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February 02, 2015

Sionic Mobile Now Accepted in More Than 50,000 Stores

It wasn’t that long ago that Sionic Mobile was just trying to get its foot in the door when it came to the retail and restaurant markets. Now the company has announced that it has gotten its foot in the door of more than 50,000 different locations across the United States. At any one of these 50,000 shops, restaurants and retail locations, customers can pay for their purchases using Sionic’s mobile application, making it one of the more popular mobile payment applications on the market.

This is especially good news for the company considering one report after another is expecting the popularity of mobile payments to only increase. One report, by eMarketer back in October said that mobile payment adoption is expected to rise by more than 700 percent over the next two years. Another report that is right in Sionic Mobile’s wheelhouse is one by Accenture ,which says that more than 60 percent of customers indicated rewards and discount programs would make it more attractive for them to being using mobile payment platforms.

Sionic Mobile has its own loyalty rewards program called ION, which also has its own application where customers can track when they have become eligible for a reward. Among other features, the program gives users one percent of their purchases back as IONs when they use a linked credit or debit card, two percent back when using a linked bank account and three percent back when using a value account. These IONs can then be used as more than 30,000 national chains. The company just came up with a new deal with MyEcheck that allows users to earn double rewards when paying for something using Echeck.

“ION Rewards and Loyalty are the premier programs for driving mobile commerce, and MyECheck provides the best possible payment solution for mobile commerce,” of MyECheck Ed Starrs, CEO said in a recent statement. Starrs added that he felt the combined technologies of Echeck and Sionic Mobile will give the two firms a major competitive advantage moving forward.

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