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January 17, 2014

Soon, You May Be Able to Buy Goods Through Twitter

If telling the world how you feel in 140 characters or less just wasn’t cutting it for you, Twitter is nearing a deal with payments startup Stripe to help it accept credit card payments.

Users will be able to directly buy products from the site and make credit card payments using Stripe's technology, indicating that Twitter is serious about making it easier for brands, retailers or manufacturers to sell stuff directly from its portal.  The deal is said to be in the final stages, but is not yet done.

This opens up a slew of marketing initiatives directly to Twitter, creating an all-new market for merchants eager to reach consumers where they seem to spend a lot of their time.

Social media is just another medium by which marketers can leverage their customer base to give their email marketing campaigns a boost. says that social media platforms can provide data to improve their targeting, from people who “like” a company on Facebook to watching trending topics on Twitter. These simple tools give valuable insight to customers’ preferences.

Customers right now are savvier than ever. They rely on mobile devices and applications to perform just about every function from social to personal - to work.

When it comes to the places they choose to do business with, whether it’s purchasing goods or services, customers aren’t just picking up the phone and waiting in a queue. They want instant connection and they want it now. This new venture speaks to these types of customers.

Similarly, Twitter teamed with American Express last year, to make it possible for that card's users to buy things through select retailers simply by tweeting a special hashtag.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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