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March 13, 2014

New Report Finds Shoppers Likely to Visit Stores with Apps

Smart mobile devices provide so many solutions that they are quickly becoming the lifeline of virtually everything we want to do. Whether it is finding directions to a location, using an application to work out, receiving tele-health services, or purchasing a product, these devices make it all possible. Businesses are aware of this fact, and they are introducing applications to engage consumers with the products and services they offer. A new report released by Apigee Institute highlights the influence mobile applications are having on consumers when it comes to choosing a retailer.

The study found two out of three US adults with smartphones are more likely to shop at a store providing applications. The report, titled, "The Mobile Mandate for Retail - Three criteria for making the most of mobile apps in retail," surveyed 1,000 US smartphone owners by the Apigee Institute from November 26-30, 2013 to determine how they were being affected by their mobile device and applications. This includes the everyday behavior, attitudes, and the tasks they performed.

The survey was developed to show how mobile applications are changing consumer shopping behavior and to determine the impact it will have on retailers. With more than 140 million smartphone owners in the United States as of October 2013, retailers can greatly benefit by addressing this demographic with applications by integrating digital solutions to brick and mortar stores.

A high number of the respondents claimed smart mobile devices has affected the way they shop, this includes eight in 10 owners, while 90 percent of smartphone owners expect the technology to change their shopping behavior by 2015.

"Our research finds that customers not only want brick-and-mortar retailers to deliver key services via apps, they expect them to, and not only that, digitally focused retailers are demonstrating better market results across the board. The message for twenty-first century retailers, whether online or physical, is clear: to succeed, they need to add apps to their strategy," said Bryan Kirschner, director of the Apigee Institute.

The report found 66 percent of costumers are more likely to shop in a store that has an application that is useful, with the number increasing to 84 percent among power users. For more than 50 percent of the participants the most critical feature in a retail application is an easy to use interface and features that allows them to find a store. This was followed by customer service access and the option of being able to purchase items through the application.

Apigee provides organizations solutions for delivering the speed, scale, and agility they need to compete in today's digital environment. Some of the companies using its services include Walgreens, eBay, Shell, Live Nation, Kaiser Permanente, Sears, and others.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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