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August 07, 2014

Mobile Commerce Index Reports Smartphone-Generated Retail Revenue Nearly Doubled

The introduction of smartphone technology has revolutionized the way consumers interact with their environment. Whether it is collaborating with coworkers or purchasing a ticket to an event while you are on your way there, it has introduced a level of productivity and efficiency which would've been much harder without this technology. This has led the vast majority of companies to implement mobile commerce as part of a comprehensive business platform. The Mobile Commerce Index Report by Branding Brand, a mobile commerce platform of top-grossing retailers, has revealed smartphone-generated traffic, orders, and revenue by consumers to retailer smartphone-optimized websites from July 2014 vs. July 2013 was up by 97.6 percent.

The Mobile Commerce Index is an exclusive worldwide data sample report issued monthly identifying customer mobile commerce use and trends across a consistent sample of 26 major retailers in different industries including apparel, health and beauty, and home goods. The index is recognized as the largest collection of data on commerce gathered from retail websites that have been optimized for smartphones across different platforms including Android and iOS.

The year over year differential for the 26 customers that were tracked by Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index showed in July 2013 smartphone visits were 17,222,167, smartphone orders were 118,449, and smartphone revenue generated $9,230,003. The numbers for July 2014 revealed 21,517,628 visits, 204,916 orders, and revenues of $18,237,133 resulting in 24.9, 73.0, and 97.6 percent growth rates respectively.

When the index broke down the number of visits according to operating systems iOS had 61.8 percent compared to 37.4 percent for Android, while the market share for desktop visits decreased by 13.7 percent during the same period. This data proves the increased adoption of mobile technology by consumers and the gradual decline of desktop usage, especially among younger demographics.

"Our real time data shows decisively that smartphone activity in retail is surging, with the highest percentage of growth consistently in revenue. We expect to see the maximum impact of this record-breaking, year-over-year trend hit during the 2014 holiday season as consumers flock to fully-optimized mobile websites offering exclusive seasonal sales, customized vibrant imagery, and a no-stress shopping experience," said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. 

Branding Brand provides comprehensive mobile commerce solutions by extending brands to optimize experiences for mobile platforms. It is the largest provider of the Internet Retailer Top 500 and it has more than 200 of the world's leading retailers including, American Eagle Outfitters, Crate & Barrel, and Sephora as customers. 

Edited by Adam Brandt

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