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July 26, 2014

Mobile Commerce Week in Review

The Mobile Commerce space saw no shortage of news this week.  As the summer months are in full swing so is mobile commerce, let’s see what was in the news.

Basis Technology partnered with Zoond this week to improve content monetization.  Basis Technologies is a provider of text and search analytics AND Zoond offers a powerful mobile platform allowing world of opportunity for smartphone users.

Yes, typically mobile technology is usually smaller than its non-mobile counterparts, but this small? TMC’s Jonathan Keane reported this week that Socket Mobile revealed the smallest and lightest Bluetooth scanner in the market.  This it not surprising to see from Socket Mobile—a manufacturer of barcode scanners for iOS, Windows and Android devices.

TMC’s Casey Houser reported Warp 9’s announcement of their WarpMobile Magento Mobile Commerce Solution.  Magento is used by nearly 250,000 businesses worldwide to power their websites, but not all of said businesses have delved into the mobile space, forcing them to play catch up with their already mobile competitors. 

A new report from the CFI Group called the Retail Satisfaction Baramoter had some interesting points on the state of mobile.  For starters, nearly 41 percent of consumers this year are using mobile apps for shopping—nearly double the number from last year.  Click here to read all of TMC’s Paula Bernier’s analysis.

IBM and MOnetise have joined forces to help business understand their customer’s behavior as well as help manage their money.  The partnership is a multi-year global alliance with provide various financial service institutions a cloud-based mobile commerce solution.  All of TMC’s own Melissa Warten’s analysis can be found here.

We can’t leave social media out of the mobile commerce news frenzy, as Twitter and Facebook are throwing their collective hats in the e-commerce ring.  This past week saw Twitter purchase CardSpring, a payment infrastructure company, and Facebook is dabbling in testing support for purchases on the social media site.

TMC’s Steve Anderson reported this week that the Amazon Wallet did not receive the welcome to the market Amazon expected.  The app allows the user to store loyalty and store cards as well as gift cards—lightening one’s purse or pocket, but what about the ability to store debit and credit cards?

This week, Target released it’s ‘In a Snap’ App and drew a line in the sand with Amazon’s Firefly in a battle for mobile shopping supremacy

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