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August 04, 2014

Celltick Partners with Phaser to Develop Android Start Interface

Mobile commerce company, Celltick, announced last week that it has partnered with Phaser, an electronics and mobile device manufacturer, to develop a user-experience product for Android smartphone users in South America.

Celltick will be providing Phaser with a home screen for its mobile devices that is based on Celltick's Smart technology. Smart will allow users to display on their home screens the applications, folders, documents, and other information sources they use most often. This can save them from needing to sift through multiple menus and screens to get to content they want right away. With Start, consumers can quickly view their social media feeds and access multimedia and news feeds from a single, easily-accessible location.

More than just a home screen that users can manipulate, Start also includes advanced technology based on big data utilization that allows it to make suggestions to users about which content they should include on their home screens. It becomes aware of the types of content users access most often and makes suggestions based on that data.

Phaser will use the Start technology to differentiate its devices from its competitors. The Celltick announcement states that Phaser will use Start to deliver a high-quality tool to its consumers that should work to enhance brand loyalty.

Jacques Storch, partner director of Phaser, commented on the partnership his company will engage in with Celltick.

"The partnership with Celltick helps us differentiate our products and deliver value to our users, enabling our brand to standout to the consumer in a market where customer preference is a key" Storch said. "Phaser is extremely competitive in price in the market segments where we operate, and our goal is to add other variables to consolidate ourselves in this segment of smartphones."

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