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November 04, 2014

PayPal Officially Launches 'Pay After Delivery' Service

While Apple Pay is trying its best to change the way people pay for their purchases, it’s far from the only attempt to change things in the mobile commerce sector. In order to change this rather lucrative market, PayPal has officially launched a new service called Pay After Delivery. The company announced it has forged new partnerships with Burger King and GoDaddy as well as and Cybersource to go along with the new service.

This new service might be relatively new to the mobile commerce field but it certainly isn’t a new concept. Pay After Delivery is a service that will allow PayPal users to pay for things they purchase online as much as 14 days after they make that purchase. The company says that it wants to give customers the “same level of confidence whether they shop online or in store.”

Essentially, this service is a two-week loan because while you have two weeks to pay for your purchase, the companies that you make your purchase from will be getting paid right away. PayPal piloted this program first in the U.K. and then in select markets in the United States. Apparently, the service worked well enough that the company is ready to launch for real, all over the United States.

Getting PayPal Pay After Delivery rolled out to the rest of the United States is just the first step in what the company expects to eventually be a global launch. Of course, in order to make this work, PayPal needs partners and that’s where firms like Burger King come in. PayPal customers will soon be able to pay for their meals at BK using PayPal and essentially get those meals for free, at least for a little while. Even better is that people will be able to use the iOS app to order food before they get to the restaurant, and get issued a one-time code. Once the code is presented to the cashier, their PayPal account will be charged. Initially the program with Burger King will be limited to select locations but it to, will eventually go nationwide.

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