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August 20, 2013

Verifone Launches Way2Ride Mobile Taxi Payment App

Verifone has already been recognized as an up and coming mobile commerce companies in the United States. Now the company has taken another step towards being a king of the hill with the launch of its Way2Ride mobile application. This new application allows people to pay for their NYC cab rides more easily, since users will no longer need to make sure they have the right amount of money in their wallets.

Way2Ride is available right now for both iOS and Android platforms. Users can preload their applications with as much money as they would like. They can also load up the application with their preferred tip rates, so that they won’t need to figure out how much to pay on top of the ride when it is completed. Even better is the fact that passengers using this app can log payments at any point during the ride. This means that if they are late to a meeting or perhaps even a hot date, they can just hop out of the car and head out without having to worry about stalling to pay.

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The payment will be automatically deducted from the application when the total has been tabulated. Digital receipts are stored inside the application and can be viewed on so that it’s easy to make expense reports if you are, for example, on a business trip.

Verifone has been working hard to become a big time player in the payment-as-a-service industry, and launching applications like this certainly will help put it front and center. Amos Tamam, senior vice president of Taxi Systems for VeriFone, talked about how much easier this app will make travelers lives in a recent release, saying, “An app that provides this convenience in every taxi in New York City, including the new for-hire vehicles in upper Manhattan and the boroughs, will be a real benefit to passengers and drivers alike.”

New York is the first stop for this particular service but the company is getting ready to launch the service across its larger network around the world.

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