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August 27, 2014

Digital Wallet Provider Awarded Patent for 'One Tap' Payment Functionality

A platform-as-a-service software provider announced this week that it has been awarded a patent that will allow mobile users to make payments from their mobile devices with a single tap.

Sequent Software provides digital wallet platforms to its business customers, and it will now be able to build upon its "One Tap" functionality. This will allow customers making payments to use credit cards, coupons, promotional offers, and other payment necessities all at once through the Sequent platform. Robb Duffield, the CEO of Sequent, commented on the importance of the single tap idea to the mobile payment market.

"One tap functionality is arguably more important to mobile payments than 'one click' functionality was to e-commerce," Duffield said. "By enabling coupons, loyalty and payment cards to be transmitted simultaneously to POS systems with a single tap of a phone, Sequent simplifies the cumbersome checkout process that forces consumers to carry multiple cards and coupons in stores today."

Essentially, One Tap functionality will provide customers with a convenience they may never have had before. Most people are used to clipping paper coupons and remembering coupon codes for special promotions. One Tap can allow customers to leave their coupons at home and trust their mobile devices to carry that information with them to stores. Point of sale systems working with the Sequent APIs will be able to understand the information mobile users want to transmit, and transactions should become faster and more efficient as a result of this consolidation of services.

The U.S. patent is number 8,811,895 and allows near-field communication to allow mobile devices to transmit information about credit cards, coupons, special promotions, and other sales to point of sale systems. David Brudnicki, Sequent CTO, commented that Sequent can work with platform banks and merchants to allow for a seamless purchasing experience. He urges companies to add the One Tap functionality to their mobile payment apps to benefit everyday consumers, and he says Sequent is in a good position to innovate in the world of mobile commerce by taking the electronic payment experience of "one click" and taking it to the real-life experience of the physical world.

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