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February 15, 2013

Do You Want to Start Losing Customers? Then Skip the Mobile Experience

If you don’t offer a mobile-friendly website or other mobile experiences, then you’re driving 61 percent of your potential mobile customers to your competitors.

Statistics like these should alarm businesses. However, only 29 of the Top 100 U.S. firms currently have a mobile-friendly website.

Vizibility, Inc., just released these and 11 other statistics about mobile consumers in an infographic.

So what constitutes a “mobile experience?” A mobile-friendly website is just the first step. Businesses also need to consider offering mobile apps that allow customers to explore and purchase their products and services. 

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Starbucks, for example, has taken the lead by allowing customers to pay for lattes directly from their smartphones with the Starbucks app.

Another component of the mobile experience is mobile coupons. Your customers should receive coupons on their smartphones via text message or e-mail. If you’re a retailer, customers should receive a coupon or sales information via push notification the minute they walk into your store.

According to Inc. magazine, half of mobile customers would accept mobile coupons enabled by location-based services. In fact, customers would rather receive a push coupon than go through a check-in on Foursquare or Facebook.

Mobile coupons are just one component of a mobile marketing strategy. Inc. says that mobile ads perform five times better than Internet ads.

Again, location-based services come into play. For instance, are you about to sell out of a product? Then you could send a mobile message to nearby customers with a link that allows them to either purchase or reserve the last of your stock.

Vizibility says that 67 percent of mobile customers are more likely to purchase from a company with a mobile website. One reason is convenience; mobile customers can look up products and services and then immediately call the company from their current location.

As Vizibility says, “Don’t be a mobile frenemy.” Fifty-seven percent of customers won’t recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile website.

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