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March 18, 2014

Sociomantic Announces Flash-free Advertising Platform

This week Sociomantic released a statement describing its new Sociomantic Streaming CRM for Mobile advertising platform. Advertisers can use the platform to tailor content directly to individuals on any mobile device by taking advantage of its Flash-free HTML5 advertisements.

Sociomantic provides marketers with advertising solutions for the Web. In this case, companies can take charge of mobile advertising campaigns with Sociomantic by engaging in the company's real-time bidding process. Marketers create an advertising campaign and then set prices for how high they are willing to pay to have an advertisement shown to a potential customer. When a user is selected to see a type of advertisement and two companies are in line to display their products, the company whose bid price is higher will win and its respective content will reach that individual customer.

In order to tailor specific content toward customers, Flash-based advertisements have long been used. They are simple to create and can be highly dynamic, but Flash content will not show up on some mobile browsers, including Apple's Safari. Sociomantic solves this problem by taking advantage of HTML5 capabilities that allow for both dynamic content and the allowance to reach mobile users. Mobile Safari can display HTML5, and iOS users account for a large portion of people who make online, mobile transactions. So, the CRM for Mobile platform has a distinct advantage over Flash-based alternatives.

Marketers work to create advertisements that cater to the wants and needs of their customer base. They gather information based on users' browsing histories and create personalized ads based on that data. In order to make sure the CRM for Mobile platform would work as marketers intended, Sociomantic worked with DoubleClick Ad Exchange to test its product. Testing showed an increased click-through rate with CRM for Mobile compared to similar desktop campaigns, a post-click conversion rate similar to desktop rates, and an increase in advertising volume with the same return on investment.

Companies are beginning to get invested in this new type of online advertising. Forever 21, for example, has been working with Sociomantic for months and is witnessing increased conversion rates and traffic to its mobile site. In addition, Sociomantic works with Hilton, Rakuten, Dafiti, and Zalando, among other brands, from offices across the globe.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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