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July 17, 2014

Cubed Inc. Acquires WikiTechnologies

Cubed Inc., the company behind Get CUBED, an intuitive and interactive three-dimensional website, marketing tool and payments platform, has completed an acquisition of financial services provider WikiTechnologies, Inc. on July 15.

Get CUBED is a mobile-first web platform that displays a three-dimensional manner, vastly simplifying the process of presenting complex content as well as generating new opportunities for ways to do so. The company describes it as “a cross-platform, access agnostic and ubiquitous ecosystem, adopted rather than adapted for mobile devices.” It is one of the latest additions to the ubiquitous social media network market.

WikiTechnologies is the provider of WikiPay, a proprietary online and mobile payment solution for Consumer-to-Consumer, Consumer-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business transactions. WikiPay is noted for its low fees and exceptional service and security. WikiLoan is a secondary product that provides money-lending services through a peer-to-peer platform.

The acquisition of WikiTechnologies allows Cubed to integrate both platforms into its application, a solution to what was one of the product’s main weaknesses. The resulting combined technology hopes to revolutionize the way people use mobile devices and how businesses interact with consumers, and vice versa.

"Cubed's platform bridges the online and offline world in a way which is transformative to how consumers and businesses interact," said Ted DeFeudis, CEO of WikiTechnologies. "Our technology enables Cubed users to transact with businesses both large and small in a simple and efficient way, and we're excited to be an integral part of the Cubed movement."

The acquisition was carried out as a Share Exchange Agreement, the beginnings of which took place in May of this year. The agreement’s terms accounted for Cubed to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common stock of WikiTechnologies in exchange for Cubed common stock and a cash payment. 

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