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January 02, 2013

Mobile Commerce Spend Nears $ 1 Trillion

It is a known fact that a new shopping trend is identified with every new holiday season. In this year’s most important factors that were used by both companies and especially by consumers, mobile commerce was by far the top player. Using smartphones and tablets as their preferred payment gateway, many consumers on Black Friday chose to stay home and shop for sales.

Users who shopped from the convenience of their homes were not only fortunate to avoid the lengthy lineups and crowds that are synonymous with the day, but were also in a position to shop more effectively. Right through the weekend, this continued and to top it off, Cyber Monday became the icing on the cake.

This year, from online shopping to smartphone payments, mobile commerce has exploded. Mobile commerce websites and apps have seen a lot of action this year. Moreover, some apps including wallets and other payments, which have not been in the limelight, have been used through these devices more than ever.

Both Paypal and eBay experienced an increase in smartphone and tablet shopping which, according to the Mobile Marketing Association’s data, was three times greater than the same time last year. Furthermore, a majority of consumers who had a capable device intended to make a purchase that in some way applied mobile commerce, such as through an app, website, or point of sale.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets along with the rise of apps to complete nearly every task, consumers have demonstrated their trust in mobile technologies since they have come to expect the convenience of mobile payments. The rediscovery of exactly what shopping experience is all about is being made by consumers, small businesses, and massive retailers alike.

A working group comprised of mobile payments providers, tools, and mobile app publishers has recently been launched by the Application Developers Alliance in order to better understand and optimize the mobile payments business.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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