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October 29, 2014

Taco Bell's New Mobile Platform Now Allows for Direct Taco Orders

Taco Bell is expanding its operations to mobile platforms with a new app that allows customers to order their favorite Taco Bell meals ahead of time in locations all over the nation, available on Android and iOS devices. Other fast food chains have experimented with smartphone orders for items off of their menu, but Taco Bell is boasting that their app grants customers access to the full menu and even exclusive app-only meals, which can be picked up either in-store or in the drive-thru lane. By expanding to an instantly accessible mobile platform, Taco Bell is hoping to pick up more customers looking for even faster food.

The Taco Bell app means that customers will no longer have to wait through the drive-thru line while placing an order, which will quickly attract those customers who are looking to pick up a quick bite to eat on their way somewhere else. This demographic, who is otherwise most likely to either order food to be delivered at their end location or simply go through the drive-thru, will now have a third option that is in many ways superior since it involves the least waiting time.

The app also includes several features, including a loyalty program for repeat customers, as well as special offers and exclusive meals. “You'll be able to order products that no one else can,” claims Taco Bell's senior director of digital marketing and platforms Tressie Lieberman. Customers are also able to request customized versions of the chain's popular meals, and can even re-order their customized creations by simply tilting their phone appropriately.

Ultimately, Taco Bell's app is likely to attract attention due to the fact that it offers customers incentives for using their platform in the form of both decreased wait times and exclusive food options. 

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