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March 04, 2013

Stripe Launching Closed Beta in the UK

Online payment provider, Stripe, is taking its services from the United States over to the United Kingdom. The startup company recently announced that it felt it was time to expand its base of operations, and has launched a closed beta trial in Great Britain.

Mobile and online payment resources are becoming big businesses as the Internet continues to grow. Stripe is a company that is especially situated to take advantage of the growing trends in the online world, with an API customers can embed into their websites.

Using this particular API website, owners will be able to quickly and easily accept credit card payments. The best news is that by using this service, they don’t have to register for merchant accounts, and they can set up their very own payment forms.

That means not having to worry about complying with PCI requirements.

Stripe might be a startup, but there are plenty of companies that are already taking advantage of the technology. Foursquare and Shopify are just two established websites that have found the value in what Stripe brings to the table. The company has taken in more than $40 million and is now worth half a billion in total value.

Mobile and online payments are becoming just as popular across the pond as they are in North America. The closed beta Stripe is setting up in the U.K. already has as a fairly long waiting list. This particular program will allow for paying with the currency of the realm as well as paying using US dollars. 

In a recent statement, Stripe detailed out why their services are being sought after.

“Stripe's UK launch will provide the same batteries-included stack that we offer in the US: full API for Web and mobile payments, recurring billing support, stored payment credentials, instant activation, and easy PCI compliance," the statement read.

The company will have some competition in PayMill, which does basically the same thing and recently secured a fresh round of capital investment.

Edited by Braden Becker

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