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November 26, 2012

Diamondere, YESPay Launch Facebook Diamond Store

If “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” deals are leaving shoppers scrambling for deals, one company is offering them a way to buy something nice for their loved ones this holiday season from their homes.

Diamondére, a diamond retailer, has teamed up with YESpay to allow Facebook users to buy diamonds from the social networking website. Facebook users can choose from a variety of engagement rings, earrings, pendants and other jewelry right inside the site.

“Facebook social media can now directly generate e-commerce transactions for retailers. Now you can buy products on Facebook, rather than just like them,” said Chandra Patni, CEO at YESpay.

“With Facebook’s reach and the unsatiated demand for personalized jewellery, it was only natural to merge the two and provide our customers an exceptional Facebook shopping experience. I am sure that we are paving the way for many jewelry brands to follow!” said Varun Godha, the company's cofounder. “Diamondére Facebook Store is a unique platform where the buyers can experiment from a plethora of options to get the latest in fashion jewelry with a touch of their own, thereby addressing the basic human desire to customize.”

The company hopes that its mix of Facebook and e-commerce will allow diamond buyers to overcome some of the limitations of online shopping, particularly the inability to handle items personally, to offer a unique diamond buying experience.

The Facebook store allows buyers to purchase jewelry from Facebook using their credit or debit cards without having to leave the site to go to the company’s home page. Diamondére is the first jewelry store to allow buyers to purchase diamonds this way.

Buyers can purchase diamonds in U.S. dollars, British pounds or Euros. Diamondére manufactures all of its jewelry in-house, which allows its products to sell for up to 30 percent less than its competition.

Buyers can also completely customize their purchases, choosing from a variety of different diamonds, designs, and metals that the diamonds will be placed in.

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