shopping experience most needed an upgrade, 39 percent of consumers said that the physical store had the biggest need. This has not changed from a year ago and shows that retailers are not making a lot of progress in these regards.

The report also shows that a number of mobile capabilities for seamless retailing are not being taken advantage of by those retailers. Some of this is likely due to continued concerns about mobile and digital security. When retailers like Target are getting hacked, other big names are more wary about walking down the same road.

Retailers who are still reticent about going mobile and online need to get over their fears quickly. According to Accenture, the second biggest area where retailers need to improve, according to consumers is taking advantage of all three sales channels. 32 percent said US retailers are not doing this properly. Most glaring is the seamless experience of mobile, where just 22 and 19 percent of shoppers are able to start their shopping on tablets or smartphones and finish in store, respectively.

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