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September 06, 2014

Mobile Commerce Week in Review: Apple Stealing the Spotlight?

Mobility is king in today’s fast moving society; the ability to do what one wants from where they want, is certainly a trend that’s gaining ground.  This week in the Mobile Commerce space, we see a big dog marking its territory, if you will.

It is unclear what features the new iPhone 6 will have, but what is being reported is that Apple will be rolling out its own near field communications (NFC) platform. This notion is not new, as Apple has been expected to take this leap for years due to the available technology.  Don’t be surprised to see Apple pull another rabbit out of its hat as it would make perfect sense to create a business around the already millions of customer credit cards Apple has on file.

Following the Apple NFC rumblings, TMC contributor Clayton Hamshar reported on an Apple Nordstrom relationship in regard to mobile payments.  Nordstrom offers a high-end established apparel brand for Apple to pair with.  Reports are substantiated by anonymous employees confirming that all of Nordstrom’s POS terminals have been outfitted with Lightning Pin hardware, making them compatible with the new iPhone.  Nordstrom is not afraid of innovation—in 2012 it upgraded its POS system to be the first high-end department store chain to be equipped with mobile POS terminals.

Rounding out the Apple news this week, TMC’s Gary Kim asks an important question, “Will iPhone 6 transform the mobile payments business?” 

Recently, we’ve seen Apple take its first leap into the pool of mobile commerce—a market primed and ready for explosive growth.  As we read earlier, Apple is expected to add NFC operability to the new iPhone 6 and with recent rumors about the release of a mobile wallet it is set up for long term success. 

A familiar name appeared to steal the spotlight this week in the mobile commerce space, make sure to check back for all the comings and goings, innovations and breaking news right here! See you next week!

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