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June 19, 2014

Apple Allows Bitcoin Applications Back in Its App Store

A little over four months ago, Apple purged the last of the Bitcoin Wallet applications from its iOS app store. Now the California-based company has apparently reversed course, allowing Bitcoin Wallet and other bitcoin-centric applications back onto its virtual store shelves. The newest of these bitcoin based applications is the Coinpocket which has been described by its creator as a wrapper for a previously available open source HTML5 version of the same app. Now that it’s back in the app store, it includes camera hardware that makes QR code scanning possible.

The move towards allowing bitcoin applications shouldn’t be ignored, especially with the rollercoaster ride the digital currency has been undergoing over the last few months. When Apple announced it would no longer allow applications like Coinpocket to be listed in its app store, there were some who wondered whether this was the beginning of the end for a currency that had a lot of promise, but has seen a dip in popularity since the calendar turned to 2014.

Other companies, such as the satellite television provider DISH seem to think the currency has at least some kind of future. Earlier this month, the firm became the first of the Pay-TV operators to start accepting the digital currency as payment for services rendered.

As far as Coinpocket goes, its arrival back on the iOS app store isn’t all that big a deal by itself. The application doesn’t offer a whole lot of new features that other BTC applications didn’t. the move is more a symbolic understanding that there is a place for these kinds of apps on the iOS store. It would seem this would also mean that Apple understands that bitcoin applications by themselves are not something the company needs to be quite so wary about.

Just whether or not this application, and others like it are here to stay remains to be seen. The business world has been quite fickle when it comes to its acceptance of the digital currency. If there’s another shakeup in the market, Apple could certainly pull them again.

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