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February 13, 2013

Online Shopping Infused with Social Media

Shopping online is now a way of life for most Web users, giving them the opportunity to make purchases from countries on the other side of the world, which people would never have deemed possible a decade ago. Thanks to factors like increased mobility usage, the number of online shoppers keeps rising by the minute.

To integrate communication between shoppers and mobile users, Redstar Ventures recently launched LoopIt, a conversation engine that lets consumers access their social network accounts in order to ask friends for advice when shopping online.

 As every industry scrambles around to create the next new generation of apps to engage their clients, online retailers will be taking full advantage of social media with the abilities of LoopIt.

In a study conducted by the Cisco, it was found that digital content from the Internet is the most powerful influence in buying decisions for the majority of shoppers. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group’s (IBCG) third annual study of "Catch and Keep Digital Shoppers" examined shopping behaviors, coining the term “Digital Mass Market” to describe our generation of shoppers today. With the digital revolution underway, LoopIt has entered the online shopping realm at the perfect time.

LoopIt ultimately allows users to create a more personal relationship with the reviews and advice they are reading about, as it coming from their friends as part of their social media networks. For retailers alike, this answers the increasing problem of false, unreliable reviews that the Web has made very easy for anonymous users to publish.

In the future, retailers will be able to connect LoopIt directly on their site, which will allow users to simply click a conversation button for items available, allowing users to poll their friends or similar consumers.

As social media becomes a part of users’ daily activities, it is important for retailers and industries of all kinds to reach their consumers on that platform, just like LoopIt has done.

For more information about LoopIt, click here.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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