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May 05, 2014

Flint Mobile Adds Features to its Android App

Flint Mobile's Android app allows businesses to process customers plastic payments without a card reader. Users simply take an in-app snapshot of customers' credit or debt cards; the app then processes each customer's identifying information and generates a receipt for them. That is not enough for Flint, though, which announced last week a host of additional features for its Android app, including support for invoicing and cash or check payments.

The company markets its app as being important for “small, service-centric businesses that operate outside of traditional storefront environments” such as contractors and freelancers. These small business owners often need to accept payments on the go and without the assistance of a card reader, which can be a hassle to keep on hand. Flint's business has shown a substantial subscriber increase in the past year due, at least in part, to advancements the company made to its mobile app and online portal.

There are four major additions to the Flint Android app. First, it can now create invoices that business owners can send customers. It is capable of sending invoices through email and allowing customers to click a supplied link that allows them to submit a payment. The app can also remind customers when their payments are past due through further email reminders.

Before this update, Flint could only process and track payments made with credit or debit cards. Now, the app is smart enough to manage payments customers make with cash and checks. Just as it did with credit/debit payments, it can still send receipts to cash/check customers.

Additionally, for business owners who wish to sell more than one item at a time, Flint now supports the sale of multiple items, and it helps simplify transactions by adding up the total cost and necessary taxes before a customer submits payment. These additions should make transactions smoother and simpler, and an updated user interface will go a long way toward those goals as well. Flint has made its app more Android-specific, and the company has updated its card-scanning process to better work with a wider range of Android devices.

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