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July 31, 2014

Managing Gift Cards Becomes Easier with Enhanced Amazon Wallet

Gift cards are an excellent way to add value to your purchases. There are expert shoppers who make efficient use of gift cards to save hundreds of dollars on their purchase. But managing gift cards from different stores can be a nightmare for an avid shopper. Realizing the needs of new age shoppers, Blackhawk Network, a leading prepaid and payments network, has added new capabilities to the Amazon Wallet app. The enhanced app will allow the consumers to easily store, redeem, and check the balance of gift cards from dozens of major retailers and restaurants.

The new Amazon Wallet supports both digital and physical cards. It allows the customer to load information from their existing cards into their Amazon Wallet. Even if you forget your card at home, the app can help you to quickly check the card balance and redeem it online, or present it in-store right from your phone.

Retailers also have cause to be happy as the enhanced Amazon Wallet app is expected to drive store visits and generate incremental sales by letting buyers make purchases at many locations.

“We are happy to be working with Amazon to bring today's mobile consumers a more convenient way to manage and spend gift cards from a wide selection of retailers. We're confident customers will enjoy the enhanced digital experience this new, secure, flexible mobile payment option offers,” president of Blackhawk Network, Talbott Roche, noted in a statement.

The Amazon Wallet app comes already installed on the new Fire phone, and is also available for download to Android phones running 4.0 or above. The new gift card features are also available online at

“Blackhawk Network's expertise in gift card management provides our customers with access to the retailers they want and the digital experience that Amazon is committed to delivering. Together we are helping consumers get the full value of their gift cards with the safety and convenience of storing them digitally. Instead of fearing they might lose or forget about them, they can have them on hand to use wherever and whenever they choose,” director, Amazon Local Commerce, Charlie Kindel, noted in a statement.

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