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October 07, 2014

LiveDeal Launches Improved iOS App

Less than a month after the launch of a redesigned Android app, LiveDeal has unveiled a similar new and improved version of the company’s iOS app. LiveDeal is an online marketplace that connects users in real time with local restaurants offering deals, promotions and other specials at any given moment. The company’s marketing solutions are designed to boost customer awareness and merchant visibility, especially for local establishments.

Version 2.0 of the app includes a number of improvements including significantly faster loading speeds for deals, which the company claims in many cases is only a few milliseconds. The app, as a whole also operates faster thanks to more efficient code and various bug fixes. Extensive updates to the user interface and experience highlight this improvement in speed, complementing it with more intuitive navigation.

The app boasts an expanded search function, which enhances its overall usefulness for users, also reducing frustrations caused when inadequate search options yield results that are too vague or too specific. Also added was support for location services, allowing search results to include a link that instantly generates directions from a user’s current location to a selected business location.

The last of the changes included in this major update is the addition of promo code functionality. Restaurants that work with the app can add promo codes for users to take advantage of, solidifying the bond between business and customer while adding incentive for usage of the LiveDeal app.

“It's very important that we provide our customers with the best service and the highest functionality, regardless of which platform they use. This iOS app, like the Android version we recently improved and re-launched, is the result of customer feedback,” said Jon Isaac, CEO of LiveDeal Inc. “LiveDeal is dedicated to ensuring that our customers enjoy the functionality of our apps, whether from home or on the go. We are constantly evolving and improving our platform and the way we deliver that platform to the consumer in order to provide our customers, our restaurant partners and our shareholders with the best value in our industry.”

Version 2.0 of both the iOS and Android versions of the app are available now from their respective markets.

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