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March 27, 2014

Snipp Interactive Launched Four Major Campaigns In the Last Month

With more people becoming connected to the world through mobile platforms, everyday activities can become more attached to network interactions. Every moment of the day is an opportunity for someone to be connected. For retailers, this provides them with an opportunity to market their products even further, drawing in more sales. Snipp Interactive, started in 2007, is one company that has foreseen a need for mobile marketing solutions, developing SnippCheck, a receipts processing solution, and SnippWin, a mobile contest platform.

Snipp’s marketing solutions have been growing in popularity among a wide range of brands as a one stop shop for mobile marketing campaigns. A few of the major companies that have used Snipp’s solutions include Walmart, Taco Bell, Lexus, and Oreo.

It appears that Snipp has had an excellent month, as they have announced that they have launched four large-scale mobile marketing campaigns in the last month using their SnippCheck and SnippWin platforms.

For two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, K-Y, a provider of romantic products, teamed up with Snipp to promote their products and drive sales of their products at Walgreens. With the “Perfect Date” campaign, customers who purchased a specific K-Y product were able to text a picture of their receipt and qualify to receive a number of Valentine’s Day rewards such as a movie delivered to their door through Vudu and $40 worth of ingredients to cook up a gourmet meal.

Another campaign that will be running until the end of the month is with the well known pharmaceutical company, Bengay. The promotion requires that consumers buy two Bengay products, and text the receipt. Snipp will validate the purchase, after which they will send the consumer a free reward. This promotion, with the ability to be tailored to the needs of different retail stores, is being offered nationwide.

A similar campaign is being used by health and wellness company, Jergens, in which anyone who has purchased two of their moisturizer products may send in a copy of their receipt in order to receive different rewards. The rewards include a free spa session, and a session with a personal trainer. The campaign is still going on, being available to consumers until September 2014.

Snipp’s fourth campaign this month is within the liquor industry. Partnering with Beam, Snipp has been using their SnippWin platform to run a promotional campaign for Beam’s Sauza Tequila and Herdez snack brands. Anyone can text the word “SAUZA” to the number 811811 in order to receive a free Sauza brand cooler bag. The reward is age-gated, after which the consumer may fill out a registration form to receive the reward. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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