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August 30, 2014

Mobile Commerce Week in Review

With growing prevalence of mobile devices and the functions they can perform in our lives, one area where they have undeniably found a purpose is in  Mobile Commerce.  It’s time to take a look at the week that was in the mobile commerce space.

Starting the week’s flurry of news is TMC’s Steve Anderson reporting that eBay may be planning to spin off PayPal.  There is a great debate surrounding the value of the two assets together versus apart.  Anderson’s full analysis and commentary can be found here.

TMC’s Michael Guta addresses an interesting issue in today’s marketplace: the possibility of digital wallets signaling the end for cold, hard cash. The popularity of digital wallets is because of the added functionality they provide, offering users the ability to “sync” their life into their wallets with location, social features and identity management in the palm of their hand.

Bitcoin, the digital currency with some security concerns and inconsistent popularity made its way into the news this week with a report of BitFury Capital investing in a Bitcoin wallet.  The group is putting its efforts toward expanding the use of Bitcoins through business opportunities and partnerships.

Following on the digital wallet train, TMC’s Clayton Hamshar reported on NXD-ID’s new smart wallet offering.  The Wocket Smart Wallet features a rechargeable battery, that barring excessive use (more than five transactions a day) will not need a charge for a year.  The wallet ensures high levels of security and remarkable functionality.

Digital wallet provider Sequent Software has integrated One Tap functionality into its offerings.  This provides more freedom to the user by carrying anything needed for a purchase (coupons included) on their mobile devices.

“By enabling coupons, loyalty and payment cards to be transmitted simultaneously to POS systems with a single tap of a phone, Sequent simplifies the cumbersome checkout process that forces consumers to carry multiple cards and coupons in stores today." said Robb Duffield, CEO Sequent Software.

Though the week has come to an end, the news never stops.  Stay tuned in to Mobile Commerce Insider for all you need to know to remain on the cutting edge of mobile commerce.  See you next week!

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