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March 27, 2014

Spindle to Roll Out Yowza!! Mobile App

Spindle, a mobile commerce solution provider, has announced that it will use the Yowza!! brand in its future offerings.

“The Yowza!! brand reflects Spindle's commitment to bring the next wave of mobile commerce services to businesses and consumers," said Michael Stevens, executive vice president of marketing and innovation at Spindle. "As mobile commerce providers, we are always looking for fresh opportunities to help businesses and people engage, interact and transact solely on mobile devices. The introduction of the Yowza!! label reinforces Spindle's ability to transform the merchant-consumer experience through some very unique capabilities we've developed that we believe will reshape the market for years to come."

Yowza!!, which Spindle acquired at the beginning of 2014, will allow merchants to tailor the offerings to mobile users based on their locations and their preferences. It will also include a mobile wallet, making it easier for customers to buy things in addition to receiving offers.

Spindle will release Yowza!! in stages over 30 days and will support both iOS and Android. Spindle already has over 95,000 merchants already signed up and claims over 2 million potential buyers at the time it will launch.

The rise of mobile devices allows marketers to target consumers much more precisely than they’ve been able to in the past. A smartphone can give a user’s precise location, which marketers can extrapolate a lot of information, including the time of day where the user is and the weather.

Since consumer preferences change from day to day and even within the same day, it becomes possible to offer exactly the goods and services a user might want. For example, a convenience store might offer coupons on ice cream or cold drinks during a very hot day to entice potential customers, which they could buy using Yowza!! without having to fumble for change or credit cards.

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