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October 18, 2013

Tantrum Street Launches New Mobile Payment App

Tantrum Street, a provider of mobile commerce applications, has announced the launch of Skip Wallet, a new app designed to help customers make purchases securely and usefully wherever they are shopping.

The new mobile app allows customers to safely load credit, debit and gift card information, as well as rewards card details, onto one platform. This in turn allows the user to make purchases, return items, and keep track of their budget in an easy-to-use setup. Through its cloud-based tokenization technology, Skip Wallet provides users a swipe-free and scan-free purchase experience.

“We created Skip Wallet to provide consumers with a new payment option that not only fits conveniently into their lives, but does so in a manner they can trust,” William Cervin, founder and CEO of Tantrum Street, said in a statement. “Through our partnership with Good Returns, consumers can now make their everyday purchases impactful by simultaneously supporting a movement to alleviate global problems. With Skip Wallet we have truly found a way to change the way consumers pay, for good.”

The app is available for tablets, and is also iOS+ compatible. The app even lets you know when you have the opportunity to use Skip Wallet and complete payments by using location-based services.

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Along with Skip Wallet, Tantrum Street has built a modern, cloud-based data and payments platform that powers two other products: Cartwheel Register, an app that accepts payments and runs small businesses; and Handshake, enterprise middleware enabling mobile interactions and payments for governments and existing POS infrastructure.

Dallas-based Tantrum Street combines the convenient freedom of mobile with insights and social enterprise to improve daily relationships between businesses and consumers.

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