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September 20, 2014

Mobile Commerce Week in Review: From Bitcoins to Better Security

Mobile commerce news this week saw new partners, not-for-profits as well as IPOs.  With the weekend upon us, let’s take a look at the week that was - it’s Week in Review time!

Leading off the news, United Way backs bitcoin as an acceptable way to make donations. With many skeptics doubting the sustainability and security in using a crypto-currency, the Virginia-based not-for-profit supports bitcoin wallet Coinbase to accept donations, and views bitcoin as an emerging technology.

Coinbase expanded this week to now reach 13 European countries.  These countries include Spain, Austria, Latvia, Malta, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, France, Finland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium.  The expansion marks Coinbase’s first, with the hopes of augmenting its already growing base of 1.6 million Americans.

In emerging markets like Latin America and Africa, the lack of payment infrastructure causes difficulty to the financial processes.  Millicom and Kalixa have partnered to provide Latin America and Africa with an eWallet platform as well as a 1-click payment option.  Mobile commerce is set to explode in these regions due their high adoption rates of mobile devices.

Another new partnership in the news this week was Manatee Works Inc. and Zerion Software.  Both companies are aiming at the mobile development market as Manatee specializes in barcode technology and Zerion Software has created iFormbuilder, a cloud-based mobile data collection platform.

In Apple news, its NFC technology will only be available for mobile payment services for the time being. The possibilities for this burgeoning technology are vast, but Apple is not quite ready to take the leap and explore other spaces.

FIDO or Fast Identity Online Alliance, an organization with goal of relieving the current reliance on passwords as a means to authenticate identity, gave Alipay its approval as the first FIDO ready authentication ecosystem in China.

Read these and many more stories at Mobile Commerce Insider to keep you on the cutting-edge of happenings in this space. See you next week!

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