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February 20, 2013

Online Shopping Infused with Social Media

Marketing has been taken over by technology, with endless and ever growing outlets of social media, digital discoveries, and of course, the mobility trend.

To integrate communication between shoppers and mobile users on a global platform, Yowza!!, a mobile app that gives users access to retail coupons, has been developed to take a shoppers experience to heightened levels of satisfaction.

Yowza!! is a free, location based mobile app that delivers GPS-based coupons directly to a users smartphone, which can be used in-stores or online. This development has altered the once traditional method of cutting up coupons or printing them out from the Web to much efficient, effortless way for consumers to save money.

"When I first created Yowza!!, my vision was to make a shopper's life even easier by providing coupons in a more convenient and efficient way," said August Trometer, co-founder and CTO of Yowza!!.

Shopping online is now a way of life for most Web users, giving them the opportunity to make purchases from countries on the other side of the world, which people would never have deemed possible a decade ago. Not only are shoppers equipped to shop worldwide, retailers are now able to communicate with their consumers based on proximity.

This type of GPS-based coupons can help retailers persuade and advertise their products by sending direct messages. This type of retail marketing strategy is developing all over the world as new form of engagement for their customers.

YPS (YFind Positioning System), an indoor equivalent of the term GPS, is being used by Singapore based companies YFind amd Sprooki, a marketing application that helps retails stores schedule promotions, sales, offers and events.

Not only is the realm for shoppers changing from the discoveries of technology, the way retailers are marketing their businesses has also become digitally based. For the future, it seems that the only way for industries to thrive is to somehow reach users through their favorite mobile devices.

For more information about Yowza!!, click here.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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