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September 18, 2014

Sionic Launches new Campaign to Highlight the Benefits of ION Rewards

Businesses use many different marketing, promotional, loyalty and rewards campaigns to get customers to walk into their doors or visit their website. To this day it is very difficult to get an accurate metric on billboard, print, radio and TV campaigns, which in all actuality it means companies are basically hoping for the best. However, the Internet, social media and big data analytics is making it possible for companies to get accurate results on the effectiveness of any campaign conducted on digital platforms. Sionic Mobile, a mobile commerce leader providing mobile promotions, gift cards, donations, payments and rewards, has launched a new video campaign to inform organizations about the benefits of using mobile loyalty and mobile payments.

The “ION Phenomena” video is about the ION Rewards, an application that provides mobile loyalty and payment solution so consumers can use their smartphones at more than 30,000 retailers around the country. Upon using the applications, customers are rewarded with IONs. The IONs can be used at any of the participating retailers like cash anytime they want because they don’t have expiration dates.

This is an ingenious solution that uses a device the vast majority of Americans have to offer the consumer and merchant a mutually beneficial arrangement without having to cut coupons and launch expensive campaigns.

When customers use the ION Rewards to pay for products and services at participating retail locations such as Lowe's, GameStop, Papa John’s and many others, they receive up to 3 percent in IONs at every checkout. But the IONs can be used at any of the participating merchant locations, which can’t be said for the old rewards and loyalty campaigns many retailers still use.

To start earning the IONs all you have to do is download the free app, create an account or sign in with your G+ or Facebook accounts, link a payment type and start using it at participating retailers.

 “As more players enter this space, it can become overwhelming to consumers. We created the ION Phenomena video as a way to help consumers better understand how mobile payments, specifically mobile loyalty programs, can be much more than simply a convenient payment method,” said Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic Mobile.

The company has also launched Shop2Give, an e-donation platform that allows not-for-profit organizations an efficient way to raise funds across the country without the expense associated with traditional fund raising efforts. Additionally, Sionic Mobile will donate two percent of mobile checkouts at NO COST to supporters or the not-for-profits, a win-win for everyone.

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