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August 12, 2014

China: The New Mobile Hotspot

Smartphones; I don’t know about you, but I seem to be on mine all day.  Whether I’m playing a game, downloading an app, shopping or checking my fantasy score, it is an inseparable piece of my daily garb.  In China, it is reported that the country hosts 499.5 million mobile Internet users— is trying to better engage them.

Synverse, a leading global transaction processor, has been selected by to improve customer engagement for mobile users.  It already connects more than 1,500 mobile service providers, ISPs, enterprises and OTTs in almost 200 countries. Syniverse will be providing two-way communication programs for the online giant.   

“As the mobile channel increases in importance, brands and consumers alike are demanding more from the user experience,” said Alfred de Cárdenas, president, Enterprise and Intelligence Solutions, Syniverse.

This marks the first time and users can communicate via SMS, and Syniverse will enhance and improve upon’s engagement mediums—making keyword campaigns and promotions more personally directed and effective. What makes this two-way system especially intriguing and unique is that no email address is used to sign in, mobile only customers communicate solely through SMS. 

“With Syniverse’s two-way engagement solution, is future-proofing its business through enhanced customer engagement for a mobile-first audience with a reliable, secure solution that delivers rich engagement to the right user, via the right mobile channel, at the right time, resulting in deepened customer touch points that can increase loyalty and revenue while promoting and protecting the brand,“ Cardenas added.

Seamless mobile communication is made possible by Syniverse’s rapidly evolving devices, networks and applications.  The 25 year veteran of the space, Syniverse, is able to offer real-time communications through always-on services.

The smartphone has changed life as we know it, enabling us to complete a multitude of tasks from the palm of our hand.  Only time will tell if’s wager on mobile will pay out, but based on the expectation that in 2014 estimations for smartphone shipments are set around 450 million mobile commerce can only grow.  

Edited by Adam Brandt

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