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June 14, 2014

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review

If you are anything like me, then you would rather do anything than wait on a line. Well, with the exception of having to deposit physical cash, these days you can accomplish almost all of your banking needs through the use of a mobile device. In fact, there are several recent reports that indicate mobile as the most used channel in banking for its convenience. What I find interesting is that banks have taken notice of this and are developing downloadable apps for your convenience. That last sentence doesn’t feel right!

For those of you, mostly freelancers, who are involved with being paid over PayPal to create files, there may just be a more convenient solution. Biscom is a company that develops managed file transfer and data conversion solutions. The company’s newest secure file transfer solution might be just what you are looking for to ease the burden of transferring your files and getting paid at the same time.

New York Waterway is a private transportation company running ferry and bus service in the Port of New York, New Jersey and in the Hudson Valley. NY Waterway uses ferry slips at four terminals in Manhattan as well as terminals and slips in New Jersey, all located along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway and at landings on the East River in Brooklyn and Long Island City. So you can see that this is a very convenient way to get around town, especially when going to work during rush hour. Bytemark has made some updates to its mobile ticketing apps that will make it even more helpful to use NY Waterway.

A new patent from Sequent, a leading provider of digital issuance and open wallet platform-as-a-service that delivers secure mobile payments and value-added services to banks, mobile operators, merchants and access control providers, may just make using the mobile wallet a little easier. The patent concerns the use of secure credentials stored on your mobile devices.

A lot has been happening in China lately. Among other things, a recent report has China leading the global connected market. Additionally, we are seeing a rapidly growing e-commerce market in China as well, to the tune of about $525 billion this year. NTT Communications Corp is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation, which is the largest telecommunication company in the world. NTT Com provides network management, security and solution services to consumers, corporations and governments. NTT will take on the task of addressing China’s e-commerce growth with a new mobile payments platform.

These are just a few of the stories that we worked on this week. The best way to stay current is to keep checking in with us at Mobile Commerce Insider.

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