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Log In to Your Bank with Emoji? Don't Laugh, It Could Keep You Secure
Emoji characters might look fun over mobile devices, but banks are starting to take them seriously, according to Computerworld.

Ericsson Partners With Verifone Mobile on Mobile Wallet Solutions
Ericsson took another step towards offering its customers the best mobile payment solution on the market by announcing a partnership with Verifone Mobile. The announcement actually came late last week and allows Ericsson to make use of a service platform that is considered one of, if not the leader when it comes to mobile payment solutions for merchant point of sale. The partnership will also allow Ericsson to integrate features from Verifone Mobile solutions in its Ericsson Wallet Platform.

Visa's NotATourist Campaign Helps Travelers Go Off the Beaten Path
Every vacationer wants their experience to be unique. The greatest joys in traveling are often found in the small, off-the-beaten-path restaurants and shops, the ones that you won't find droves of tourists in. Previously, finding one of these locales was dependent on dumb luck and word-of-mouth. But Visa's 2015 Global Travel Intentions Survey showed that tourists are using technology in their travel planning. With this in mind, Visa is launching its new NotATourist campaign with the goal of helping its cardholders find "local culture and attractions that are hard to find in a travel book," according to a report by MillwardBrown.

Android Pay and Mobile Wallets Start to Address Market Barriers
Has mobile money finally come into its own? Big moves by Google and Ericsson are the most recent indications that it has.

Facebook Becomes Beacon for Brick-and-mortar Businesses
Mobility has changed the way we shop, so businesses are changing the way they market, promote, and sell products and services. One of the most futuristic practices-eerily reminiscent of Minority Report's retina scanner-is beacon technology. These low-energy Bluetooth devices can share deals and product information with smartphone users within signal proximity. And according to BI Intelligence, these low-cost devices could direct approximately $4 billion of revenue to U.S. retailers in 2015.

Is Your Company's Mobile App Putting Your Customers At Risk For Fraud?
Many bank customers now check their account balances or transfer funds through an app on their cell phones. Savvy retail shoppers can use a favorite store's apps to learn about discounts, access coupons and find daily deals.

M-Pesa Payments for Kenyans Now Available Through SimbaPay
SimbaPay, a provider of digital money transfer services, recently announced that it has gone international in its scope.

Foursquare, Button Partner for Easier Uber Rides
While Foursquare is often regarded as a great way to tell everybody about a current location and help others find a great bar, restaurant or similar attraction, its value stops somewhat when it's time to either get to that attraction or go home. That, however, is a point about to change as Foursquare got together with Button to not only add a mobile commerce element to its operations, but take better advantage of another partnership between Foursquare and Uber.

Multi-Billion Dollar Biometrics Market Likely By 2020
Several firms will have a hand in the growth of the next generation biometrics market, including firms like France's Safran SA and Thales SA, but also South Korea's Suprema Inc., several United States firms including 3M Cogent, Bio-key International and Cross Match Technologies, as well as the earlier-noted Fujitsu in Japan.

Rethinking Security in the Age of Mobile Wallets
The global transaction value of mobile payments has skyrocketed in the last few years, from $171.5 billion in 2012 to a projected $490.9 billion in 2015. M-commerce sales in the U.S. during this period have jumped from $11.6 billion to a forecasted $31 billion - almost tripling in four years' time.

Promoted Listings on eBay May Give Auction House New Mobile Commerce Life
Promoted Listings, set to be widely available in June, is an advertising tool that's available on a self-serve basis, and is charged per sale. Compared to Google's Shopping Ad system, eBay's Promoted Listings will appear in both desktop and mobile searches, optimized based on past searches or past purchases, depending on which is more relevant.

Many Companies Ready to Replace the Card in Your Wallet
What's particularly interesting about the mobile payment market is that it is, in reality, a series of niche markets. Since no one payment product can offer all the applications potentially available-largely because the payments system is so complex overall-there's room in the market for a wide variety of products. For example, Wocket is offering its all-in-one system up complete with a level of biometric security, while Google Wallet and Apple Pay are focusing on the smartphone connection, likely owing to the significant infrastructure the two firms have already established in the mobile device market.

MasterCard Send Payment Service to Work in Near-Real Time
MasterCard's new payment service will make sending money between individuals almost as fast and easy as if they were in the same room handing dollar bills between one another.

Fighting Mobile Fraud
Whether you already play in the mobile commerce space, are starting to or have not yet, there is no doubt that mobile commerce is gaining momentum. In 2018, U.S. mobile retail revenues are expected to amount to $133.35 billion, up from $42.28 billion in 2013. Additionally, in 2017, smartphone mobile commerce revenues are projected to amount to $31.07 billion, up from $14.8 billion in 2014. With so many options allowing physical retailers to accept mobile payments on site, the trend will only continue to grow. Mobile capabilities bring the potential for increased revenues; however, these increased profits come with potential challenges.

Juniper Research: Mobile Advertising is on the Rise
Advertisers around the world will spend an estimated $105 billion by 2019 on messaging that reaches people via their mobile devices, according to a new study from Juniper Research, and Asia will account for 43 percent of that spend.

New Solution from Mitek Automatically Captures Driver's License Data
Mitek announced recently that it developed a new solution, Mobile Photo Account Opening (MPAO), which streamlines the process of opening a financial account. During a mobile browsing session, all the user has to do is take a picture of the license and MPAO captures the data.

US Finally Getting on Board with EMV Chips for Credit and Debit Cards
A new forecast of some heavy hitters in the payment card business indicates a majority of credit and debit cards will contain EMV chips by the end of the year. And these same eight financial institutions, which represent about half of U.S. payment card volume, expect 98 percent of cards will have the chips by the end of 2017.

Apple Pay Finds a New Home in Home Depot Stores
Apple Pay's staggering rise has been one to watch over the last several months, and in that time, it's managed to find its way to a variety of stores from niche to major chains, and even break up some unified fronts. Now, Apple Pay has reportedly landed a new home in the depot, specifically, The Home Depot, which reportedly has an eye to bring Apple Pay to its over 2,000 locations.

FIME Unveils EMV Program for ISVs, VARs
The credit card industry in the U.S. is moving from the signature-based system to an EMV "chip-and-pin" system, bringing it in line with the rest of the world. FIME, a payments consultancy firm, has created a U.S. EMV VAR Qualification Program, a chip education and accreditation program for Independent Software Developers (ISVs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to make the transition easier.

How to Go Global: Use Mobile to Extend Financial Inclusion Worldwide
The GSMA estimates that global smartphone penetration in emerging markets will continue to accelerate in years to come, with use in Sub-Saharan Africa rising to 32 percent by 2017 (compared to 19 percent in 2012) and to 20 percent in Latin America (up from 4 percent in 2012), yet payment barriers are preventing many organizations and brands from successfully penetrating emerging markets in growth regions such as Africa and India.

Bell Nursery Adopts IPC and Webalo Inventory Management
It is a common theme in articles printed at TMC to hear about how one company helped supply its product to another; it is an every-day, if not multiple-times-a-day occurrence. What is not common, however, is when you hear of two companies joining forces to provide an entirely new product for their joint client.

Digital Marketing Spend Jumps as Shoppers Move to Mobile
Google's recent move to renovate its search algorithms to offer more of a connection to mobile was seen by some as a disaster in the making-some called it "mobilegeddon"-but one thing was quite clear: there was at least some reason for it. People are increasingly turning to mobile devices for the things once the province of desktops and laptops. Google's proving it, and increasingly, so too are online shoppers.

Retailers Have Big Plans For eCommerce in Coming Months
For retailers, the move to online commerce is less a matter of an interesting idea and more a matter of survival. With online retailers like Amazon shaking up the landscape, having that online presence and attempting to capture after-hours trade is more necessary than ever. But with that in mind, a new report suggests that retailers have quite a few interesting plans for ecommerce, and many of these are set to be up and operating by the end of this year.

Mobile Payments Getting Popular: Consumers Find Safe, Easy Way to Shop
The mobile commerce space has seen an increase in attention lately as security and mobile app development have increased. More people are now trusting their mobile devices to help them pay for items rather than carrying cash of swiping payment cards.

Report: Apple Pay Gaining Users at Impressive Rate
While there were some hitches in the 'giddyup' when the Apple Pay service was first launched, it appears that more and more companies are getting increasingly comfortable with the new service.

Mobile Banking Adoption Rate Leveling Out
More and more banks are adopting mobile banking, despite the fact that the service is having a problem finding traction. A new study from RateWatch did find one piece of good news when it comes to digital and mobile banking: once people start using mobile banking, they tend to do it more often.

Mobile Will Soon be Driving Digital Ticket Market
While it may not come as much of a surprise that digital tickets are becoming a huge market, the fact that a large portion of that market is going mobile could raise some eyebrows. A new study by Juniper Research claims that global ticket purchases are going to reach 32 billion by the end of 2019. That would be a significant increase from the estimated 16.2 billion purchases that will take place this year. More impressive than those numbers is that the same study found that mobile platforms will make up about half of all digital ticket purchases.

Chinese Apple Customers Won't Be Getting Apple Pay Access Soon
Apple Pay has already made a lot of headway when it comes to businesses that are willing to put its systems to use. Thanks to a combination of high ease-of-use and a huge market base, it's clear Apple Pay has a lot of growth potential on top of what it's already shown, but that's not the case everywhere. The Chinese market is proving to be a tough nut for Apple to crack, and for several reasons. Recent reports suggest that there may be an even longer wait ahead for Apple users in the country.

Africa and Its Undiscovered Mobile Opportunity
Mobile commerce in general is enjoying healthy growth in the United States, but it is not just here that mobile payments and money services are flourishing. Africa is actually home to over half of the world's live money services, and providing a breeding ground for those seeking to compete in the space with mobile money platform offerings of their own.

Gamestop, T-Mobile, Firehouse Subs Join Roster of Businesses to Take Apple Pay
Apple Pay may not have been around all that long, but it's clear to even casual observers that it's made a lot of headway with businesses in a very short time frame. A new update has shown the payment platform expanding to 10 new retailers, not only opening up the total numbers, but also the variety of retailer classes that will take the payment system.

NXT-ID Files Patent for its New Wireless Payment Technology, the Heart of the Wocket Smart Wallet
NXT-ID, a company specializing in biometric and security technology, has introduced its innovative new wireless payment technology. The company recently announced it filed provisional patent 62/143028 for a "miniature, multi-purpose antenna method and system for low-power close-proximity communications and energy transfer."

New Partnership Enhances Mobile Commerce Offerings in Italy
By all accounts, mobile commerce is on the rise. New apps are being developed left and right that allow users to shop for products, or download coupons and deals wherever they take their smartphones. Jumping in on the fray is CardMobili, which has just signed a partnership agreement with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions with the intention of launching a new mobile digital service throughout Italy.

Pyrim Technologies Looks to Educate Merchants About Mobile Commerce
With so much potential in mobile commerce, merchants have to be aware of the existing technology and the impact it can have on their bottom line. To that end, Pyrim Technologies, a mobile commerce consultancy company, has introduced the Mobile Commerce Education Resource Kit, a 35-page guide titled "Pyrim's Guide To Mobile Commerce," to teach merchants about the mobile commerce ecosystem.

Tapcentive Calls Its Button-Based Mobile Engagement Solution a Better Alternative to Beacons, QR Codes
Tapcentive is offering an in-store mobile engagement platform that CEO Dave Wentker says is better than beacons and QR codes, because it invites customers to participate rather than pushing messages to them, and is extremely easy for shoppers to use and enjoy.

Zumigo Launches Assure Payments for Location-Based Verification
The smartphones we use today are disrupting a lot of different industries in one little device. Whether it is healthcare, finance, entertainment or communications, we are now able to access these and other services at our fingertips. As more solutions get integrated into mobile technology, the security threat has increasingly become a major sticking point for companies delivering services on this platform. This is especially true for payment solutions, which is why the launch of the new Zumigo merchant payment validation service will be welcomed with great anticipation.

NETELLER Accounts Now Support Bitcoin
A recent agreement between Optimal Payments, a global online payments service, and Bitcoin payments specialist BitPay has made Optimal Payments one of the largest financial institutions to offer Bitcoin compatibility and functionality to its customers. Users of Optimal Payments' NETELLER secure online payment service can now enjoy the benefits of using Bitcoin to carry out transactions and immediately convert funds among various currencies.

Apple Pay & iPhone Bringing New Options to Small Business
The numbers tell an interesting story: there are over 28 million small business owners in the United States, and 80 percent of these don't have one single employee involved. But these small business owners, who are generally the only employee the business has, may be about to discover that there's one employee that might be particularly worthwhile to bring in: the combined force of iPhone and Apple Pay.

Retailers Still Struggling with Seamless Digital Shopping Experiences
While the mobile platform gets bigger by the day, there are still plenty of companies that are struggling to take full advantage of the market. United States retailers are among those trying to find their footing. These companies are feeling the push because they know they must act quickly in order to take advantage of the ability to deliver a "seamless retail" experience to customers.

Transfast's New Service Offers Rapid Deposit to Bangladesh Banks
Admittedly, for a lot of people, Bangladesh is not the first place that comes to mind when the issue of advancements in payment technology come up. But a new partnership between Transfast LLC and BRAC Bank Ltd of Bangladesh may change some of that perception, as users now have a way to instantly make bank transfers into certain bank accounts.

How Much Longer Will You Be Carrying a Wallet in Your Pocket?
Wallets have been around for ages as a safe keeping place for our important identification documents, payment cards and cash. They are typically pocket-sized - or if you're like me, take up lots of real estate inside your purse.

Google's Pony Express May Bring Bill Payment to Gmail
No one enjoys paying bills, but we must, lest we lose the services we need and enjoy every day. There have been some advances geared toward making such payments easier to make, and therefore easier to stomach. New reports suggest that Google may be working on one such project in the form of a bill payment service from a Gmail interface.

Facebook Now Allows Peer-to-Peer Payments Through Messenger App
As more and more businesses are looking to take advantage of solutions like Facebook Messenger, the social media company is finding new ways of its own to get its users to take advantage of the messaging service. The company has announced that Facebook users are now able to send and receive money through the standalone messaging app. This particular service has been rumored for quite a while now, but the solution was officially unveiled early last week

Five Million Bitcoin Users By 2020 a Clear Possibility
The idea of making money by doing math is likely one of those things that teachers would love to tell hesitant students about, but in a sense, that's what happens daily with Bitcoin. A new report from Juniper Research suggests that this cryptocurrency may be poised to have plenty of new users on hand. And while the numbers may sound high, it's likely to prove a niche enterprise.

Mobile and Shopping: How it is Affecting Consumers and Retailers
In 2012 the global smartphone adoption surpassed the 1 billion mark, and that total has increased to 1.75 billion in 2014. Forrester research expects that number to reach to 3.5 billion by 2019, which will make up 59 percent of the subscriber population. With smartphones now available for as little as $30, it won't be long before every phone becomes a smartphone, ushering in a new era of communication and commerce that connects everyone around the world.

Apple Pay Makes Huge Inroads With Users
Apple Pay has only existed for about the last six months, launching back in October 2014. But in that time, Apple Pay has come a very long way, being seen in thousands of new locations and being put to use by thousands of different users. A new survey from Baird Equity Research showed some of the numbers going into the Apple Pay juggernaut, and why this mobile payment system is shaking up so much of the landscape.

Orange, Airtel Partner for Mobile Payments Between Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire
Orange and Airtel have announced a partnership that allows customers in Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire to send Orange Money to each other.

Survey by MasterCard Projects Big Growth for Asia's Mobile Markets: India in the Spotlight
As mobile device communication continues to proliferate at an astonishing rate, so too do the ways in which we use it. According to a recent survey conducted by MasterCard, buying on the go with smartphones and tablets-what we call mobile commerce-is an avenue that will continue to see increased traffic over the next few years, especially in Asia and the South Pacific.

'Please Drive Through' Even Easier with Visa's Connected Car
Hitting the drive through window for dinner is a regular event for a lot of people out there; whether largely kept to the weekend, specific nights of the week, or just as a matter of routine, pulling through to the second window to fetch dinner isn't out of line. Though it's not exactly tough as it is, it's about to get even easier thanks to Visa and a new concept it showed off at the recently-concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) event.

PayPal Buys Mobile Payment Outfit Paydiant
In a move to expand its mobile payment capabilities, PayPal is buying Paydiant. The deal, which is reportedly valued at $280 million, is expected to close this month or next.

First United Bank Launches a Reliable P2P Payment Service
Demand for person-to-person (P2P) payments is growing, especially among younger generations as people search for a simple and convenient way of transferring money digitally. So far, most solutions of this nature are run by third-party companies like PayPal and not associated with traditional banking entities, and tend to be slow and unreliable. First United Bank, a small financial institution operating throughout western Texas, aims to change that with the upcoming launch of its own next-day P2P payment system.

Security in Your Mobile World
Thanks to the cloud, employees now have more flexibility than ever before. The beauty of cloud apps is that they can be accessed anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection. Yet, this freedom can lead to worry. If your cloud app is with you wherever you go, how secure is your data? And with a constant Internet connection, how secure is your mobile device?

Giesecke & Devrient Announces Convego CloudPay
Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has recently announced it is launching its secure mobile transaction service, Convego CloudPay. The mobile cloud payment service comes at a time when there is a growing quantity of mobile and digital channels in the financial sector. The way people are paying is moving to the digital platform, and Convego CloudPay software will make mobile transactions more secure.

Neiman Marcus Mobile Wallet Unveiled for iPhone Users
Neiman Marcus and Capital One have teamed up to create the Neiman Marcus Mobile Wallet. Forgoing Apple Pay, which launched last summer, Neiman Marcus has created its own mobile wallet solution for its customers, now available to iPhone users.

Google Wallet Acquires Softcard Technology, Partners with Three U.S. Carriers
Google has been putting a lot of effort into its Google Wallet mobile payments app, especially after the launch of competitor Apple Pay captured the public eye. In the interest of reviving Google Wallet, a distribution deal has been finalized with several wireless carriers-Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T-in the U.S. to start including its offering pre-installed on their Android offerings sometime later this year.

Want Free Shipping on Target Online Purchases? It Just Got Cheaper.
I'll give you a moment to recover from the headline. Hearing about falling prices is generally not something we expect these days, but Target-reportedly seeking to bolster its online business in the face of strong ongoing competition from places like Amazon and Walmart-has actually lowered the minimum order size required to get free shipping from online purchases. Now, instead of needing to spend a minimum of $50 to get free shipping, Target customers need only spend half that, $25.

Analysys Mason Reports Uneven Level of African M-Money Services
Mobile payment applications like Google Wallet are becoming all the more popular in the United States and North America. Even Walt Disney World is starting to accept mobile payment applications the same way it accepts cash. The developed world isn't the only place where mobile payments are picking up steam. The developing world is seeing a boom in the mobile payment, or m-payment service world, though there are still a few things that are keeping this vertical from being all that in can be in places like Africa.

Mitek Systems Releases Commercial Mobile Deposit Capture
Aside from the time savings that the app can provide, there are also costs savings associated with the acceptance of checks versus the acceptance of credit cards. Even though Mitek cites a recent WePay survey which claims that small business owners prefer being paid by cash or check, the use of cash can be a security risk as well as a time sink. Checks were once a time sink as well, but direct deposit through mobile imaging, account managers can expect to eliminate that cost from their operations.

Vestique Selects Springboard Retail for POS and Retail Management
One issue that a lot of smaller companies beginning to expand have is keeping track of many various components. It is not easy to move from keeping track of inventory from one store to multiple locations. Another issue is being able to train all employees in the same manner so that there is a feeling of conformity regardless of which location you shop at.

NFC-Ready Point of Sale Terminal Gain Momentum
The "wave and pay" method of buying gas, groceries and more at retail stores and markets is crossing the chasm. The market for near-field communications (NFC)-ready point-of-sale (POS) terminals in 2014 began to crest, with annual shipments reaching an estimated 9.5 million units worldwide, representing 28 percent of the install base. But, a challenge remains in actually turning the technology on.

MoneyGram Now Has More Than 25,000 Locations In Africa
Money on the go seems to be the name of the game in 2015 and the 21st century in general. Sometimes the game is mobile commerce solutions such as wallet applications like Apple Pay and Google Wallet and those ilk. Other times, the game is making sure people are able to get money wherever they need it quickly and easily. It is the latter that has allowed MoneyGram to just recently cross the 25,000 location threshold in Africa.

Spindle Serves Up Smorgasbord of Merchant Services
Four-year-old Spindle got its start delivering a payment processing platform. It then expanded its portfolio via the acquisition of Yowza!!, which brought to the table a consumer shopping application. More recently, Spindle added a point of sale platform for merchants, Clark explained, explaining that Spindle's cloud-based approach to PoS enables it to provide a broader set of services and to add features on an ongoing basis more easily. It also allows for support of mobility, including the use of tablets at restaurant tables, for example.

Rabobank Launches Mobile Wallet Service
Rabobank, a Dutch financial institution, has launched its own NFC-based mobile wallet for customers using the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3 smartphones. The service - called Rabo Wallet - is the primary component of a fully-featured banking app now available in the Google Play Store.

Report Shows Significant Growth of DDA and Contactless Credit Cards in US
The use of chip-and-pin and smart "contactless" credit cards are proving popular in the U.S. where their spread has only just begun but represents a large part of the overall market.

Mobile Shopping: Easy as Taking Pictures with Snap-To-Buy
For a while, it seemed like the smartphone would end up replacing the standalone digital camera for all but the most specialist functions, and not without reason. Some have said that the best camera for a job is the one that's on hand, and indeed, a smartphone was often on hand. But now, thanks to new developments, the camera that's on hand isn't just a memory preserver, but rather, a means to shop online.

Bitcoin, Altcoin Take Hit in Transactions, Exchanges Raise Hope for Future
When it comes to Bitcoin, while there are still places that take the cryptocurrency, there's less of it overall going on these days. A new report from Juniper Research says however, that the industry is looking to regulated exchanges to help keep Bitcoin and its bunch in the thick of things.

Sionic Mobile Now Accepted in More Than 50,000 Stores
It wasn't that long ago that Sionic Mobile was just trying to get its foot in the door when it came to the retail and restaurant markets. Now the company has announced that it has gotten its foot in the door of more than 50,000 different locations across the United States. At any one of these 50,000 shops, restaurants and retail locations, customers can pay for their purchases using Sionic's mobile application, making it one of the more popular mobile payment applications on the market.

More Than Half of Americans Habitually Bank on Mobile Devices
According to a new study completed by Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, 55 percent of Americans say that mobile banking is a recurrent part of their lifestyle. Smart devices provide the platform for technological solutions and banking has tapped into the evolving world of apps to bring banking and convenience together in one functional space.

Panamax Helps Make Money Mobile
Anyone who watches even a little television has likely seen commercials where co-workers each pay their part of a restaurant bill using a mobile phone or a couple pays a babysitter from a movie theater with mobile banking. These are certainly interesting use cases that make for cute advertisements, but Panamax Inc., the technology unit of the international Bankai Group, is looking to take mobile finance to an entirely new level.

M2M Evolution: Spindle CEO to Shed Light on Future of POS
As the eastern seaboard braces for another blizzard, there is a flurry of activity happening in sunny Miami. Collocated with the business technology event ITEXPO, M2M Evolution Conference & Expo, will be taking place January 27-30 covering all things relevant to M2M, the Internet of Things and POS industries and today announced a special addition to its agenda.

Mobile Coupons Gain Traction, More Shoppers Buy-In
If there's one thing everyone can agree on- it's that saving money wherever possible is a must. Sometimes a few dollars here - and a few dollars there - can really make a difference in creating the extra budget needed for expenses.

Does Google Have Its Eye on Softcard?
The mobile commerce market has shown itself to be a lion in the field, and anyone who remains unconvinced need only look at the numbers from the last Christmas shopping season, in which users overwhelmingly turned to mobile commerce tools to get those gifts that mean so much. But another part of the mobile commerce market has likewise showing itself a major part of things: mobile payments. With that in mind, new reports have recently emerged suggesting that Google has its eyes on Softcard, which may help give Google an extra push in the field to take on some of the biggest names.

Wheelings & Dealings: Cloud-Based Mobile Payments Firm Mezido Takes Majority Stake in CorFire
Naturally, only time will tell just how well Mozido's plan has worked. There's no doubt this is a market that sees a lot of changes in a very short time frame, and as operations like Apple Pay grow, more changes will likely follow. Still, Mozido's got a clear plan, and is likely to see value from that plan.

Top Priority for Consumers and Merchants is Mobile Payment Security
In terms of financial transactions, medium mobile payments have been around for about 10 years. Initially, adoption was slow due to the nature of the mobile technology supporting the concept. Over the past few years, we have seen significant advances in the field of mobile technology that has made mobile payments an area of promising growth in the financial services sector.

Mobile App Use Increased 76 Percent in 2014
A report recently released by Flurry found that mobile app usage for 2014 increased 76 percent compared to the previous year. Several categories like lifestyle and shopping; utilities and productivity, and messaging/social had triple-digit growth over the same period of time.

NYC Wants to Implement Mobile Payments for Traffic Violations
The Department of Finance of New York City is considering taking "advantage of new technologies and extended public access to government" through technology that would allow drivers to pay parking tickets with mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones.

Can Brick and Mortar Retailers Survive as Mobile Commerce Grows in 2015?
If you weren't someone who already shopped online and was eBay and PayPal savvy, chances are you got a taste of this in some way in the last year.

Amazon Loses Ground in Answers Corporation Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
When it came to the holiday shopping season this year, for a lot of users, that meant one thing: Amazon's greatest deals on all the greatest items, and in many cases, right from the comfort of home and hearth. Whether it was desktop, laptop or mobile that got said users to Amazon's massive halls to shop, there were no small number of users heading out that way. But in the midst of this, there's some darker news afoot for Amazon; its high status for customer satisfaction has taken a hit recently, so according to a recent study from Answers Corporation.

5 Things 2014 Taught Us About Customer Service
It's the end of the year. It's the time when we all take stock of our lives and think about what we'd like to do differently. Did we exercise as much in 2014 as we'd planned? Or maybe we're regretting all the time spent looking at Kim Kardashian's photos. If you're a running a small business, now is the time to take stock of your customer relationships and think about what's working and what can be done better. Looking back at 2014, here are some of the things we learned about customers and what they expect when it comes to support:

Buckle Up for an Exciting Ride in Mobile Commerce in 2015
As we enter the New Year, mobile payments are in the spotlight more than ever - and for good reason. No other technology, marketing tactic or data analysis tool has afforded the opportunity that mobile payments do to engage consumers and drive incremental visits and purchases. With loyalty-focused mobile payment apps, businesses can understand and influence in-store buying behavior in a way never before possible. As a result, 2015 will see a mass scramble by many to launch mobile payment apps and enroll consumers in them. Buckle up we are in for an exciting ride.

2015 in Mobile Commerce: Predictions Emerge from FirstBank, Mitek, US Bank
With 2014 now in its closing days, predictions about the upcoming 2015 are coming about as fast and furious as predictions about 2014 did in the closing days of 2013. Mobile commerce is to prove no different, as reports emerge from a coalition of innovators in the field-FirstBank, Mitek, and U.S. Bank-about just what's likely to show up in 2015, giving those who pay attention to the field a new focal point to consider in planning for that all-too-inevitable future.

Apple Pay Gains Ground with Banks, Samsung Considers Joining the Fray
It's not hard to see how the mobile commerce market has been making gains of late, with several firms getting into the market and more shoppers getting interested in using mobile as a means to replace leaving the house and braving crowds to shop. With some like Omlis' Helmut Okike suggesting that this could prove to be a "mobile Christmas," the idea of people shopping strictly from mobile devices is no longer as outlandish as it was just months ago. The depth of the market, meanwhile, is shown in two particular points as Apple Pay's perception in the commerce community is looking brighter than ever, and Samsung steps up with potential plans to join the market as well.

US Payment System Migrating to EMV Chip Technology
While the vast majority of countries around the world have switched to EMV, the acronym for EuroPay, Mastercard, and Visa, the three companies that developed the technology, the U.S. has been one of the few holdouts. However, recent data breaches resulting in the theft of tens of millions of credit and debit card information has persuaded businesses in the country to migrate to EMV.

Houston Gets its First Bitcoin ATM
Business world luminaries as prominent as Mark Cuban don't believe that Bitcoin is going to be around all that long. That hasn't stopped some people from actively pursuing the next step in the digital currency trend. The George R. Brown Convention Center is Houston is one spot that is looking to join the growing movement and is also the proud site of the first Bitcoin ATM kiosk in the city.

UK Retailers Prepare for a Mobile Christmas
With the festive season rapidly approaching, bargain hunting has never been easier as customers can browse, compare prices and ultimately purchase gifts without ever having to brave the High Street. Today, an army of couch-based consumers are taking advantage of a new wave of optimized apps and websites that should make it easier than ever to fill Santa's sleigh.

Serious Gaming - The Virtual Shopping Experience
As consumers, we live in interesting times. There are a plethora of ways to shop for products and services. Marketers continue to find creative means to connect shoppers with products. There are brick and mortar stores with "door buster" deals, television ads with "call now" urgent pricing, and numerous online purchasing options. Interestingly, though, which of these methods truly encompasses the consumer's journey? Let's take a look at them.

Is Apple Pay the New Safest Way to Shop?
The announcement of Apple Pay earlier this year captured the attention of retailers and consumers alike, enticing consumers with a new, simpler way to shop and attracting retailers with the promise of a more streamlined payment process at checkout. However, as the news cycle over the past year has been rife with breaking headlines about data breaches at major retailers across the country, security will be top of mind for both consumers and retailers alike - particularly as we enter the busiest retail season of the year.

Mobile Transactions Crossing 200 Billion By 2019
Mobile transactions are expected to continue to gain popularity over the coming years and by the end of 2019, the dollar amount generated is expected to approach the 200 billion mark, according to Juniper Research. The number of mobile transactions is only going to grow, thanks in large part to the continued popularity of mobile devices such as the brand new iPhones and a new wave of iPads.

Mobile Takes Holiday Shopping to New Levels
Now that most of us have cleared our fridges of leftover turkey and pumpkin pie and are starting to focus on the quickly approaching holidays, it's as good a time as any to take a look back at just how important mobile devices were during the Thanksgiving and Cyber week shopping extravaganza.

Is a Universal Payment Method Really What We Need?
Mobile payments have just not caught on, despite the payments industry's many attempts to make this option desirable. Apple Pay has brought the subject to the forefront of the public consciousness again. Is this at last the solution that will make credit cards obsolete?

Looking for Your Thin Mint Fix? Girl Scouts Enact Digital Cookie for Online Sales
Girl Scout cookie sales have long been the staple of offices and neighborhoods everywhere, but it's long been something of a puzzlement to some why this American institution has never made the jump to the Internet. But now, that particular issue has been settled, and the Girl Scout cookie will step into the online sales arena thanks to Digital Cookie, a new platform that will open up Girl Scout cookie sales to the Internet.

It's a Win-Win For Contactless Mobile
HCE and SE are alike not only in terms of user experience; both sanction NFC (near field communication) and EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) proven technologies and are increasingly making use of tokenization - the latest technology for which the industry is striving for standardization.

Xoom Launches Xoom Bill Pay
Xoom, one of the leading digital money transfer companies in the world has just announced the launch of a new service called Xoom Bill Pay. This particular service is one that will let people send money or pay bills for their loved ones, no matter where those bills across several borders. At the moment, the service is being used in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

Is EMV Ready for its Close-Up?
The announcement of Apple Pay was quite a newsmaker, if for no other reason than the brand giant decided to work with established payment players rather than create everything on its own from the ground up. They embraced the standards and created an unexpected hybrid approach to build an ecosystem that leaves the issuers and schemes to do what they do best. This includes the use of EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa).

RIP Black Friday
The American 'holiday,' Black Friday, which in recent years has been notable for interrupting family Thanksgiving dinners, will cease to exist due to complications from digital commerce.

As Mobile Payment Innovations Broaden, Cost of Customer Provisioning Must Be Addressed
New payment methodologies and technologies are being unveiled with head-spinning velocity these days. For those of us in the financial services industry, these are exciting times as each new development in the evolving mobile payment "story" presents new opportunities. However, with each new technological payment benchmark we see, there are issues that have not been addressed, which has impeded my industry from fully embracing the complete potential of the growing digital channel.

Macy's New iOS App Knows What You Want with Cortexica Image Recognition
It's always nice to have the kind of shopping experience where what one is looking for can be quickly found, but that kind of shopping experience doesn't always come to pass. When it does, it often doesn't come easily, making it a pretty substantial issue for a lot of shoppers. Online shoppers here proves no different, and anyone who introduces tools to make that shopping experience better are likely to have the gratitude of the shopping public. Macy's, meanwhile, is looking to do just that thanks to its new iOS app for the holiday shopping season, which will include a mobile image recognition system known as findSimilar, a system driven by Cortexica.

Mobile Transactions Expected to Continue Gaining Popularity
A recent report from Juniper Research - "Mobile Commerce Markets: Key Sector Strategies, Opportunities & Forecasts 2014-2019" - found that mobile transactions are expected to soar in the next few years, reaching a level of 2 billion transactions by the end of 2017. For comparison's sake, the research firm estimates about 1.6 billion transactions by the end of this year.

Retailers Beware: Moms Armed with Smartphones for Holiday Shopping
For most moms today, finding something - anything - to make daily tasks easier is a welcomed thing. On top of busy schedules, increasing workloads and responsibility for others - staying organized and checking things off the to-do list is a part of the constant battle.

'Tis the Season for Mobile Shopping Apps
The holiday shopping season has kicked off. Most retailers have already released their Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other iterations of holiday sales for shoppers to swoon over - and the competition, as usual, is fierce.

Singles Day Sees Record Sales, Driven by Mobile Commerce
As the Thanksgiving holiday nears here in the States, you've probably started to notice the influx of special Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertisements being pushed around. These days have traditionally become important revenue for retailers and a chance for shoppers to head out and get items at extreme discount for the gift-giving season.

BitPay Launches New Bitcoin Payment App Using NFC Tech
While Apple Pay is looking to change the way people pay from their bank accounts BitPay is looking to change the way people pay for their purchases using Bitcoin. To that end, the company just launched the Bitcoin Checkout App that is geared to work much the same way other NFC payment platforms work. With the application on your Android device (with an iOS version coming soon), you can pay for items at stores that accept bitcoin just by tapping your device on the POS terminal.
11/10/2014 Partners with Samsung for Digital Deals has just made it even easier for users to get the best deals out there., the leader in digital coupons, announced today that it is partnering with Samsung to bring consumers even more digital deals.

Circle Officially Launches Bitcoin App
While there are still plenty of people who aren't convinced that Bitcoin is going to have a future, there are also plenty of people who see the digital currency as big business. One such company that has a history of dealing with Bitcoin is Circle. The company launched its own Bitcoin bank earlier this year and now the firm has official launched mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Carta Worldwide's Universal Tokenization Platform Set to Make Digital Payments Safer
With the arrival of November comes the inevitable consideration of the holiday shopping season, and while Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa often spark folks to make purchases, and that means plenty of mobile shopping going on as well. With that in mind, Carta Worldwide might well have just the ticket to help make mobile shopping-and even regular shopping-a little safer with a universal tokenization plan geared toward protecting users of near-field communication (NFC) mobile payments, including proximity and remote.

LoopPay Launches CardCase for Easier Mobile Payments
While Apple Pay is the mobile payment service that is getting all the press these days, there is an older service that just launched a new device that could be the difference maker in the mobile commerce sector. LoopPay is a mobile payment service that has already established itself as one that is accepted at more than 10 million merchants in the United States. Now the company has announced a brand new accessory called the LoopPay Card and CardCase that will make it that much easier for people to pay for their purchases using over-the-air payments.

Mobile Shopping Tips: Showrooming Out, Webrooming In
Shoppers today - regardless of age - are armed with an important tool that is changing the dynamics of retailing and marketing. First there was the Internet, which changed shoppers into consumers who made more informed buying decisions and couldn't be as easily sold.

PayPal Officially Launches 'Pay After Delivery' Service
While Apple Pay is trying its best to change the way people pay for their purchases, it's far from the only attempt to change things in the mobile commerce sector. In order to change this rather lucrative market, PayPal has officially launched a new service called Pay After Delivery. The company announced it has forged new partnerships with Burger King and GoDaddy as well as and Cybersource to go along with the new service.

The Battle to Change Payment
As much of the recent tech news coverage has demonstrated, the mobile payment arena is expected to see significant growth. While there have been many mobile payment developments over the last five to 10 years, Apple's recent entrance into the industry space could signal a deluge of new developments in the years to come. Consequently, businesses that are willing and able to embrace this shifting landscape could see some huge benefits to their bottom lines.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: Apple Pay & Friends
With Halloween now on hand, and the first weekend in November set to arrive, it's not surprising that mobile commerce is getting just a bit closer look than normal these days. The holiday shopping season is firing up in earnest, and mobile commerce is set to play a big part in that. Playing a big part in mobile commerce this week, meanwhile, was Apple Pay. So with a weekend afoot, let's take a look back at the week that was and get a better handle on next week with our Week in Review coverage!

Temenos' Mobile Banking Solution Promises Big Gains in Productivity
Mobile banking is, increasingly, a major part of not only business operations but also everyday life. As more and more users turn to the mobile device rather than the bank branch, that's prompting some changes in how mobile banking services are provided. Temenos' new mobile banking solution, meanwhile, looks to help banks provide better solutions with a particular focus on greater efficiency and a better customer experience overall.

Poynt, the Perfectly Designed Payment Terminal
Human beings are very visual, and whenever we see something we admire, depending on the impact it is having on us, all we can say is ooh, wow and stare with our mouths wide open. This of course doesn't happen all the time, but there are occasions when you see a perfectly designed product and these reactions are more than appropriate. When I saw the new payment terminal by Poynt, my initial reaction was wow! Followed by another wow!

Retailers Begin to Embrace Mobile Visual Search
findSimilar, a new image recognition and visual search platform from the U.K. software company Cortexica, is rapidly growing in popularity as many companies realize its promising implications for the future of the retail industry.

Taco Bell's New Mobile Platform Now Allows for Direct Taco Orders
Taco Bell is expanding its operations to mobile platforms with a new app that allows customers to order their favorite Taco Bell meals ahead of time in locations all over the nation, available on Android and iOS devices. Other fast food chains have experimented with smartphone orders for items off of their menu, but Taco Bell is boasting that their app grants customers access to the full menu and even exclusive app-only meals, which can be picked up either in-store or in the drive-thru lane. By expanding to an instantly accessible mobile platform, Taco Bell is hoping to pick up more customers looking for even faster food.

More Holiday Dollars Up For Grabs in 2014: Social Media & Mobile Shopping Top Influencers
Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing? Or could that be the Ka-Ching of a cash register? The holidays have grown more and more to be about shopping and scoring the best sales than sadly, traditions like sitting around the table bonding with family.

Mobetize and SurePay Payment Services to Provide Mobile Payment Solutions in UAE
The innovations of many of the solutions in information and communications technology (ICT) is achieved in developed countries with a lot of capital in R&D and real-life applications. Several iterations later, the technology becomes cheap enough to where it can be offered in developing countries around the world. This has made it possible for these countries to leapfrog many of the pain points of developing a new technology, and is responsible for the rapid growth of their economies.

Cantaloupe Systems Cashless Vending Machines Now Support Apple Pay
Cantaloupe Systems, a provider of cloud-based and mobile technologies for the vending industry, has announced its selection of On Track Innovations Ltd. (oti) as the company's preferred supplier of NFC readers. oti, a leading provider of NFC and other cashless payment solutions, will integrate its NFC contactless Saturn 6500 readers into Cantaloupe's Seed Cashless systems to enable the acceptance of payments from consumers using Apple Pay.

Report: NFC Payment Users to Top 500 Million by 2019
While there are some people who are simply not bullish on what Apple Pay is going to offer, Juniper research is not among them. The industry analysis firm recently released a report in which it claims the new over-the-air payment service teamed up with Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology will boost the Near Field Communications (NFC) user market to more than 500 million by the end of 2019.

McDonald's to Use Softcard Terminals at all US Locations
McDonald's announced recently that it launched a new payment system at its restaurants. Customers can now make payments through Softcard terminals at all 14,000 locations in the U.S. The launch comes after the fast food chain launched a pilot program in 2013 in Austin, Tex. and Salt Lake City, Utah. As a result of this launch, McDonald's NFC devices work with Apple Pay and Google Wallet as well as Softcard.

Some Retailers Not Supporting Apple Pay
While there are a number of companies, such as Walgreens and Office Depot that are embracing Apple Pay whole-heartedly, there are other companies that are apparently actively working against it. How are the retailers trying to make sure Apple Pay isn't going to work as well as the Cupertino-based company hoped it would? Reports have been coming in from a number of different sources saying certain retailers are actually shutting down their support for Near Field Communications (NFC).

Apple Pay Runs Bartertown and Much of the Contactless Payment Market
What a difference a week makes! We went from life completely without Apple Pay to having the service for about a week, and the reports coming in suggest that Apple Pay is one of the biggest things around. At an event hosted by The Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook outlined for attendees just how far Apple Pay has come in just a week, and the numbers are certainly potent enough to suggest that, indeed, Apple Pay is one of the biggest names around.

MovieTickets.Com Brings Mobile to the Movies
Though the experience of going to the movie theater has, admittedly, declined in recent years, there are still a few good reasons to go. Sure, the tickets are expensive and the experience not that much better than can be had with a good quality home theater system, but there's still a value in first-run titles and the sheer mass of the output on the hardware therein. But going to the movies is a different experience than it was even just five years ago, as evidenced by's new mobile movie ticket that lets smartphone users get in on the strength of a mobile device rather than a paper stub.

Omlis Using Digital Payment Technology for Global Financial Inclusion
According to the World Bank, half of the world's adults, over 2.5 billion people, don't have bank accounts, and it is harder for individuals in this group to overcome their current situation and move up to the middle class.

Etsy Launches a Credit Card Reader for In-Person Purchases
As online commerce site Etsy continues to grow, it is expanding to the physical world by providing payment solutions for individuals selling their products in person.

Bango Signs a Global Payment Agreement with Samsung
Mobile payment solutions will see increased adoption by retailers, financial institutions and consumers as more companies start providing a reliable platform to execute the services. When Apple Pay was introduced last month, more than 500 banks and many retailers around the world signed on to the platform, and today it is up and running. Not to be outdone, Samsung also announced a global payment agreement with Bango, a platform designed to simplify mobile payment using carrier billing.

Square Rolls Out New Payroll Management App for Testing
Square Payroll, as the platform is called, is only the latest in a series of new products that Square has been releasing over the past year, including an invoicing service and a customer feedback product. According to the company's owner Jack Dorsey, Square's goal is to become a single-solution service for mobile businesses that covers all bases.

Flint Mobile Secures $9.4M in Series C Funding
FIint Mobile, a mobile payment service, has announced that it has secured $9.4 million in Series C funding.

Wheelings & Dealings: $1.35 Million Raised by AlphaPoint to Build Intel for Bitcoin
AlphaPoint is a company whose focus is to enable businesses integration with the fabric of digital currencies including Bitcoin. It is with this goal in mind the company recently completed a round of fund raising in which it received $1.35 million in new funding. This will be used to expand AlphaPoint's line of digital currency exchange solutions while bringing its products to new international markets.

Spindle Introduces Yowza!! Beacon Program for Retailers
Retailers looking to jump into beacon marketing have another option with Spindle's Yowza!! beacon program, where beacon transmitters allow merchants to provide special offers and media content to in-store shoppers via the customer's mobile phone.

Report Says NFC Market will reach $20 Billion in Four Years
A recent report published by Transparency Market Research predicts that the worldwide near field communications (NFC) market will grow to $20 billion in 2018.

Framework Introduced to Give Consumers Control of Their Digital Identity
A public-private partnership, the Windhover Principles, has developed a new framework designed to give consumers control of their personal identity information.

Apple Releases Apple Pay, Several Banks Join Ranks
With the scheduled launch of Apple Pay, Oct. 20, now a reality, several credit card companies and banks are announcing their support of the platform.

Mobile Shopping Set to be Huge for the Holidays, Are Retailers Ready?
Mobile commerce has become one of the most talked about shopping capabilities today because it means you don't have to drive to physical locations to purchase goods and you don't have to carry cash or credit cards with you to make purchases when you do.

Mobile, Digital Banking Gets a Vote of Confidence with $13 Million in Technisys Funding
With Apple Pay and other mobile and online banking approaches hitting the headlines, digital banking is undoubtedly enjoying a Moment. Now, Technisys, which specializes in developing technology for the arena, has raised $13 million in Series B financing.

Bitnet Technologies Raises $14.5 Million in Series A Funding Round
Bitnet Technologies, a digital commerce platform for enterprise-scale merchants that want to accept Bitcoin payments, announced that it has closed its Series A funding round with $14.5 million raised. The round was led by Highland Capital Partners and Japan's largest e-commerce site Rakuten was another major new investor.

Holiday 2014: Online and Mobile Shopping Set to Increase
We're almost a month away from one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been some of the most talked about days when it comes to shopping - especially for Holiday gift giving.

Office Depot Latest Company To Announce Apple Pay Support
Apple has been working hard to make its Apple Pay service safe and secure. In doing this, the company has come up with a system when a user adds a credit card. Instead of adding the account numbers, Apple Pay makes a unique Device Account Number. When using Apple Pay, the accounts are tied to together and each transaction is authorized using a one-time dynamic security code.

MasterCard, Zwipe Unveil Contactless Payment Card with Fingerprint Scanner
Zwipe is already working on a new version for next year, which will be in the same format as a standard card and can be accepted at all existing payment terminals. Most notably, this version will not need a battery and instead harvest power from the terminal itself. Mastercard is experimenting with different forms of biometric authentication, such as palm vein patterns and iris recognition.

Apple Pay Begins Today
The announcement of Apple Pay last month was seen by many as the catalyst that would catapult mobile payment solutions to the mainstream in the United States.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: Money Makes the World Go Round
This week in mobile commerce had a particular twist to it; while there was no shortage of news, this week seemed to take a focus on the payments side. Bitcoin, electronic payments, and even Google chipped in with a way to get the goods from store to home so much faster. With a weekend now at our doorstep, it's a fine time to take a step back and see how the events of the week in mobile commerce add up, which we'll do right now with our Week in Review coverage!

Chase Partners with Apple Pay
Mobile payments have become more secure and easy to use than ever before, thanks to advancements made in mobile payment technologies. One well-known mobile payment service is Apple Pay. Developed by Apple Inc, this digital wallet allows users to make payments right from their iPhones. It can be used for both retail and online purchases, so users no longer have to carry a wallet. This payment system uses contactless payment technology, so users can make hassle-free payments.

Google Shopping Express Gets Retooled Down to the Name
It's been one whole year now, at last report, since the first order went in on Google Shopping Express, and that box of granola that started the whole thing off launched Google on a program that made shopping local as comparatively simple a matter as shopping online, to help get products to people's houses in the same day as ordered. A host of stories have emerged for successful Google Shopping Express users, and now, Google has retooled the program down to its very name as part of a series of changes that look to make the new Google Express every bit the match of its predecessor, and then some.

Kenyan Bank Issues Smart SIM for Phone-Based Transactions
In the era of mobile banking and token authentication for easy home-based payments, making transactions has never been easier. A bank in Kenya called Equity Bank says that this isn't enough, and has decided to make mobile banking even simpler by issuing banking smart SIMs to its clients with patented technology from Taisys, a Taiwan-based innovator in mobile telecommunications solutions.

Walgreens Hints at Apple Pay Launch Date
While Apple Pay was something trumpeted over a month ago, the service hasn't launched just yet. The Cupertino company has actually been quite quiet about when the service would indeed launch, but there are now rumors it might be coming really soon. An internal memo at Walgreens has leaked, telling employees how to prepare for an October 18 launch. October 18 is a Saturday, which would be an unusual date to launch a service of this magnitude. On the other hand, it's also a day in which a good majority of people are doing their shopping.

Twitter and French Bank Offer Money Transfers by Tweet
While Twitter is one of the kings of social media it is trying to become the king of another market altogether. On Monday, Twitter and one of France's largest banks announced a partnership that will allows customers to transfer money through tweets. Groupe BPCE is actually the second largest bank, when it comes to number of customers and the partnership comes in conjunction with a push by Twitter to find new ways of getting revenue beyond advertising.

TeraExchange Makes First Bitcoin Derivatives Trade on CFTC
While there are certainly some people who are not convinced that bitcoin has a future, TeraExchange thinks there is at least a present value for the digital currency. The company announced late last week that it had its first bitcoin derivative transaction to be executed on a regulated exchange. This very first trade was the completed between digitalBTC and a hedging counterparty.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: The Markets Are Open
This week in mobile commerce was heavy on the applications of the tools involved, so with a weekend at our doorstep, it's a good time to take a step back and consider the wider events of the week.

Kaspersky Lab and INTERPOL Malware Alert: Cybercriminals are Targeting Multiple ATMs with Tyupkin Malware
Malware on public computers is a growing concern; it can be found on almost any type of system and has been recently found on ATMs. Kaspersky Lab's experts discovered malicious code infecting ATMs that allowed attackers to empty the cash machines via direct manipulation, stealing millions of dollars.

Acromobile Signs Deal With Bitnet to Process Mobile Bitcoin Payments
Acromobile, a provider of mobile management software, and Bitnet, a provider of Bitcoin processing solutions, has announced an integration of Acromobile Payments and Bitnet that allows the former to process Bitcoin payments on mobile devices.

Wheelings & Dealings: Square Valued at $6 Billion
According to the New York Times, Square has just closed a round of venture funding of $150 million. As a result of this influx of money, the company is now valued at $6 billion. It comes after Square was rumored to be in buyout talks with Apple, but now competes with that company and several others in the contested payment processing industry.

Pizza Hut Not Bullish On Apple Pay
While Pizza Hut has long been a company that quickly embraces technology, it appears one particular technology isn't one the fast food chain is going to be picking up anytime soon. Despite being a staunch ally of Apple and the iPhone, the company has some less than glowing things to say about the new Apple Pay service. At a recent panel discussion, Danny Sullivan, the vice president of global digital experience talked about his outlook on Apple Pay.

Online Retail Sales Expected to be $1.3 Trillion in 2014
A recent report by yStats predicts that global online retail sales are expected to reach $1.3 trillion this year. Most markets will experience growth, but the rate of growth will be higher in emerging markets than in established ones.

Survey: Holiday Shopping Would Go Smoother with Chat
A new study commissioned about holiday shopping is showing us some new insight into the mobile shopper's mind, and what that shopper would like to see.

Facebook Messenger Already has Code for Payments Feature
Recent activity by Facebook suggests that the social media site is getting into the peer-to-peer payment business. In addition, a security expert and computer science student uncovered code in the iOS version of Facebook Messenger that supports debit card payments. This combined with the fact that other companies hope to add support for processing payments has some speculating that giants like Facebook and Google could transform the financial payments industry.

LiveDeal Launches Improved iOS App
Less than a month after the launch of a redesigned Android app, LiveDeal has unveiled a similar new and improved version of the company's iOS app. LiveDeal is an online marketplace that connects users in real time with local restaurants offering deals, promotions and other specials at any given moment. The company's marketing solutions are designed to boost customer awareness and merchant visibility, especially for local establishments.

A Subsidiary of WiLAN and MasterCard Enter a License Agreement
WiLAN is a technology development and intellectual property licensing company founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. WiLAN owns patent portfolios that it licenses. It is also partners with owners of patent portfolios through its subsidiary, Gladios IP. Through its subsidiary, Cygnus Broadband, WiLAN conducts ongoing research and development into advanced wireless communication systems.

Cathy Jean Shoes Gets a Big Jump from Warp 9
Buying shoes can be a difficult thing. Even when one has a good handle on just what size shoe is actually worn, the same size often means something different to a different shoe maker. That can make shoe shopping downright problematic, but Cathy Jean Shoes seems to be working around that concept quite nicely. Already a national online retailer of shoes, Cathy Jean Shoes recently brought in Warp 9 to help provide that mobile boost that's proving all too necessary in online retailing these days, and the early reports suggest that it's done quite a bit of good for the business.

Social Media Key to mPayments in Chile
Global mobile payments solutions provider Omlis claims the continued growth of Internet and social media use could be a key catalyst for the accelerated adoption of mobile payments in Chile. A report by Ericsson Consumerlab confirmed Chile as the joint leading mCommerce economy in South America with Mexico.

Better Than One in Three Shoppers Hitting Mobile Devices
With the holiday shopping season merely a handful of weeks out, and Black Friday set to kick off in earnest shortly as well, a new development has hit the field based on research from The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research, who studied the field and discovered that using mobile devices to go shopping has made some major gains over the course of the last two years. While 25 percent of shoppers did so in 2012, that number climbed to fully 35 percent in 2013.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Doesn't See Future for Bitcoin
Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban is not a fan of Bitcoin. The man who has made his name outside of the sports world (he owns the Dallas Mavericks) by investing in companies big and small recently told that he has stayed away from putting money into the digital currency.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: To Serve Mobile Man
This week mobile commerce had plenty of news emerge into the field, as is commonly the case, but this week was particularly noteworthy in that much of the news had a particular focus on services. It was all about serving others this week, and though some might start thinking about cookbooks from the Twilight Zone, indeed, this week had a clear focus on to serve mobile man. But with a weekend afoot, it's a great time to take a step back and consider the wider implications of these new services, which we'll do just now with our Week in Review coverage!

The Changing Face of Mobile Commerce through Digital Photos
A recent survey carried out by Mitek, an innovator of mobile imaging for financial transactions and identity, found that the use of the camera on mobile devices is growing. The study commissioned with Zogby Analytics, "Millennials, Selfies and the Changing Face of Mobile Commerce," reveals why millennials love their mobile devices and specifically their camera.

Robocoin Unveils Only Bitcoin Wallet with a Global Kiosk Network
Robocoin has started rollout for its newest product called Robocoin Wallet that aims to make Bitcoin more accessible and approachable for newcomers and the under-banked population.

Mobile Presence of Restaurants not Delivering when it Comes to Performance
Until smartphones came along the design of websites was geared toward PCs, and to this day many sites are still not optimized to take mobile devices into consideration. As more consumers continue to migrate from PCs to smartphones and tablets, businesses that don't make the necessary adjustments to make their website mobile friendly will experience faster declines in the number of people that visit their site.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: Rise of the Mobile Wallet
Mobile commerce has been causing plenty of shift in the way people think about buying and selling products, but one thing that's especially changed is not just using mobile as a platform to shop, but also as a platform to pay for purchases. The mobile wallet has made a lot of gains in the field of late, and this week in mobile commerce was very much into the mobile wallet. So with a weekend on hand, settle in, and let's run down the biggest events of the week with our Week in Review coverage.

Can Rewarded Video Deliver Better Viewer Engagement?
In an attempt to capitalize on the growth of mobile technology while encouraging user engagement, Kiip announced the release of its Kiip Rewarded Video platform. Unlike traditional video advertisements, which typically play before online video clips, the service enables marketers to target achievement moments in apps and reward the user for watching a short ad.

FTC Shuts Down Butterfly Labs, Citing Fraud
Butterfly Labs, a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware, was temporarily shut down by the FTC this week following allegations of fraud and misrepresentation of the company to the public.

Wheelings & Dealings: Blackhawk Acquires Parago to Expand Prepaid Card Incentive Program
The offering of prepaid debit cards is not as straightforward as it may seem. Incentive programs cover the landscape, and engagement companies attempt to draw in businesses with rebate programs and consumer promotions. Parago is one such global engagement management company, and it has recently been acquired by a similar network company that distributes prepaid cards across its own global network, Blackhawk Network.

E la Carte Serves Up Big Gains with Presto Tablets in Restaurants
Ever wonder what it would be like to go to a restaurant where you talked directly to the kitchen? Instead of needing the intermediary of wait staff, you simply place your meal order directly with the kitchen itself, and then wait for the food to be brought. For some, this sounds like a marvel of efficiency, and that's just what's going on with E la Carte and its Presto line of tablets, changing the way food in restaurants is ordered and paid for.

Mobile Shoppers Need a Reason to Buy: Here are Five
It's only October, but it's never too early to start thinking about Holiday Shopping, as you can be sure your potential customers are already doing the same. And that brings up an interesting question: Is there anything you can do to boost your profile and grab the attention of mobile shoppers? Actually, there is.

Can the Apple Pay Mobile Wallet Succeed Where Others Have Failed?
This piece provides deeper analysis of Apple's Apple Pay service and raises key questions about whether their new service has the global impact necessary to be a true catalyst for the increased adoption of mobile payments globally.

Barcode Scanning SDK Now Supports Mobile Development Programming Language
A barcode scanning software provider announced this past week that it has upgraded its software development kit to support a new programming language that targets a specific section of the mobile ecosystem.

Report: Mobile Wallet Market to Reach $2,950.2 Billion by 2020
The research shows that the current appeal of mobile payment systems is that they can provide easy methods for consumers to pay for goods and services while saving time completing such tasks. Consumers can easily link their credit cards and banks to mobile wallets, and from there they can see an overview of how much money they have in various accounts while also providing themselves with simple ways to budget and spend. High-end mobile devices are making it even easier for consumers as such devices present advanced near-field communication technology that can connect a user's phone with a point of sale terminal by simply placing the two devices in proximity with one another.

Stripe Hits Apple's Short List of Apple Pay Partners
The list of partners for Apple Pay shows some very impressive names all in one place-Visa Inc. can be found therein, as can First Data Corp. But, one company that showed up on the list is one that might not be ordinarily expected, especially given the fact that the company in question is just a five-year-old startup. Specifically, the firm in question is Stripe Inc., and its inclusion on the list is set to bring with it not only value for Apple, but also some further impressive gains for Stripe.

Apple's New NFC Tech Facing Stiff Competition
With the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus one of the biggest features is the Apple Pay NFC technology. While this might be a game changer for Apple, there are plenty of indications that the Cupertino-based company will be facing some serious competition in this field. The problem for Apple is that they are actually late to the party when it comes to the eCommerce field.

Apple Pay: A Necessary Push to Transform Consumer Payments
Apple Pay is a strategic move that will rival PayPal and other contenders in the mobile wallet market place. The big question is whether consumers and businesses are ready to ditch the plastic.

Mobile Commerce Week in Review: From Bitcoins to Better Security
In Apple news, its NFC technology will only be available for mobile payment services for the time being. The possibilities for this burgeoning technology are vast, but Apple is not quite ready to take the leap and explore other spaces.

Alipay Becomes First FIDO Ready Authentication Ecosystem in China
As one of the subsidiaries of Alibaba, Alipay is going to be part of the biggest IPO in the world today. The company is the largest third-party payment solution in China, and the infusion of cash its parent company receives will likely push Alibaba to start expanding its services around the world.

Sionic Launches new Campaign to Highlight the Benefits of ION Rewards
Businesses use many different marketing, promotional, loyalty and rewards campaigns to get customers to walk into their doors or visit their website. To this day it is very difficult to get an accurate metric on billboard, print, radio and TV campaigns, which in all actuality it means companies are basically hoping for the best. However, the Internet, social media and big data analytics is making it possible for companies to get accurate results on the effectiveness of any campaign conducted on digital platforms.

Apple Pay NFC Tech Only Available For Mobile Payment Services for Now
While NFC technology has quite a large bit of potential, it doesn't appear Apple is willing to allow the tech to find that potential just yet. After the Cupertino-based company announced the Apple Pay service as part of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus features, people started dreaming about all the ways they could take advantage of the iOS NFC. It turns out, at least for now, the only way people will be able to use the tech is by paying for their purchases, at least in the beginning.

Ally Bank Launches Tablet App for Android & Kindle Fire
Ally Bank, a U.S. direct bank, has launched official apps today for the Android and Kindle Fire tablets to join the iPad app that was launched on July 15. The Android app is compatible with all Android tablets on the market, and the Kindle Fire version works with third generation Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

Coinbase Expands Bitcoin Services in 13 European Countries
As many businesses continue to come to terms with the viability of Bitcoin as a reliable solution for commerce, the crypto currency is being adopted by more companies and countries around the world. Bitcoin is no longer reserved for obscure transactions on digital platforms. Consumers can now pay for items at brick and mortar retailers and get cash at ATMs. One of the largest bitcoin wallets, Coinbase, has announced it is expanding its services beyond the U.S. market by launching buying and selling in 13 countries across Europe.

Manatee Works Inc and Zerion Software Enter Into New Agreement
Partnerships are the order of the day in today's corporate world. Companies enter into partnerships with each other to enhance products and improve the overall service given to customers. Such partnerships have proven to be beneficial in the past so many management executives are using this strategy. The latest partnership in the tech world has come from Manatee Works and Zerion Software.

Millicom and Kalixa to Provide Online Payments Processing in Africa and Latin America
Not having financial infrastructures is one of the biggest hurdles developing countries around the world face as they try to grow out of the poverty the vast majority of their population currently experience. Without banks or other payment systems in place, it is difficult to conduct transactions beyond their neighboring environment, thereby limiting their growth. A new joint venture between Millicom, an international telecommunications and media company, and Kalixa, provider of omni-channel payments with a single payments platform, have developed an online payment service to operate in Africa and Latin America.

United Way Backs Bitcoin
Crypto-currencies carry mixed reputations. With no governmental controls currencies like the bitcoin have a reputation for instability, with exchange rates constantly fluctuating. Yet, the idea of having a currency free from outside influences is also a dream come true for many people. Despite its instability, bitcoin has indeed been growing in popularity.

Mobile Commerce Week in Review: Apple and Others Helping Shoppers Turn to Mobile
While the weather may be starting to cool down, there is no cooling down the action in mobile commerce this week.

Mobile Banking in Malaysia
Besides the business and social use of mobile phones, we are also seeing a rise in the adoption of mobile banking (or mbanking), which allows customers to bank or pay for goods or services.

NYC Taxi Apps Join Forces to Simplify Customer Experience
New York City's yellow and green taxis took a large step forward a few years ago when they introduced mobile point-of-sale technology, allowing riders to easily pay using their smartphone. Although technology of this strain is still gaining a foothold in society, it's integration into taxis has already received praise for adding a level of security as well as freeing up a significant amount of time that would've otherwise been wasted fumbling for cash or cards (and waiting for those payment processes to finish).

Mobile Now Represents 51% of Visits to Retailer Websites
Retailer revenue from mobile visits was up 111 percent from May 2013 to May 2014, for example, according to Branding Brand and between August 2013 and August 2014, revenue from mobile orders grew 89 percent.

Mobile Communications Markets of the DRC and Ethiopia Will Be Driven By Data and Mobile Money
Considering that the penetration rate for DRC was 36.4 percent and 24.1 percent in Ethiopia as compared to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, which is 61 percent, you can see that there is a lot of work involved if both markets expect to expand. The hope is that by opening competition and continuing with the growing infrastructure investments that data services and mobile money solutions will also continue to grow.

bttn Joins Icontrol Networks New Program Intended to Spur Smart Home Innovation
The bttn, which has been dubbed "the simplest Internet user interface in the world" by its creator The Button Corporation, has joined Icontrol Networks new OpenHome Labs program.

Apple Upgrading NFC Scanners in Stores and Disney Stores-Other Retailers Likely to Follow
Apple and Disney this week will upgrade their in-store NFC scanners that use iBeacon technology. This news comes the same week that Apple is expected to introduce its latest smartphone, the iPhone 6. This is one sign of an overall trend of the retail industry moving towards NFC technology in many of its operations.

Sandals Works with Loop Mobile Guest Engagement Solution to Create Ultimate Guest Experience
Sandals Resort, one of the leading hotel brands, has recently improved their customer service by incorporating technology from Loop Mobile Guest Engagement by Benbria.

Improved Network Speed Nudges Carriers from WiMAX to TD-LTE
A mobile network infrastructure provider announced this past week that it has upgraded its portfolio of TD-LTE-Advanced technology that will reportedly give WiMAX operators even more of a reason to switch platforms.

Mobile Wallet Market Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 30.7 Percent by 2018
The wallet has been part of civilization for millennia, and as the forms of currency we use have gotten smaller, it has also been shrinking in size. At the rate we are going, cash will be obsolete, and so will the traditional wallet as everything we need will be stored in one small device containing all our credit cards, digital currency, IDs and more. A new report published by Transparency Market Research titled, "Mobile Wallet Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2012 - 2018" provides an overview of the growth factors and future prospects of the technology.

Twitter Starts Testing 'Buy' Button on Mobile Devices
Yet, how simple is it really? Twitter's blog explains that once a user hits the "Buy" button they will be lead to product details, prompted to enter billing and shipping information in a safely encrypted location and then the order is sent to the merchant for delivery.

Online Shoppers Increasingly Turning to Mobile
Successful businesses understand the variety of tools that users turn to to access content and make purchases, and accommodate those tools accordingly. Those that don't make those accommodations risk losing out on potential business and, from there, potential profit. Going where the customers are is a key focus of any operation, and in this case, the customers are, increasingly, on a mobile device.

New SOASTA Back-To-School Shopping Research Finds Online Platforms Need Improvement
Retailers across the country rely on back-to-school shopping as much as they do other seasonal events. While it is not the same volume as Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping, it still makes up a considerable portion of annual revenue, especially for companies that specialize in school products. New research conducted by SOASTA, provider of cloud and mobile testing and real user monitoring, has revealed consumers were not happy with their recent back-to-school online shopping experience.

Will Apple 'Pull an Apple' in Mobile Payments?
Apple historically has not been the first to enter a new market. Instead, it has waited, sometimes succeeding, and sometimes failing, with a device that is "better."

Mobile Commerce Week in Review: Apple Stealing the Spotlight?
Following the Apple NFC rumblings, TMC contributor Clayton Hamshar reported on an Apple Nordstrom relationship in regard to mobile payments. Nordstrom offers a high-end established apparel brand for Apple to pair with. Reports are substantiated by anonymous employees confirming that all of Nordstrom's POS terminals have been outfitted with Lightning Pin hardware, making them compatible with the new iPhone. Nordstrom is not afraid of innovation-in 2012 it upgraded its POS system to be the first high-end department store chain to be equipped with mobile POS terminals.

Will iPhone 6 Transform the Mobile Payments Business?
At its heart, Apple's mobile wallet appears to be one more way to link credit and debit cards to phones, allowing them to act as the payment mechanism at a store.

Sionic Mobile Joins Forces with MyECheck for Mobile Payment Services
Sionic Mobile, a provider of mobile payments, promotions and loyalty rewards, has announced a partnership with electronic payment service provider MyECheck in order to offer a more comprehensive solution to merchants and their customers. Sionic Mobile is an innovator in the mCommerce industry known for using mobile devices and cloud technology to seamlessly connect merchants and consumers, specifically through the ION Loyalty app for merchants and ION Rewards app for customers.

Staples Announces Series of Omnichannel Enhancements
Staples, the popular office supply, technology and furniture retailer, has announced several updates to its omnichannel experience in order to make purchases even easier for its customers. The company is very active both with a strong online presence and a network of physical stores, and has been working constantly to ensure the connection between the two is as strong as possible.

Nordstrom Expected to Partner with Apple for Mobile Payments
With the upcoming launch of Apple's highly anticipated mobile payment platform, there is a strong chance that the fashion retail giant Nordstrom will be considerably involved. Sources close to Nordstrom say that the two companies have been in talks for a while, although it is unknown just how far they have gotten. The same sources say that the two companies have a contract, but again it is unknown what the specifics of this contract actually are.

Alibaba Ups Mobile Payment Security with Fingerprint Recognition
If there's anything online that demands the best in security, it's anything that deals with money. Bank records, credit cards, even mobile payments; when it's our money on the line, we want particular security between it and the outside world that would so seek to seize our resources. Alibaba, one of China's leading online firms, has brought a particular note of security to its mobile payment app with a new fingerprint security capability.

Mobile Application Builder to Capitalize on Potential
Research shows that mobile commerce is driving business sales and is expected to continue to rise and further surpass levels of PC-based shopping through at least the next few years. One mobile application development platform profiled this week was noted as able to provide businesses with a simple way to build mobile apps overall. Furthermore, its ability to sync with a well-known e-commerce platform allows businesses to easily take their sales to smartphone and tablets.

POS App Provider Enters Partnership to Accept Digital Currency
The latest innovations in the product payment market are coming from the currencies that people prefer to use. Instead of relying solely on the government-backed currencies of their host countries, people across the globe can choose to use the open standards of digital currencies. Now, retailers and payment systems operators are getting on board as well, and they are beginning to facilitate the transaction of alternative currencies to make payments as easy as possible for their customers.

Report: New iPhone Could Have NFC Solution Included
The iPhone 6 is just about a week away from being unveiled and there are lots of rumors about the kinds of features to be included in the newest iteration.

Mobile Commerce Week in Review
Digital wallet provider Sequent Software has integrated One Tap functionality into its offerings. This provides more freedom to the user by carrying anything needed for a purchase (coupons included) on their mobile devices.

Electronics Company Pushes for Biometrics in EMV Credit Cards
A recent news release suggests that the EMV chip card style of credit and debit cards, used widely in Europe, do not extensively defend against fraud of the same type that has been seen in the U.S. Both chips and magnetic stripe cards are vulnerable, and the news states that biometrics can provide a much more robust security solution to the problem.

Digital Wallets Ushering in the Demise of Cash
Businesses are well aware of the inconveniences of cash because it can be lost, stolen, damaged and requires more effort to use. The introduction of credit cards reduced cash usage, but it didn't get rid of it completely because a transaction limitation means having cash in hand for small purchases. So businesses wait patiently for the technology that will, once and for all, eradicate cash from the market place.

Digital Wallet Provider Awarded Patent for 'One Tap' Payment Functionality
A platform-as-a-service software provider announced this week that it has been awarded a patent that will allow mobile users to make payments from their mobile devices with a single tap.

NXD-ID's Smart Wallet Prevents Identity Theft with Year-Long Battery Life
The biometric authentication company NXD-ID, Inc. has announced its upcoming Wocket Smart Wallet will feature a rechargeable battery which can last for over a year before needing a charge. Assuming an average usage of about five payments per day, this battery life rating is more than a hundred times that of any other mobile device currently on the market.

BitFury Capital Invests in Bitcoin Wallet
Mobile commerce has become more than simply banking or money-management apps - indeed, the rise of Bitcoin has turned digital currency into a field in its own right.

Is eBay Planning to Spin Off PayPal?
As early as next year eBay may spin off PayPal. A new report suggests that eBay has already told several individuals about this potential spinoff, particularly those who were being considered for the CEO position at PayPal.

Mobile Commerce Week in Review
In an era where mobility is becoming paramount there is no shortage of news in the mobile commerce space. Let's dive in, and take a look at the week that was in Mobile Commerce.

Square Launches Analytics Tool for Merchants
By tying in Inventory, Invoices, and the recently launched Appointments, Square Analytics can deliver to a provided email account, summaries of data with spreadsheets of all the information captured by the tools. In addition it can be integrated with the merchants accounting software system connected to services like Quickbooks or Xero.

VeriFone and Airtel Reach to Rollout Mobile Commerce Solution in Africa
Even though Africa is experiencing an economic boom at the moment, the infrastructure in the vast majority of the continent is still very poor. The roads, electrical grid, telecommunications, financial institutions, and water supply still need major improvements in order to bring the standards up to par with other regions of the world.

Allied Payment Network to Use Top Image Systems' Technology in PicturePay Solution
Allied Payment Network announced Tuesday that it would integrate MobiPAY, a mobile payment solution developed by Top Image Systems, into its PicturePay photographic payment system. PicturePay uses various optical character recognition (OCR) engines to read information from bills, reducing the need to enter data.

Bitcoin Wallet Company Acquires Talent from Slovenian Blockchain Explorer
For all the ups and downs readers hear about in the world of cryptocurrency, a small number of powerful companies are still reaching out to designers and engineers to gain their experience in the industry.

Gluten Free Therapeutics Embraces Mobile Commerce
Mobile usage has increased enormously over the last few years and today, it is estimated that more than 1.2 billion people access the Internet through their mobile device. These huge numbers have given a big boost to mobile commerce. To tap into this big potential, many retail companies are looking to have a presence in the mobile world, and one such company is Gluten Free Therapeutics.

Brazilian Mobile Users to Receive Enhanced Mobile Experience
Brazilian smartphone and tablet users may soon witness an enhanced user experience on their mobile devices as a result of a partnership between a global mobile user experience company and a national Brazilian electronics company.

Wheelings & Dealings: e-Commerce Platform WebLinc Raises $6 Million from Safeguard Scientifics
WebLinc is a commerce platform provider for online retailers. The company was co-founded by two brothers, Darren and Jason Hill in 1994. While you may not be familiar with WebLinc, the company's e-commerce platform powers the online stores of such popular retailers as Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitter's Free People and New York food emporium Eataly. The company is based in Philadelphia with a satellite office in New York.

Mobile Website Optimization Gets Simpler with Netbiscuits' Device Routing
The mobile Web is increasingly a valuable property for businesses. We've all seen how eBay once put the concept to work one Black Friday, offering users the chance to do holiday shopping from the midst of a full spa day instead of fighting crowds, and that's just the start of a long list of valuable things the mobile Web has done for business. Now, those looking to augment capabilities as far as the mobile Web goes have a new mechanism to turn to, specifically, Netbiscuits' new Device Routing system, a new tool that can make the mobile Web experience more powerful for users, and for businesses as well.

FreedomPay Announces New Encryption Technology for Merchants
Commerce platform maker FreedomPay has revealed its new point-to-point encryption technology with the company's cloud commerce platform, a first in North America.

GoCoin to Handle Bitcoin and Emerging Altcoins
GoCoin, which labels itself as the first international payment platform for bitcoin and emerging digital currencies, has released a Click-to-Bill feature designed to make it easier for merchants to accept digital currency.

Square Launches Appointment Booking Functionality
Square, a company that started out offering mobile payment services before expanding into a variety of tools for small businesses through its Square Dashboard, has officially launched its latest program: Square Appointments.

Report: More eCommerce Site Visits Coming from Mobile and Tablet Devices
The growing use of mobile and tablet devices is changing the way consumers access ecommerce sites, comprising 38 percent of all site traffic during the first half of 2014, according to a recent report.

German Telecom Jumps into Direct Operator Billing Relationship
Bango, a London-based tech company, announced this week that it will be working with Deutsche Telekom to allow the German company to provide its mobile customers with easier access to direct operator billing procedures that will make mobile payments simpler and more efficient.

Prestigio Adopts Celltick's Start Technology on its Android Devices
As an international manufacturer of mobile devices, Prestigio has entered into partnership with Celltick to integrate MultiStart, a customized service based on the original Star technology across its Android devices in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA).

Amazon Challenges Square with New Payment Processing Offering
Move over Square, Amazon is diving into the payment processing business with its new service - Amazon Local Register, a mobile point-of-sale solution developed for businesses to accept credit and debit card transactions from a smartphone or tablet.

Context-Aware Mobile Services to Drive Big Gains in Location-Based Services
Sometimes it's a great thing when a mobile device knows where its users are. It can be the kind of thing that helps users find great restaurants or great shopping regardless of current location-or even just find a way to and from a current location-and that can be great, especially for travelers of any stripe or those who have recently moved to a new location. But the idea of location based services is about to see some very big gains, according to a new report from Juniper Research, who recently released a new report featuring a highly favorable forecast for the location-based services market.

Mobile Payment App Expands Service to New York City
A San Francisco pilot program of a mobile application that allows users to pay for their restaurant checks electronically is expanding nationally by moving to New York City.

China: The New Mobile Hotspot
Synverse, a leading global transaction processor, has been selected by to improve customer engagement for mobile users. It already connects more than 1,500 mobile service providers, ISPs, enterprises and OTTs in almost 200 countries. Syniverse will be providing two-way communication programs for the online giant.

Increasing Mobile Commerce Worldwide Lending Halo Effect to NFC Market
Mobile commerce has been on a steady drive upward since smartphones got smart enough to take our orders at Amazon. The ability to pull out a mobile device while waiting at a doctor's office or anywhere else and do a bit of shopping has proven to be a powerful one, and one that's tough to resist. But as is so often the case, one market's massive explosion has proven to be a powerful boost to another market: in this case, the global market for near-field communications (NFC) tools.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
As the mobile world is progressively expanding, there are new things to follow each day. This week the topics range from more news on mobile payments, mobile shopping, and a partnership that wishes to take out Amazon. It's the perfect time to sit down with a coffee and look back at what Mobile Commerce had to offer this week.

Omlis' Global Mobile Payment Snapshot Shows Highs & Lows of Mobile Payments
Is it possible that, as far as mobile payments have come already, the market could actually be several times larger than it currently is? According to the Global Mobile Payment Snapshot 2014 from mobile payments solutions provider Omlis, the answer is, shockingly, yes.

Is Twitter Launching a Shopping Service?
Each social media outlet wants to differentiate itself by providing services they believe are unique. This of course doesn't last long because a different variation gets adopted by another company and it becomes part of the overall environment in which everyone seems to be providing the same product. Eventually they're all after the same market as they try to monetize their platform with advertising or selling products. While these companies might have shunned any type of commerce before they went public, the pressure of shareholders is forcing them to reconsider those positions. Apparently Twitter might have been planning to move into e-commerce as far back as June of this year.

Wheelings & Dealings: Google and Barnes & Noble Combine Forces in Effort to Topple Amazon
We know Amazon as the world's largest online retailer. I was recently reminded that when the company began in 1994, it started as an online bookstore. Since that time, you can buy just about anything from Amazon. Well, almost anything. Right now the company is in, what is describes as, negotiations with Hachette, one of the biggest publishing companies, over their next contract.

Mobile Commerce Index Reports Smartphone-Generated Retail Revenue Nearly Doubled
The Mobile Commerce Index Report by Branding Brand, a mobile commerce platform of top-grossing retailers, has revealed smartphone-generated traffic, orders, and revenue by consumers to retailer smartphone-optimized websites from July 2014 vs. July 2013 was up by 97.6 percent.

Smart Card Alliance Latin America and FSU- Panama Partner to Educate Consumers
The new agreement between SCALA and FSU-Panama is a five-year initiative to develop the Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) Center of Excellence and expand educational programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Wipit Adds New Mobile Wallet Services
Wipit recently added a new omni-channel payment technology to its repertoire to further assist un-banked or underbanked customers. The company is a provider of integrated mobile payments, financial services and prepaid debit card conveniences to that demographic.

Report: FTC Makes Security Recommendations for Mobile Shopping Apps
A recent report from the Federal Trade Commission found that many mobile shopping applications do not provide users with important information about company privacy and security policies prior to users downloading their programs.

Square Plans to Acquire Startup Caviar
Square, the company synonymous with the square-shaped mobile payment dongle that allows small businesses with smartphones to accept credit card payments, is reportedly on a mission to acquire food delivery startup Caviar.

More Bill Payments Made Via PC and Mobile
Online banking is now easier to do than ever, with automatic payments easily managed through web portals and other online tools accessible through PC and mobile. A recent study conducted by Juniper Research reveals that these types of payments are on the rise, and by the end of the year an expected 20 billion bill payments in total will be made online. According to Juniper, this will represent approximately 16 percent of all household bill payments, which illustrates just how popular online payments are becoming.

Wal-Mart Online: Down but not Out
In five store openings just this past year, Wal-Mart's discount division suffered five consecutive quarters of sales loss, while, in its previous fiscal year (ending January 31), Wal-Mart's e-commerce sales increased over 30 percent to over $10 billion.

NXT-ID Launches Digital Wallet Ad Campaign on American Airlines
NXT-ID, creator of the Wocket, a next generation smart wallet designed to replace all the cards in your wallet without a smartphone, has announced it is launching an advertising campaign on American Airlines.

Celltick Partners with Phaser to Develop Android Start Interface
Mobile commerce company, Celltick, announced last week that it has partnered with Phaser, an electronics and mobile device manufacturer, to develop a user-experience product for Android smartphone users in South America.

First Data to Acquire Virtual Gift Card Startup Gyft
Payment processing company First Data recently completed an acquisition agreement with the two-year old virtual gift card provider Gyft. The combination of the two companies' services could provide a boost to the small segment of the market that is virtual gift card provision.

Mobile Commerce Week in Review
Mobile Commerce saw a lot of action this week. As we start the last month of summer let's see what news mobile commerce had to offer from the week.

Las Vegas Finally Gets Bitcoin ATM
Bitcoin continues to be a digital currency that is slowly but surely gaining power and influence. Bitcoin's influence has never been demonstrated clearer than when the Las Vegas strip got its first very own bitcoin ATM. The new ATM was launched inside the Viva Vegas souvenir shop. Even with the bitcoin ATM launching, there are some who are claiming it won't be all that easy to access the digital currency and it won't be the most trafficked machine on the strip. Chris McAlary, the owner of Coin Cloud, the firm that operates this ATM told the Los Angeles Times that the most practical purpose of this device is for visitors from countries like China and other places that have strict controls on their currency.

Mobile Application Revenues to Hit $60 Billion by 2018
There is no doubt that the smartphone and tablet markets are as big as they have ever been. Now one new report indicates that the apps market for these devices is only going to get bigger and will hit the $60 billion mark by the end of 2018. Industry analyst Strategy Analytics has released a report, which also indicates Google will finally overtake Apple in the app revenue category by the end of 2016.

Managing Gift Cards Becomes Easier with Enhanced Amazon Wallet
Gift cards are an excellent way to add value to your purchases. There are expert shoppers who make efficient use of gift cards to save hundreds of dollars on their purchase. But managing gift cards from different stores can be a nightmare for an avid shopper. Realizing the needs of new age shoppers, Blackhawk Network, a leading prepaid and payments network, has added new capabilities to the Amazon Wallet app. The enhanced app will allow the consumers to easily store, redeem, and check the balance of gift cards from dozens of major retailers and restaurants.

BetCoin Turns to New Technologies to Power Bitcoin Gaming
There are some kinds of gaming that aren't commonly done at home, though some refer to such games as "gambling" instead. Initiatives designed to bring gambling to the home have often been viewed with skepticism, concern and even outright indignation; for some however, this is a dream come true. One of Skype's earliest investors-a Hong Kong-based technology investment holding firm known as Massive Luck Investments-is finding some of that massive luck in Bitcoin, specifically, in finding ways to apply Bitcoin into gaming.

FIME Gains Approval to Perform Visa EMV Testing
U.S. credit card companies are slowly moving toward adopting EMV chip technology, requiring near field communication (NFC) handset manufacturers to confirm their products comply with the requirements of the new payment system. As part of this process, Visa recently accredited the FIME EMEA laboratory to deliver Visa Mobile Payment Application (VMPA) testing, which validates Visa payment applications on secure elements.

Mobile Couponing on the Rise
Why does couponing get such a bad rap? Is it because shows like "Extreme Couponing" only show those folks that take bargaining and deal-seeking to unprecedented levels, making the rest of us cringe in secondhand embarrassment? For extreme couponers and for all of us regular couponers who just want to save a couple bucks, we're in luck-mobile coupons are an even easier, subtler, and more accessible way to save, and they keep getting better.

Tennessee Bank Adds Mobile Deposit Capture Feature
SmartBank announced recently that it had added a new feature that would make depositing a check into an account easier. Mobile Deposit Capture (MDC) will allow customers to deposit a check by simply taking a picture of the check using an Android or iOS app.

Political Candidates Now Accept Bitcoin Donations
A decision by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in May made Bitcoin a legal currency for campaign donations, prompting many to incorporate support for it in their fundraising efforts. This marks a major step toward wider recognition and development of the relatively young technology.

Bitcoin Brands Backs Bellator MMA Battler
Spike TV is commonly associated with a few things, specifically interesting television shows like "Auction Hunters" and "Deadliest Warrior", occasional movies, and of course, mixed martial arts (MMA) action. Thanks to that last item, though, Spike TV may find itself associated with something else, specifically, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Amazon's Mobile Payment Plans May Include Biometrics, Take On Square
It was less than a week ago when we first heard about Amazon Wallet, a system that left a lot of observers' heads in the midst of scratching as a collective wonder arose around just what Amazon was thinking. By all reports, it was a system with a bare handful of features, and few of the expected standard features were in evidence. But now, new reports have emerged that suggest Amazon Wallet may just have been the start of things, and that Amazon has some new mechanisms in mind that will let it take the fight to frontrunners like Square starting as early as this August.

Slyce Inc. Provides Visual Search to Purchase Decision Networks
Slyce Inc., a technology company specializing in visual search functionality, signed an agreement on July 24 with The Purchase Decision Network (PDN) to provide their services for integration with a number of apps within the network.

Visa Develops New Technology for Mobile Payments
Visa Inc. has created Visa Digital Solutions, a suite of tools and services to facilitate transactions carried out with mobile devices. According to Forrester, a research firm, commerce engaged in over mobile phones and tablets is expected to reach $114 billion in 2014 and shows no sign of slowing down. Because of this it is essential for companies like Visa to expand their offerings and make use of emerging technology to ease the transition.

Celltick Launches TIP Movistar in Partnership with Movistar Argentina
Celltick, a major player in Mobile Initiated Commerce, recently introduced a unique interactive service of high value, called the TIP Movistar.

Wave Systems Introduces Virtual Smart Card 2.0
In an era of hackers becoming more common and skillful, breakthroughs in security technology are essential. Wave Systems has brought the world the latest of these advancements, a virtual smart card that replaces traditional smart card technology.

Mobile Commerce Week in Review
The Mobile Commerce space saw no shortage of news this week. As the summer months are in full swing so is mobile commerce, let's see what was in the news.

Target Releases 'In a Snap' App
Target has recently released an app called "In a Snap," which will enable users to purchase items from Target after scanning their picture on their smartphone. Users can scan images located throughout Target's own catalogs, as well as ads placed by the store in other magazines, and then purchase those items with just a few taps.

The Battle for Mobile Shopping Supremacy: Target's In a Snap vs. Amazon's Firefly
Target is releasing a new mobile-shopping application called In a Snap, which allows you to shop for items from magazines and print ads without having to scan barcodes or look up links for any Target product. The image-recognition app is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and allows you to scan select ads, choose your favorite items, and make quick purchases without ever entering the store. You can also save products to purchase at a later date if necessary.

Amazon Wallet Opens Up With Little Fanfare
For a company that's made as many big impacts on the world of retailing as Amazon, the phrase "quiet opening" doesn't exactly sound like standard operating procedure. This is the company, after all, that hit "60 Minutes" with Amazon Prime Air, a concept that can't even technically exist for some time yet due to FAA regulations. But with an oddly subdued note, Amazon rolled out Amazon Wallet, a customer-facing mobile wallet app that can currently be found on the Amazon App Store as well as on Google Play.

Twitter and Facebook Branch Out to E-commerce
Social media has been omnipresent for several years, and major players Facebook and Twitter are taking steps to incorporate e-commerce and expand the functionality and definitive boundaries of social networks.

IBM and Monetise to Join Forces
A new partnership between IBM and Monetise can not only help you manage your own money, but help businesses to understand how their customers are acting.

New Reports Emphasize the Role of Mobile in Retail
A couple of new reports have been issued recently that talk about retail strategies in the age of the connected consumer, and both of them emphasize the importance of mobile in this arena.

Warp 9 Announces WarpMobile Magento Mobile Commerce Solution
Approximately 240,000 businesses use Magento, the popular open-source content management system, to drive their websites. Only about 85 percent of those companies, however, have mobile platforms, and in a time when mobile commerce is rapidly growing, these businesses are finding themselves left behind their mobile-ready competitors.

Socket Mobiles Reveals Smallest and Lightest Bluetooth Scanner Yet
Socket Mobile, the manufacturer of barcode scanners for Android, iOS and Windows devices, has announced its smallest and lightest scanner yet.

Basis Technology and Zoomd Partner to Improve Content Monetization
Although websites provide a lot of data on how consumers interact with them, companies are still trying to figure out the best way to improve content monetization. What is certain after years of consumer market research is we still have a long way to go before we can positively say we know when a customer will purchase an item. But new technologies are making it possible for business to use the information they gather from their website to increase the likelihood of a purchase. Basis Technologies, provider of multilingual search and text analytics, has partnered with Zoomd, a platform empowering next action on desktop and mobile browsers, to monetize desktop and mobile browsers around the world.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
About a month ago, one of the two largest mobile point of sales services in Mexico released its Sr. Pago Card System. On the heels of this launch, Sr. Pago announced that it has ended a seed round with funds reaching $1 million. It seems that two Silicon Valley tech experts were very impressed with what Sr. Pago has to offer.

VootCoin, the Newest Virtual Currency
With the success of Bitcoin it is inevitable that competitors will arise to share the wealth of virtual cryptocurrency, and the latest addition to the market is VootCoin.

Welcome to the 'Next Big Thing' in Payment Processing
Managing payments shouldn't be a complicated process, and merchants, harassed as they already are, shouldn't have to be bothered about managing their accounts. There are many reporting tools out there to help them do that, but most of them are either too complicated or inadequate. CardConnect's Merchant Center will hopefully reduce the pain points of payment processing.

Cubed Inc. Acquires WikiTechnologies
Cubed Inc., the company behind Get CUBED, an intuitive and interactive three-dimensional website, marketing tool and payments platform, has completed an acquisition of financial services provider WikiTechnologies, Inc. on July 15.

PayPal App Adds Support for Loyalty Cards
PayPal's revolutionary app update last year added the ability to pay at many physical locations, eliminating the need to bring a card or cash. This year they have added the ability to link many vendors' loyalty cards to the app as well, incorporating a feature that until now would necessitate another app to manage those cards and overall taking a major step closer toward making wallets obsolete.

U.S. Government Neutralizes CryptoLocker, but Battle against Ransomware Not Over
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently filed a report with a Pennsylvania federal court stating that the infamous ransomware known as 'CryptoLocker' had been effectively neutralized. This accomplishment was made possible by an international effort of law enforcement agencies that disabled a botnet that facilitated the malware's spread.

Food Truck Service Gets in Touch with Technology Through NCR Silver mPOS
Food trucks may not be thought of as the most technologically in-touch form of food service, but one popular food truck service based in Atlanta, Georgia has decided to challenge this. Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen has announced that they have implemented NCR Silver mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) system for their growing food truck service.

Visa Makes Strategic Investment in DocuSign
Visa has recently made a strategic investment in DocuSign, Inc. DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management, automates manual, paper-based processes with the only open, independent, standards-based DTM platform for managing all aspects of documented business transactions.

NTT Com Survey: e-Commerce Dynamism Stalled in Asia
It was in the early 1990's that e-commerce came into being; since then it has been unstoppable. The shift in buying trends is perceptible as consumers' preference to online buying shows an upward trend. According to research by NTT Communications, although this enthusiasm has been contagious, there are pockets where merchants have found it hard to make a dent - the Asian market, especially China.

Mexican Mobile Point of Sale Company Senor Pago Receives $1 Million in Funding
Investors have been showing an interest in Mexico, adding up to $1 million in funding for Mexican mobile point of sale (mPOS) company, Senor Pago. Sr. Pago, one of the two largest mPOS services in Mexico, announced July 14 they have closed a seed round with the $1 million funding.

Braintree Launches SDK
Mobile payment app creator, Braintree, announced late last week the release of its new software development kit,

Touchstar Published 'State of the Union' Mobile Survey
In April, Touchstar Technologies Ltd., a rugged mobile device designer, commissioned its first "State of the Union" mobile computing survey to capture insight about the current state of the mobile marketplace.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
A South African company created by a father and son team has launched a mobile point of sales system designed for small and medium enterprises. The device is similar the Square in that it attaches to your smartphone and allows for the processing of credit and debit card payments. The Edge is capable of processing chip-and-PIN and mag-stripe card payments.

Omlis and Stratus Technologies Partner Up to Address Mexico's Mobile Payment Market
Omlis, a global mobile payment solution provider, and Stratus Technologies, developer of electronic payment systems, have entered into a partnership to bring mobile commerce services with a secure platform to Mexico.

Motel 6 Mobile App Is Now Google Wallet-Ready
Motel 6, the USA's well known budget lodging franchise, has reportedly jumped on the mobile payment bandwagon. A number of organizations in the hospitality sector have already integrated Google Wallet in their mobile websites to streamline the booking experience for their customers.

Mobile Advertising Helps Target Uninsured Americans for Healthcare Coverage
An increasing number of Americans have signed up for health insurance because of the campaign of Enroll America; through Qriously's platform, leveraging a mobile ad infrastructure, the organization helped consumers get the facts about their new health insurance options and enroll.

Latin American Firm Allowing Customers To Buy Bitcoin For Cash
ZipZap announced that it has taken measures to make it easier for customers in Latin America to buy bitcoins, a digital currency.

UK Banks Starting to Embrace Mobile Platforms
A new report indicates British consumers are also adopting mobile banking at an "incredibly rapid rate.

Cheetah Mobile June Threat Report a Warning to Android Users
While some might consider the mobile device to be largely immune to things like malware and the like, that would be a deeply flawed consideration indeed. In fact, Cheetah Mobile Inc. recently released its June threat report that shows just how dangerous the mobile world can actually be, with some flatly frightening warnings for Android device users, who have a particular reason for concern this time, particularly if said users turn to a mobile device for banking or mobile payments.

Beep'nGo Celebrates Another Million Users, Promises to Revolutionize the Check Out Line
MoBeam Inc., a new technology platform for delivering coupons to mobile phones, is celebrating the success of their new app, Beep'nGo. Having only recently announced their one millionth download from the Google Play app store for Android phone users, Beep'nGo gained another one million users two weeks later, charting an astronomical increase.

PRISMcide Aims to Secure Bitcoin Transactions
Creators of the PRISMcide project recently launched their IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the device's creation.

Beepi Adds Bitcoin Option for Online Car Buyers
Beepi, an online peer-to-peer car buying and selling service, has added a Bitcoin payment option for its sellers. This makes it the first in the market to accept this form of payment.

Juniper Research Forecasts Mobile Banking to Surpass Online Banking by 2019
According to Gartner, in 2013 the annual smartphone sales surpassed that of regular mobile phones. The sales accounted for 57.6 percent or 967,775.8units from the total of 1,806,964.7 mobile phone purchases.The increasing adoption rate of smartphones is allowing organizations to provide better services to their customers around the world, and banking is one of the sectors slated to grow as more companies deploy mobile solutions.

ISIS Must Rebrand to Avoid Confusion with Violent Militants
ISIS, a digital wallet company, has made the decision to rebrand as a result of heavy news coverage on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a violent extremist group also known as ISIS that rose from the ashes of the al-Queda.

Goods & Commerce, Ancient Ideas in a Digital Age
The twentieth century introduced drastic change to the method in which we execute transactional commerce with one another, namely the fruition of the credit card. With merely a simple piece of plastic, the currency system relied on by humanity for thousands of years was altered relatively overnight. Now, with the advent of mobile devices and their ever increasing integration into our daily lives, commerce has been given another opportunity to evolve - from plastic to digital with mobile payments.

Fiserv Allows Google Glass to Pay Bills
Paying bills is a prospect that takes on various levels of challenge based on the amount of control desired. Some just tie the bills to a bank account and let the whole thing kind of handle itself with automatic bill pay. Others write out checks or get money orders and route same through the mail. But a new technology from Auckland's Fiserv is turning bill payments into a process that can not only be routed through Google Glass, but handled with a few simple gestures.

Phone Payment Startup Goes Live in South Africa
Emerge Mobile is a South African company, based out of Durban. It was founded by a father and son team, Clive and Matt Putman. The company sees itself as a services and technology provider. It is competing in the mobile point of sales (MPOS) market. At the beginning of this year, Emerge Mobile launched its MPOS systems for small and medium enterprises (SME) across Africa, as well as other emerging markets.

Is Your Wallet Obsolete?
A study performed by market research firm TNS Infratest has revealed a rising trend of people willing to do away with physical payment methods, opting instead for their mobile devices.

Transaction Fee Update Big Part of New Bitcoin Core Version
Bitcoin has proven to be one of the most controversial and yet biggest developments in the field in some time. As some businesses like start to take the digital currency in trade for goods, and other businesses follow suit, the idea that one day the paper in our wallets may instead be completely replaced by a universal coin of the planet is not so outlandish as it may once have been. But with any new development comes a certain amount of difficulty, and that's a difficulty that the progenitors of Bitcoin are out to remove with a new update focused on transaction fees.

Revel Systems iPad POS Now Includes Yelp Dashboard
Today, it has become a must for businesses to pay attention to customer feedback. To make sure that this happens, businesses are relying on specialized technology to get the feedback accurately and in real time.

Lamassu Bitcoin ATMs Go Open Source
Lamassu, Inc. has released its long-awaited backend for Bitcoin ATMs, dubbed Rakia. The software is completely open source and available on GitHub for further development.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
Purchases and payments that were once only made online from your home are now being made from mobile devices, regardless of your location. Perhaps this is actually a better indication that people are spending less time at home.

Will California's Legalization of Bitcoin Eventually Lead to Regulation?
On Saturday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 129 (AB129) into law, allowing alternative currencies, such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin, to be used within the state. The passage of AB129 repeals California Corporations Code Section 107, which prohibited corporations, associations and individuals from putting into circulation as money, "anything but the lawful money of the United States."

'Buy Now' Button Shows Up on Select Twitter Feeds
Twitter has been working on making itself a little more attractive to retailers for the last couple of months. Now a new "Buy Now" button has appeared on multiple tweets this week. These tweets all included products that link back to an online shopping site called Fancy. While Twitter isn't exactly hyping the feature, that's likely because this feature has just been rolled out. The tweets were first discovered in the timeline of certain tweets as well as in the expanded view, nothing happens when the Buy Now button is pressed.

Report Sees Near Double Growth in Digital Payments Over Five Years
Less exposure to germs may not be the primary reason contactless payment systems are taking off, but just one of the side benefits of a digital payment market poised to nearly double over the next five years.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
Magento is a company that offers scalable e-commerce solutions that are designed to help a company grow. This week, Warp 9, Inc., a company that provides mobile and e-commerce solutions for midsized online businesses, has noticed that in a short period of time Magento has experienced incredible growth. This has led to an announcement that Warp 9 has launched a mobile commerce solutions group to serve businesses using the popular Magento e-commerce platform.

Prepaid and Mobile Commerce Proving Intersection
Remember in grade school when everyone seemed to have that new cool lunch box, and you still had a brown paper bag? In today's shifting money management landscape, it's kind of the same thing-but the lunch box is mobile commerce, and traditional money methods are that brown bag. Traditional methods seem to be on the outs, with mobile commerce sitting with the popular kids at lunchtime. New methods of management, including prepaid commerce opportunities and mobile banking, are starting to work together to change the scope of how you keep and spend money.

Are Mobile Configuration Errors Causing a Traffic Hemorrhage?
A recent panel discussion at SMX Advanced gave search engine optimization (SEO) firm BrightEdge something of an idea, an idea that recently bore fruit in the form of a new report. Essentially, the idea that was advanced at SMX Advanced says many companies are losing out on mobile traffic due to issues in configuration of mobile websites, and the BrightEdge report put some numbers to the theory. Essentially, based on the BrightEdge report, the idea that mobile sites are losing traffic due to configuration issues is not only correct, but it might be more widespread than anyone may have thought.

Bank in Latin America Offers Region's First Ever Online Payment Hub
In some countries, banks have yet to tap into one of the greatest periods of innovation in human history by allowing online payments and account management. Latin American banks, in particular, encounter many problems when trying to modernize their services. Of course, things don't always stay that way. Clear2Pay, a provider for many modern banking products, has announced that Banco de Credito e Inversiones (BCI) has created a payment hub which just recently went live, based on its "Open Payment Framework."

Advances in Mobile Payment Security
Repeatedly, security concerns are cited as the primary reason why consumers are not wholeheartedly embracing mobile payment services. That makes sense, since no one wants to hand over financial data to a provider or service they don't trust. Establishing trust, then, is paramount to the success of the mobile payment arena. Encrypting this sensitive data can go a long way toward gaining that trust. The EMV card, with its secure microchip for transmitting data, is a physical asset; how can we mimic this level of security virtually?

Bango Provides App Store-Quality Payments to Select Digital Merchants
Bango's recent payments platform allows app stores and select digital merchants to bill customers via mobile devices.

Ixaris to Launch App Store-like Payment System for Banks
Payment and pre-paid credit card service Ixaris has announced plans to launch a "Payments App Store" for banks and financial institutions called the Ixaris Payments Server.

Seven Essentials for the New World of m-Commerce
The growth of mobile and the transition to m-commerce is breathtaking in its speed and depth. According to a recent study, m-commerce is "saturating the globe," with mobile continuing to drive an unprecedented transformation of online and offline sales. Below is a guide with top tips for businesses working to keep up, and lead, in the new world of mobile commerce.

Warp 9 Announces Magento Mobile Commerce Solution
Magento, an open-source e-commerce Web application, has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. More than 260,000 businesses now use the popular software, and that number of subscribers represents an increase of 60 percent over its usage in 2013.

NXT-ID to Begin Accepting Bitcoin for its Wocket Digital Wallet
The volatility of Bitcoin doesn't seem to bother anyone, and every time this digital currency platform faces a challenge, it comes out of it with more customers, which to the converted only proves to the reliability, strength and fundamentals of the technology. As more companies adopt Bitcoin - Virgin Galactic, Tesla, Target, Home Depot, Kmart, Sears, Zappos and even the Sacramento Kings - it won't be long before it becomes as normal as cash and credit cards. You can now add the Wocket digital wallet from NXT-ID as the next company to adopt Bitcoin.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
I suppose that you do have to give criminals their due. As technology becomes more sophisticated it seems that hackers and people who want to cause problems always seem to be one step ahead and possibly just a little smarter than the countless number of people trying to prevent them from applying their illegal trade. Case in point is a Russian hacker who figured out how to lock iPhones in Australia. The latest form of attack is a Trojan directed at mobile banking in the U.S. and the U.K.

CIBC Introduces Mobile Banking App for Bell Smartphones
If your mobile phone can manage your calls, calendar, business and pleasure, why shouldn't it manage your money too? Mobile banking is starting to take off as an industry, and it looks like it's finally touched down in Canada for its first appearance.

Apple Allows Bitcoin Applications Back in Its App Store
A little over four months ago, Apple purged the last of the Bitcoin Wallet applications from its iOS app store. Now the California-based company has apparently reversed course, allowing Bitcoin Wallet and other bitcoin-centric applications back onto its virtual store shelves. The newest of these bitcoin based applications is the Coinpocket which has been described by its creator as a wrapper for a previously available open source HTML5 version of the same app. Now that it's back in the app store, it includes camera hardware that makes QR code scanning possible.

Wheelings & Dealings: Online Grocery Delivery Service Instacart Pulls in $44 Million
A person can find almost anything through online retailers, computers, books, and even health products, but there is one industry that has not had a strong presence online; grocery stores. Amazon has been looking to enter the market, with its AmazonFresh service, and its recent investment in Chinese vendor Yummy77, but they might have some fierce competition soon. The on-demand grocery delivery startup Instacart is looking to expand its unique business model to every major U.S. city, and has recently received the funds to support their growth.

GHash's Sustained Mining Power Deals Blow to Bitcoin's Claims of Decentralization
Bitcoin claims that one of its benefits as an alternative currency is its decentralized structure where no entity, public or private can gain control over it. Recent findings from a Cornell University research team suggest this claim may no longer be true. It found that a mining pool operated by GHash was able to supply a majority of the computing power needed to mine Bitcoins for sustained periods of time.

New Trojan Targets Mobile Banking Apps US
Online security experts Kaspersky Lab have detected a new dangerous Trojan that is targeting users in the U.S. and U.K. by combining the functions of financial malware with ransomware.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
If you are anything like me, then you would rather do anything than wait on a line. Well, with the exception of having to deposit physical cash, these days you can accomplish almost all of your banking needs through the use of a mobile device. In fact, there are several recent reports that indicate mobile as the most used channel in banking for its convenience. What I find interesting is that banks have taken notice of this and are developing downloadable apps for your convenience. That last sentence doesn't feel right!

Instant Buy Through Google Wallet Hits iOS Apps
In their continual path to uniting the world under one cloud, Google began providing their own answer to Paypal back in 2011. The Google Wallet allows users to store their credit card information within Google's cloud networks, easily accessing them to pay online vendors or send money over Gmail. There are even a few brick and mortar stores that will accept money through a Google Wallet app.

New IMGR Report Highlights the Impact of Mobile on Consumer Behavior
Today's consumer has multiple options when it comes to being engaged or engaging the brand of their choice. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC, game consoles or smart TV, retailers can now access different channels that will deliver better ROI than previous methods of customer engagement. A new report by Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMGR), the UK's industry association for e-retail, titled "M-Commerce: Paradigm shift or subtle change of course?" asks a very important question on how mobile is impacting commerce.

BlackBerry Looks to EnStream for Mobile Transaction Boost
When it comes to mobile commerce, carrying out transactions is one of the biggest parts of the affair. Getting money from where it is to where it needs to be is pretty much as important as having things worth buying on hand and having a way for customers to easily view the merchandise. To that end, BlackBerry is looking to augment its own position in mobile commerce by entering into a new agreement with EnStream for the next three years. Said agreement is set to help make BlackBerry a name to be reckoned with in mobile commerce, and give EnStream access to a substantial new market.

Mobile Banking Innovation: Consumer Behavior in Ghana
Mobile device ownership continues to rise exponentially. These devices are having a great impact on consumers' habits and banking behavior; there is, in fact, a dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices for financial transactions and services. Mobile banking is on its way to becoming the "new norm," said Bob Neuhaus, global finance sector head at TNS. Lately, the focus has been on creating cutting-edge mobile technology to help the financial clients gain access effortlessly to a complete set of banking services and to prompt customer service.

Biscom Makes Sending Files More Efficient with Paypal Implementation
When being paid over Paypal to create files, a lot of hassle can come from manually sending invoices and waiting for the payment. Freelancers know very well that sending their work without being paid upfront can be a dangerous activity. Biscom, a company that has been helping businesses send files since 1986, has announced an innovative solution to sending files that can allay those fears for businesses and independent contractors.

Bytemark Updates Mobile Ticketing App
Since January of 2012, Leading mobile commerce solution provider Bytemark has had a partnership with NY Waterway to provide the company with a mobile ticketing app. NY Waterway is the largest privately owned commuter ferry service in the country, boasting a fleet of 33 boats in the area surrounding New York City, and has sold more than 2 million tickets through Bytemark's app. The app has already been downloaded more than 190,000 times on iOS and Android platforms, but a major upgrade to the system now adds Windows Phone to the party, as well as the ability for customers to buy and use tickets and monthly passes in mere seconds.

Sequent's New Patent May Bring Wallets to More Apps
The mobile wallet is a concept that most can get behind. Sure, some are concerned about the idea of using a mobile device to pay for things, and the technology hasn't exactly reached just everywhere as yet. But a new patent from Sequent Software may move the wallet technology to many more places than previously expected, like just about any app out there.

American Express, Uber Offer New Breed of Loyalty Incentives
Loyalty programs are really nothing new in retail and in other kinds of business. Ever since the earliest days of the punch card-get nine punches, get a free whatever it is the store offers and the like-businesses have been eager to offer special incentives for loyal customers to keep said customers loyal. The advent of mobile devices and online shopping has shaken up the loyalty program somewhat, and opened up new opportunities to make this program unique. American Express and Uber, which may seem like an unlikely combination, have come together to produce a loyalty program that's actually a first in many senses.

e-tailers are Leaving Money on the Table, You can be Different
As the Web "goes mobile," online retailers struggle to achieve the promise of m-commerce. Instart Logic conducted its 2014 Q1 e-commerce Survey recently to explore this challenge. Responses revealed three paradoxes, highlighting sizable gaps between what e-tailers know works, and what they're doing today.

NTT Launches China-focused Payment Solution
NTT Communications Corporation has launched a new mobile payments platform aimed at Asia with a view to fostering a global reach for e-commerce companies.

Mobile Optimized Websites See Big Increase in Retail Revenue
It was a cry heard fairly regularly throughout the mobile commerce community: "Optimize your mobile website for mobile traffic!" The cry wasn't heard without good reason; mobile optimized websites offered much greater potential for sales thanks to the simple fact that such sites were more readily used by the target market. But a new study from Branding Brand shows that the call to optimization wasn't just empty words: it now has a clear and tangible benefit attached.

mShopper Adopts Rackspace Cloud Technology
In March of this year Goldman Sachs said by 2018 we will be seeing as much mobile commerce as we saw in e-commerce in 2013, which was $626 billion. This is a booming market that will continue to grow as the adoption rates of smartphones and tablets continues to increase. The growth will require upgrades in infrastructure with faster networks and more efficient data centers to manage the mass migration to the cloud by retailers. As one of the top mobile commerce platforms, mShopper needs a cloud service provider with proven reliability and infrastructure for its IT needs.

Apple's iOS 8 Will Allow Online Purchases By Scanning Credit Cards
Since Apple announced iOS 8 last week, there have been a number of reports about everything the operating system has to offer. Among the features that have been talked about is the use of VoLTE features, a fist for the iPhone. Another feature the operating system is said to be offering up is the ability for Safari users to scan a credit card with their mobile device's camera. Once the scan has been made, users can make purchases online without having to actually enter the credit card numbers.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
If you want people to visit your stores and hopefully leave with a purchase or two, what do you think works better, easy or complicated? My shopping method tends to be, I know what I want, I know where it is, purchase made. If I have to take too much time trying to find what I want, chances are pretty good that I'll just leave. It seems that Panera Bread may be visited by my clones. That is why they are hoping that a new mobile app will bring customers back through the doors.

New York Law Firm Jumps on the Bitcoin Bandwagon
Supporters of the crypto-currency Bitcoin were celebrating on June 3, when the currency found itself being accepted into a new market. A New York-based law firm announced on Tuesday that it will be adopting Bitcoins as a means of payment for their legal services.

Can Panera Bread's New Mobile App Help the Company Rise Again?
After posting weakening sales figures, Panera Bread is looking to revamp its operations and its reputation with a mobile app that was developed to help the company streamline its ordering process.

Contactless Payment Systems to See 300 Million Users by 2017
When online shopping first emerged, there were many who simply wouldn't have it. Putting credit card information on the Internet was, to these folks, akin to tattooing it on one's own forehead and walking around the bad part of town. After a while, though, it became much more accepted and commonplace. Mobile shopping shared similar troubles, and now, the contactless payment system is having its turn. But a new report from Juniper Research suggests that contactless payments will be a huge market, and soon.

Server Farm Realty Offering Ability to Pay For Services Using Bitcoin
While there are some people who are trying to find something that could serve as an alternative to bitcoin, other companies are trying their best to become more integrated with the virtual currency. Server Farm Realty is the latest company to announce it is going to be accepting bitcoin as payment. This means that it is one of the first Data Center providers in the world to accept Digital Payment for data center, colocation and managed service solutions.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
Usually around tax time you hear the name Intuit a lot. Commercials concerning preparing your taxes run endlessly. The company was formed because its founder was looking for a better way to balance the family checkbook. It has come a long way since 1983! This week Intuit is making its name heard again as it works on a deal to acquire Check Inc. This is a company whose focus is on tracking personal finances and paying bills through the use of mobile phones.

Smartphone Sales Continue To Rise
Over the past decade terms like iPhone, Android, smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, and the cloud have become common as most consumers clung to the smartphones when they were first released. However, some worried that the momentum would eventually slow down as users waited for the next big phone or technology to be released.

Southwest's New Mobile Boarding Passes
Enhancing customer satisfaction and ease is the core motto of every business, so the management takes steps to work towards this motto. To achieve this goal, companies embrace technology in a big way to tap into its benefits such as ease of use and mobility.

New Vibes Platform Streamlines Loyalty Programs
With the new platform from mobile marketing technology group Vibes, your wallet can get a whole lot smaller, and you can still carry all the essentials with you.

Wheelings & Dealings: Intuit Will Purchase Check Inc. This Year
Earlier this year there was a report in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that Intuit was interested in acquiring Check's mobile payment business. We all know Intuit Inc. as the American software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. I'm sure that everyone has seen their commercials during tax time.

Younger Folks Take Interest in Branchless Banking Alternatives
It's something of a cliche that younger people are more technologically-savvy than the older equivalent, and this particular cliche doesn't exist in isolation. It's no surprise that younger folks are interested in greater technology and more change, and that particular cliche got just a little more proof from a recent set of reports released from Accenture that show the young interested in big technology changes in banking.

It's Official, Retail Therapy Has Gone Mobile
Over in the U.K, an interesting development is taking place, and one that either is making or should be making every retail organization in the country sit up and take notice. The latest IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking report spells out the issue plain as day: better than one third of all online sales in the country are now done from mobile devices, and that's likely to mean some very big changes in the way business is done.

Online Sales Taking 20 Percent of all Credit and Debit Card Spending in the UK
According to The Guardian the first e-commerce was a dubious one. The transaction took place in 1971 or 1972 between students at Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology using ARPANET to arrange a sale for marijuana. That was the seed-no pun intended-responsible for the billions of dollars in commerce taking place today on the Internet. As legitimate e-commerce celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, a new report by Barclaycard says consumers in the UK are increasingly opting to do their shopping online.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
A combination of some of the work that mobile app developers are doing along with improved technology is making it easier for consumers to pay for their items with a one-click process. Gartner believes that mobile payments are set for a new wave of growth. That wave appears to include more usage of QR codes. One company that is going this route is called LevelUp.

Magic Oven's New App Could Revolutionize Your Dining Experience
A fear of many is that society is moving towards a population of people stuck to computers, never leaving their homes. With Amazon essentially delivering everything to our homes, including groceries, the fear is not unwarranted. However, one industry we would think can't be touched by this phenomena would be the service industry. Sure, people sit in restaurants and stare at their smartphones instead of socializing, but in the end they need to speak to their servers at least, right?

Financial Institutions Aren't Scared of the Risks Behind Remote Deposits
Sometimes bank hours just don't work within our own schedules, and sometimes we just don't have enough time to wait in a long line to deposit a check. Wouldn't it be easier if we could just snap a picture of our checks, and have it deposited anytime, anywhere? In 2004, the United States passed the Check 21 Act, allowing financial institutions to implement this exact thing. Since then, financial institutions across the country have been releasing their own remote deposit systems.

InComm Releases New Mobile Wallet Platform
The everyday uses for smartphones are continuously growing, and businesses are searching for more ways to implement them in money making efforts. One of the more prevalent smartphone adaptations for businesses to take advantage of are mobile payment applications, enabling customers to pay for goods and services through their smartphones.

SilkRoad Fallout Targets Bitcoin Exchanges
While the online marketplace known as SilkRoad has been closed off for some time-and some reports even suggest that a new version has cropped up to take its place-the fallout from said closure is still being felt. Recent reports suggest that United States authorities are increasingly looking to Bitcoin exchanges, as well as other businesses that deal in Bitcoin, for connections to the SilkRoad marketplace.

Control Your Dining Experience from a Smartphone
A fear for many is that society is moving toward a population of people stuck to computers, never leaving their homes. With Amazon essentially delivering everything to our homes, the fear is not unwarranted. However, one industry that should be untouched by this phenomenon would be the service industry. Sure, people sit in restaurants and stare at their smartphones instead of socializing, but in the end they need to speak to their servers at least, right?

Silk Road Fallout Targets Bitcoin Exchanges
While the online marketplace known as Silk Road has been closed for some time-and some reports even suggest that a new version has cropped up to take its place-the fallout from said closure is still being felt. Recent reports suggest that United States authorities are increasingly looking to Bitcoin exchanges, as well as other businesses that deal in Bitcoin, for connections to the Silk Road marketplace.

Juniper Research: Mobile Wallets to be Major Part of Handset Landscape by 2018
Smartphones are available almost everywhere these days, though mobile wallet technology is much less so, a development that alternately pleases and frustrates, depending on what side of the mobile wallet reception one falls on. But mobile wallet technology may be set to catch on in a big way over the short term, according to new reports from Juniper Research, who figures that finding mobile wallet technology on a mobile handset will be a fairly safe bet.

LoopPay Likely Leader of the Pack
As the Loop Team created prototypes and used the device more and more, it became quite obvious this technology is a game changer. The system's Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) turns a business' existing magnetic stripe readers into mobile contactless readers without any additional cost-The Fob does all the work.

LevelUp to Offer Mobile Payments Using QR Codes
Today, mobile shopping is offering consumers a new option: payment through QR codes. Mobile application developers are working on changing buyers' payment habits by providing simple, one-click payment electronic transactions to purchase goods and services.

Circle Launches New Bitcoin Bank
The Internet age has birthed quite a number of difference digital currencies. The problem has been and will continue to be in the near future the lack of consistency and dependability of bitcoin and the like. The complete and total collapse of the bitcoin exchange at Mt. Gox last month illustrates this quite well. Bitcoin has also been a frequent target of hackers. Despite all of that, companies are still supportive of the digital currency. Circle is a company hoping to change the fortunes of bitcoin for the better, in the very near future.

iOS Developers Getting Ability to Use Promo Codes
There is very little doubt that in-app purchases is the way that more and more developers are gaining revenue when it comes to the mobile platform. Now it appears that Apple is ready to take the next step in this particular format, allowing developers to create promo codes for those purchases. Mobile gaming apps have been offering in-app purchases for quite some time, but these subtle changes could make a big difference for mobile game developers.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
People seem to respond well to incentives. A product offering is just the incentive that the majority of people will respond to in a positive way. Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application for mobile devices that is available on just about every operating system free of charge. It seems to be doing better than Snapchat and WhatsApp in the U.S. and this is possibly due to its Kik Points program.

Casio Launches New Android Based Point Of Sale Terminals
The V-R7000 and V-R7100 are two new Android based POS terminals recently introduced by Casio America, Inc. These new terminals does not include fan, hard disk drive or any movable components to guarantee well-organized store operations, while removing common hardware problems that occur with PC based hardware.

Don't Be a Square, Stay in the 'Loop'
The eagerly awaited arrival of LoopWallet for Android is upon us, as LoopPay, Inc. announced today the release of its Android app. The free app, coupled with the Loop Fob, offers ease of purchase at over 90 percent of retail locations. iPhone users have been enjoying this luxury since February, and now it's Android's turn.

Xbox Tears Down the Live Gold Pay Wall for OTT Apps
Apparently seeing the business model writing on the wall, Microsoft has decided to stop holding streaming applications hostage behind the Xbox Live Gold subscription pay wall, beginning next month.

Square Feedback Makes Receipts More Valuable for All
Those who have run a small business, or been involved in the accounting for one, understand inherently the value of receipts. Receipts become those valuable little source documents for claiming deductions on taxes, which in turn can help bring some vital cash flow back into the business itself, especially for those who pay on a quarterly basis. But beyond that, receipts haven't had much value for anyone else, at least, until Square brought out its new tool known as Feedback to make receipts not just source documents, but a measure of performance for the business.

Mobile Becoming Top Priority for Marketers in 2014
Marketers have always wanted a platform that allowed them to reach their customer base directly. In the past this required expensive marketing campaigns with call centers trying to reach a pool of potential customer to test the product or service they are launching. While call centers are still used for marketing, today marketers have several different options to reach customers quickly and effectively. Mobile technology is one of them, and according to a recent survey by Netbiscuit, a global provider of analytics and device detection products to help companies achieve increased reach and performance, marketers in the UK are making mobile their number one priority in 2014.

Visualead Set to Bring Animated, Visual QR Codes to Renren's Mobile App
Quick Response (QR) codes are a type of matrix barcode used to bridge the offline and online world, and give people access to additional information about something. This type of code is a machine-readable optical label affixed on products for item identification, for example, aimed at mobile-app phone users. The technology for QR codes was developed to connect with e-customers and, in fact, it has become part of consumers' everyday lives.

Yapital Upgrades Mobile Payment Application
Google Wallet might be the most well-known mobile payment application out there, but it is hardly the only one trying to win customers over. Yapital, a mobile commerce firm has added a one-click feature to its own mobile payment application. The app allows for users to make purchases from their mobile devices at physical stores as well as online. Yapital's mobile payment applications operate quite a bit like digital wallets.

MyWallet Launches for Deutsche Telekom
Companies are bending over backward in order to get Google Wallet integration, and there are plenty of other companies that are trying to come up with competitors to that particular application.

AmazonBasket Sees Positives and Negatives after Launch
As one of the biggest online retailers in the world, it's not really a surprise that Amazon is trying something new with the launch of #Amazonbasket.

Kik's New Virtual Currency, Kik Points, Goes Live
Incentives drive a lot of business. Easily, one of the best ways to get people to do what's desired of said people is to offer some kind of incentive. Whether it's a positive incentive to encourage some behavior, or a negative incentive to counter it, incentives drive a lot of operations. The Kik instant messenger service has discovered the truest value of incentives, and is bringing out a full program regarding same in the form of Kik Points, a kind of virtual currency that allows users to get better engaged with the app.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
Have you ever thought of a mobile phone provider as a bank? Sometimes with the amount of my money that goes toward phone service it certainly feels that way to me. T-Mobile's goal is to free you from the checking fees that banks charge you.

Wheelings & Dealings: Phunware Announces Acquisition of Digby
Phunware, the pioneer of Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS), the first fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize their anytime anywhere users worldwide, has acquired Digby to expand multiscreen offerings for indoor and outdoor location based services.

EMV to Prove a Major Change For US Payment Systems
It's easy to look at the field of mobile payments and the overall checkout experience these days with a bit of trepidation. After what happened back around holiday time with Target and Neiman Marcus, it's easy to get concerned. But there's a growing movement called Experian, Mastercard and Visa (EMV), that's bringing out a new standard that may help make our credit and debit card experiences-not to mention our mobile payments-a lot more secure overall. Meanwhile, Gemalto and VeriFone are already starting to project how EMV will change the lives of shoppers everywhere, and the end result should be a happy one indeed.

Smartphone-Generated Retail is Booming: Revenue Up 115.9 Percent this April
Today's consumers use several avenues for shopping, whether they are directly shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, or simply ordering products off of the Internet. Internet purchases are increasingly gaining traction over in-store purchases, and shopping on mobile devices has accelerated this process. Overall, mobile shopping is growing substantially, and a recent report conducted by the Mobile Commerce Index found that the smartphone generated traffic from a selection of major retailers has skyrocketed, with almost twice as many visits, orders, and revenue generated this April compared to April of just one year ago.

T-Mobile's Mobile Money Takes Advantage of Surcharge Free ATM Network from Allpoint Network
T-Mobile's description reads, "Bring your money to T-Mobile and free yourself from checking fees at the bank." Mobile Money is the combination of T-Mobile's Visa Prepaid Card money management app and a surcharge free nationwide ATM network that brings many of the features of a checking account right to your smartphone. It is designed so that you can manage your card account from virtually anywhere.

Mobile Transactions May Get Easier With Jumio's New Services
Mobile commerce is a field that's seen a lot of gains in the last few years, going from an area that few would touch to a field that's almost downright mainstream. Security measures these days are getting stronger to accommodate, but are these measures outpacing the countermeasures of the data thieves? For Jumio, the answer is no, and the company in turn thinks it may have a way to fend off the credit card hackers, Heartbleed users, and similar such folks out there.

Flint Mobile Adds Features to its Android App
Flint Mobile's Android app allows businesses to process customers plastic payments without a card reader. Users simply take an in-app snapshot of customers' credit or debt cards; the app then processes each customer's identifying information and generates a receipt for them. That is not enough for Flint, though, which announced last week a host of additional features for its Android app, including support for invoicing and cash or check payments.

Online Shoppers Willing To Share Information In Exchange For Rewards
While retailers are clearly pretty excited about what mobile commerce in the 21st century means, most customers aren't quite on board just yet. That has left these same retailers looking for ways to drum up excitement and a new study by Snapette might have uncovered the way to crack the code. The survey found that mobile shoppers are more than willing to share personal information with retailers, as long as they get something back in return.

Two-Thirds of All Small Businesses Now Using Mobile Banking
Despite the fact that there are some real dangers to mobile banking, a new report indicates that more companies than ever are getting in on the market. RateWatch is reporting that total two thirds of all small businesses have now started to turn towards mobile banking to handle financial needs.

More Ways to Pay: Check Out MyCheck
I heard about an app today called Walk N Text (or Type n Walk in some app stores). This ingenious little gizmo uses your camera to project the surface you're walking on behind the keyboard you're texting on. Yes, really. My first reaction was that this is a case where just because we can do something doesn't mean we should. My second blush was to envy the developers; they're bound to make a bundle off this.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
Using the example of what happened over the Christmas holiday last year, we can understand the need for security. I am referring to the stolen credit card information that was hacked from Target. While more people are becoming comfortable using mobile devices for shopping and banking there will always be the need to feel secure. Toward this end, the financial community has not been holding back its attempts to create a more secure environment. Companies like TSWG are assisting in the process.
5/3/2014 Launches New Mobile Shopping Site
With recent reports noting the mobile commerce market is going to grow to more than $467 billion by the end of 2019, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are looking to jump into the fray. The latest firm to get into the market is which has launched a new mobile website.

Moki Launcher to Power PayAnywhere Storefront
Mobile app security company Moki announced this week that it has partnered with merchant sales provider North American Bancard (NAB). Moki will now provide its custom Android home screen, Launcher, to power the NAB PayAnywhere Storefront, a payment processing kiosk.

Sionic Mobile Launches the Give, Get Back, Pay it Forward Campaign in Partnership with C.H.O.I.C.E.S.
In a traditional brick and mortar store, one can often find change drop off boxes at checkout. There, customers are able to give a few cents to charitable causes. These drop-off boxes can serve as an important source of funding for many charities. When a person comes in and uses a credit card, or a newer mobile payment system, they aren't left with the change to drop off, cutting out a source of funding for charities. Sionic Mobile, a mCommerce company, has begun to attempt to change this within their own services.

Wheelings & Dealings: Equifax Partners with Zumigo on Mobile Commerce Authentication
Reports of identity theft and mobile transaction fraud consistently inundate global news media. Understandably keeping consumers on their toes, payment providers are always on the lookout for the next best payment solution that will keep customers safe while also making transactions easy.

Wheelings & Dealings: A New Name in Mobile Ads, Apprupt, Lands a Buyer in Opera Software
Today was a pretty big day for Opera Software, a company that makes browsers for several different devices; not only did Opera bring out its quarterly numbers, but it also offered word on a whole new acquisition. The company picked up a mobile startup that focuses on rich media mobile advertising known as apprupt, which in turn will join the ranks of Opera Mediaworks, Opera's advertising arm. While some of the details about the apprupt acquisition were being kept somewhat quiet, the details that did emerge suggest some exciting new possibilities afoot.

$467.3B Mobile Commerce Market Expected by 2019
While there are many sub-segments of the mobile commerce market that has to come into play in order for the forecast to achieve its target, a good example is payment modes and the different types of payment systems offered today. While NFC technology was enthusiastically received and greatly anticipated to change the mobile payment ecosystem, the adoption rate by consumers as well as businesses has been very slow.

Amazon's ComiXology Updates Mobile App, Changes User Shopping and Payments
ComiXology is an increasingly popular marketplace for digital comics, which allows users to browse, pay for and download comics about their favorite superheroes and villains directly to their mobile devices. Sporting popular publishers and classic stories from Marvel Comics, DC and more, the Amazon-owned website and app is growing in numbers

Square Increases Mobile Commerce Capabilities with Recent Upgrades
When Jack Dorsey develops something you know it's going to be good. The Square mobile card reader certainly falls into this category. The card reader offers a vendor the ability to collect payment anywhere from anyone with a credit or debit card. Today, Square is debuting inventory tracking for merchants, offline mode, order ahead and its pick up tool.

Globe Telecom Brings Mobile Payment Processing to the Philippines
Globe Telecom, a carrier based in the Philippines, has offered a new hardware and software solution for small and medium businesses to accept credit card payments on smartphones and tablets called Globe Charge.

TSWG to Integrate EyeVerify Eyeprint Verification to Secure Mobile Banking
Today, we see an escalation in the use of mobile banking. This is due to how convenient it is for consumers to use a computer or mobile device to check their bank balance and transfer money. Most, if not all, banks, nowadays, give their customers the possibility to move money from account to account and pay bills seamlessly online without the need to use an ATM or visit a bank teller to do such transactions. There is no doubt that the use of mobile banking (utilizing banking-related apps that connect to the banks' main website) has become a growing trend in recent time. In fact, more banks are launching mobile Web-based services in attempt to capitalize on the increasing use of smartphone and tablet based devices.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
Is there anything that says "comfort food" better than pizza? You can eat it on the go, order it with almost anything that you want as a topping and best of all, you can order it and have it delivered while it is still hot. Domino's Pizza is the second largest pizza chain in the U.S. and the largest worldwide.

Retailers Excited about Mobile Commerce, Shoppers Not So Much
Retailers are excited about mobile shopping but actual shoppers are nowhere near as enthusiastic about the technology, according to Retale, a site that aggregates weekly retail circulars.

Dominos Announces Google Wallet Integration with Android App
Dominos Pizza changed the way they made their pizzas and since then, the company has taken some major steps in order to become more technologically advanced. It wasn't that long ago the company was just working on launching its own ordering application for Windows Phone 8. Now the company has announced it is fully integrated with Google Wallet.

Apple Searching for Candidates to Run Mobile Payment Service
These days it is very popular to mention how many users online companies have. While it is an important metric, monetizing this asset has been difficult at best; all you have to do is look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. But there is one organization which can boast a high user number, 600 million, as well as a very high number of those users being tied to credit card accounts, and that company is Apple. A chart by BI Intelligence highlights the incredible advantage Apple has over other organizations when it comes to this data point.

Coin Terra Ships 5,000th Bitcoin Miner 10 Weeks After Production
Currently there are dozens of digital currencies in the marketplace, but Bitcoin is the only one making any news because it is the most popular crypto currency, and it had the unfortunate incident of losing hundreds of millions of dollars resulting in the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox-one of the largest exchanges prior to this incident. As popularity of this form of currency continues to increase, many third-party organizations are introducing products and services to supply the industry. This includes CoinTerra, a designer and producer of Bitcoin mining ASIC processors and systems.

AcmeTools Selects IBM Smarter Commerce for its Mobile Shopping Platform
No matter how long a company has been established, it has to have a digital presence in order to continue thriving into the future. Acme Tools was founded by George Kuhlman in 1948 as a small electric motor repair shop in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota, and 65 years later it is a major tools and equipment supplier with a robust online presence. In order to continue its growth, the company announced it has selected the IBM Smarter Commerce platform to provide a reliable mobile shopping experience for its customers.

Table8 For iOS and Android Guarantees You a Table, For a Price
With the explosion in popularity of the smartphone, there are all kinds of applications that are built to make our lives easier. Among those that are the most sought after are the virtual assistant applications that allow us to take a little bit of pressure off when it comes to everyday tasks. Booking a table at your favorite restaurant is one of the things you really don't have to worry about these days. Table8 is the latest application to launch for both iOS and Android that helps you quickly and easily find a table at your favorite mealtime spot.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
One of the foremost ways of judging how a market is going to be doing is look at the future revenue that might be realized. This week we have a new report from BIA/Kelsey that predicts the future of mobile local ads in the U.S.

Facebook Reportedly Interested in Financial Services Through TransferWise
Rumors abound that Facebook is looking for a good way to allow users to transfer funds from one user to another, which could have far-reaching consequences like disrupting banks and legacy players like Western Union.

Comings & Goings: Square Adds Amazon Veteran to Engineering Team
Square, a mobile payment services provider, has added Alyssa Henry to its engineering team. A veteran of Amazon, Henry previously sat in the position of vice president for the company's Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage System. TechCrunch reports that Henry will now move to Square and lead the mobile company's engineering department.

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Denied Rehabilitation, Looks to Liquidate Instead
The Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange incident may well have proven one of the biggest signs that there was trouble ahead in the Bitcoin movement as a whole. Few expected an entire exchange to go down, potentially taking users' Bitcoin stashes along with the closure. But with the shutdown of the Mt. Gox exchange-formerly the largest such exchange out there-comes a new report that the entire operation is likely to be liquidated rather than restarted.

M-Commerce on the Rise, Constitutes a Fifth of All Cash Spent Online by British Consumers
Today, mobile commerce apps and wireless services are showing signs of continued growth. Consumers have taken the steps into this "Mobile World" and have been spending much of their 'digital time' engaged in retail e-commerce sales via mobile devices. Throughout the world, several people have considered using their smartphone to make mobile payment transactions. Such an experience has enhanced their daily rituals - from shopping to banking.

ATM Like Function from BTC China Exchanges Bitcoins for Cash
The Picasso application from BTC China, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges, can't be called an ATM because you have to jump through too many hoops before you are able to get cold hard cash. Unlike an ATM where you can get cash out of the machine in a couple of steps, Picasso is labor intensive, making you wonder if it is worth the effort.

What Retailers Need to Do to Succeed in the Mobile Commerce Age
Consumers have recently begun to embrace mobile commerce (m-commerce), a trend that will surely accelerate in the coming years. Per a June 2013 comScore survey, today's online shoppers are already more likely to connect to retail websites via mobile devices than through desktop computers and laptops. With tablet and smartphone sales far outpacing those of PCs, e-tailers need to create online experiences that cater to mobile shoppers - immediately, if not sooner - to avoid losing customers to their savvier rivals.

Mobile Commerce Driving Revenue Spikes for Online Retailers
These days, it's hard to imagine retail operations doing particularly well anywhere. With the recent bankruptcy of Coldwater Creek and a host of similarly bad news coming out in the sector, it's a wonder that anyone's still selling anything to anybody. But there's a particular point that's doing quite well for online retailers, and that's the field known as mobile commerce. A new report from Unbound Commerce shows just what's at stake for online retailers that put mobile commerce to work...and for those that don't as well.

Mobile Shopping Not Just For the Young Any More
While for most of us, it's fairly commonplace to associate mobile commerce with a young marketplace-teenagers and 'twenty-somethings' turning to mobile devices--while older counterparts hit computers instead and still older counterparts eschew it all and hit the stores, the newest numbers are showing an altogether different picture.

Pocket Change Mobile App Combines Chore Reminders with Reloadable Debit Card
It's an age-old parenting technique with a modern twist - paying kids an allowance for doing chores, except instead of a cash transaction, everything happens via a smartphone.

Buying and Selling with Facebook May Soon Come to Ireland
Social networks in general these days are something of a declining proposition. As new competitors come into the picture, and offer new services or a more interesting crowd or any of several potential market advantages, the exodus of users to these new services can spell trouble for a social network unaided; just ask Twitter and its 974 million registered users...or rather, its reported 244 million active users. But Facebook has been looking to branch out from just the social network for some time, and now, reports have emerged to suggest that an e-money service may be part of the picture in the near term.

US Mobile Local Ad Revenue Could Reach $4.5 Billion This Year
Last week, a new report forecasting mobile local ads in the U.S. was released by BIA/Kelsey. The prediction is that locally targeted mobile ads will represent more than half of the overall U.S. mobile ad spending in the next couple of years. This will be largely driven by local marketing initiatives of national advertisers.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
As popular as mobile commerce is becoming, I think that there will always be a need for the solid feel of those brick and mortar stores. Perhaps if a mobile app were to have a built-in barcode scanner this would be something that could an impact. There is a company that feels that way.

Takaful Ikhlas Agents in Malaysia to Use Mobile Payments
Takaful IKHLAS has a range of services carried out by 6,000 agency personnel, brokers, financial institutions, motor franchise holders, co-operatives and Islamic bodies. In order to simplify the payment process from its customers, the company is making mobile payment available to its agents.
4/11/2014, LiveDeal Ink Deal to Offer Restaurant Deals
LiveDeal, a real-time deal engine, has partnered with to offer deals on thousands of restaurants to its customers.

Mobile Payments Set to Ring Up Big Numbers This Year
While it was something of a big deal to see more people turning to the Internet to carry out a large portion of shopping chores in the first place, the rush to mobile payments has proven to be much faster than the rush to online shopping by itself. A new study from Juniper Research shows just how far this phenomenon is going, and it's set to catch on in a big way this year.

Several Retailers Embracing inMarkets Mobile to Mortar Approach Using iBeacon
Now that Apple's iBeacon is becoming a little more mainstream, we're seeing more and more companies lining up to use the service. While the service is mostly known as something that is geared towards retailers, there are even more MLB Ballparks taking advantage of this new age advertising solution. Major products have even started embracing the service using membership discounts and similar promotions geared directly towards shoppers thanks to the inMarket platform.

Manatee Works Releases Free Barcode Scanner
The app is really just for testing purposes, to see just how well Manatee Works' product functions as a barcode scanner. The barcode scanner's library supports a wide range of code symbologies, including Aztec, PDF417, Code 25 (Interleaved and Industrial), Code 39, Code 128, QR Code, Data Matrix, EAN, GS1 Databar, ISBN and UPC barcode types.

EV Owners Now Have Multiple Paying Options from their Mobile Device
Electric vehicles or EVs currently enjoy one of the highest levels of satisfaction among car owners. This is primarily due to new designs from Elon Musk's Tesla and others that have made everyone forget about previous EVs. Since the technology is now readily accepted, the next challenge is providing charging solutions that are convenient and available in as many places as gas stations around the country.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
While mobile commerce is quickly gaining a lot of ground as more and more people become comfortable using their mobile devices to shop, there is still something to be said for the old brick and mortar structures that will never cease to exist.

Equifax and Jumio Develop Mobile Commerce Solutions
The technology of smartphones is allowing businesses across different industries to provide services for customers that are making our lives much more convenient. One of the industries is the financial sector, and mobile commerce has dramatically changed how we bank, purchase items, pay our bills and in general do anything that has to do with finance.

Survey Reveals Mobile Increasingly Playing Role to Enhance In-store Shopping
Businesses have spent billions of dollars trying to figure out consumer behavior, and while they have gained some insight, it is still not an exact science. There are as many reasons why a person will purchase a particular item as there are items to purchase, and that is why there are always surveys and studies being conducted on consumer behavior.

Security, Mobility and Connectivity Have Kept Apriva Ahead in the Mobile Commerce Market
When Apriva first debuted their mobile commerce technology in 1999, the company's main tenets were security, mobility and connectivity. So much has changed in the worlds of technology and mobility since that time, and yet those founding principles have served the company well and helped them build a strong foundation for today's mobile commerce challenges.

New Prepaid Bitcoin Cards Will Make the Bitcoin Market More Accessible
Libertarians, anarchists, and others who are looking to get involved in a currency that has no government regulation or taxes have been raving about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a completely digital form of currency, produced through computers that dedicate a portion of their processing to "mining" a small amount of Bitcoins.

Local Search Functions May Mean Big Advertising Spending by 2018
While online retailing has made major gains in recent years, there's still a place for local brick-and-mortar operations to not only survive, but thrive, even in a still-fragile world economy.

Square Simplifies Accounting by Adding Xero
The Square mobile payment platform is one of the most innovative POS solutions created for smartphones. Since the company was founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey it has grown considerably by partnering with Starbucks a little more than year ago and announcing another national partnership with Whole Foods almost two months ago.

FONU2's Social Commerce Website Goes Live After Beta Testing Success
Putting social media to work in business can be a difficult and complex process, one that isn't easily understood and is easily failed. But FONU2 may well have a solution.

Wheelings & Dealings: Alibaba Set to Buy in On Intime Retail in Nine-figure Deal
After decades as a Communist stronghold, the thought of the "Chinese market" is still a comparatively new one, posing some interesting possibilities as well as some interesting challenges. One new possibility comes from Alibaba, a giant in the Internet field in China, who has recently agreed to purchase an ownership stake in China's Intime Retail, in a deal reportedly valued in nine-figure terms. What will come out of that deal, however, is perhaps even more noteworthy.

RadioShack Picks FollowMe Mobile Advertising Technology to Bring In Customers
Single Touch Systems has announced that RadioShack had chosen its FollowMe location based advertising technology.

Got Bitcoin? The IRS Has New Rules for You
With April 15-otherwise known as Tax Day in the United States-rapidly approaching, there's a frenzy of activity focused around getting ready for the big day's arrival. There's one more point to consider, though not necessarily for this year, particularly for Bitcoin users that were wondering what the tax issues accompanying Bitcoin would be as the IRS released new guidelines around Bitcoin and those like it.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
While it has been available in the U.S. for the past six months, Pay At Table and Order Ahead gives you the ability to pay for your food using your phone and you can also order it before you get to the restaurant. This is all accomplished without the use of NFC technology which makes it good for iPhone users as well.

Spindle to Incorporate Multiple Yowza!! Features for Mobile Commerce Solutions
Today's smartphones allow users to access products and services which in the past consumed too much time to be worth the effort for many people.

Mitek Announces Major Bank Has Licensed its Mobile Deposit and Mobile Photo Bill Pay
Getting rid of checks as well as the act of making deposits at banks by physically going there saves financial institutions tens of millions of dollars annually. More and more banks are using mobile deposits as a viable alternative because of the benefits it provides to the organization and the convenience it offers consumers. Mitek, provider of mobile imaging for financial transactions, announced another top bank in the US has licensed its Mobile Deposit and Mobile Photo Bill Pay. Currently this technology is used by all top 10 banks in the US.

Spindle to Roll Out Yowza!! Mobile App
Spindle, a mobile commerce solution provider, has announced that it will use the Yowza!! brand in its future offerings.

Booby-trapped Android Apps May Be Working Hard...for Someone Else
Various cryptocurriencies like the popular Bitcoin, and its somewhat less popular variants like Litecoin, Dogecoin and a host of others, have been gaining ground in recent months as a potential investment vehicle or even as a replacement for cash. A new security threat on that front has shown up, as security researchers have noted a new kind of hostile code geared toward turning mobile devices into a kind of botnet with the express purpose of generating cryptocurrency for other people.

Snipp Interactive Launched Four Major Campaigns In the Last Month
With more people becoming connected to the world through mobile platforms, everyday activities can become more attached to network interactions. Every moment of the day is an opportunity for someone to be connected. For retailers, this provides them with an opportunity to market their products even further, drawing in more sales. Snipp Interactive, started in 2007, is one company that has foreseen a need for mobile marketing solutions, developing SnippCheck, a receipts processing solution, and SnippWin, a mobile contest platform.

The Stability of Bitcoin
The Bitcoin model eliminates borders when it comes to conducting a financial transaction by getting the rules and regulations associated with financial institutions. While eliminating these regulations provides many opportunities, it also presents challenges that have resulted in Bitcoin losing hundreds of millions of dollars at the Mt. Gox exchange. Stability therefore becomes a very importance component in this digital currency; one that has many people questioning the viability of the platform.

Spindle is Changing the Way Consumers Shop
Spindle is a mobile commerce company that is helping to change the way consumers shop. In an interview with TMC's Rachel Ramsey at ITEXPO Miami, Bill Clark, CEO of Spindle, said shopping will become safer, more productive and provide more value as far as interactions.

Tera Group Brings Framework, Hedge Potential to Bitcoin Trades
Bitcoin trading has proven to be a risky venture these days. In the face of moves like the account freezes going on at the Vircurex exchange, and the bankruptcy filings of the Mt. Gox exchange, it's easy to see why some traders might be a little hesitant to trade in this new investment tool. But Tera Group Inc. has reportedly made some moves to take the teeth out of Bitcoin trading with a new framework and the ability to hedge some of the risk associated.

Vircurex Bitcoin Exchange Freezes Accounts, Faces Liquidity Crisis
Further trouble has arrived for the Bitcoin market as another exchange finds itself under pressure. While the Vircurex Bitcoin exchange is smaller than its equivalent at Mt. Gox, the development is still no less distressing.

PayPal Mobile Order and Payment App Available in the UK
In South Korea and Japan, consumers are readily using their mobile devices to access available products and make a payment in many establishments. The rest of the world is slowly catching up and restaurants are the latest businesses to make this technology available.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
I think that it goes without saying that everyone likes to see pictures instead of just a lot of words. The best business pictures are graphs. They seem to be everywhere. The use of graphs is becoming increasingly publicly recognized for their ability to solve a lot of seemingly intractable technology problems across a broad range of industries and use cases.

Graph Database Solutions Gain Popularity as Neo4j is Implemented by eBay and Walmart
More businesses around the world are turning to graph databases in order to improve their services. Graph databases are powerful and scalable tools that store data in nodes and edges that allow users to search the storage system based on the relations data points have to one another, with no need for index lookups. The most popular graph database solution on the planet is Neo Technology Graph's Neo4j, which has recently been adopted by eBay and Walmart to transform the world of retail shopping.

Swrve Solution Speeds Up In-App Marketing Campaigns
In an attempt to narrow the gap between a customer behavior and a related marketing message on a smartphone app, Swrve has released a real-time personalization engine specifically for mobile apps.

Poste Italiane Prepares for Central Bank Regulations by Adding CA AuthMinder Security
Poste Italiane, a provider of postal, banking, insurance and payment services in Italy, has chosen CA AuthMinder to provide strong authentication services for mobile transactions via the Postepay App. It was a careful choice for Poste Italiane, since the inception of a 2013 rule from the European Central Bank (ECB) which governs digital payments in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) or which Italy is a member.

NonProfitEasy Partners with Bluefin to Process Not-for-profit Credit Card Payments Online
Online credit card processing can be a thorny issue for small and medium not-for-profit organizations, as complications with security and PCI compliance often quickly become tedious, expensive, and technically challenging.

Sociomantic Announces Flash-free Advertising Platform
This week Sociomantic released a statement describing its new Sociomantic Streaming CRM for Mobile advertising platform. Advertisers can use the platform to tailor content directly to individuals on any mobile device by taking advantage of its Flash-free HTML5 advertisements.

Siemens walletXpress Certified Oracle Database Ready
Siemens Convergence Creators has announced that its walletXpress mobile wallet platform version 2.1 has been certified as Oracle Database Ready.

Siemens Achieves Oracle Recognition for Mobile Payments
Siemens Convergence Creators have announced that walletXpress version 2.1, the company's next-generation mobile payment platform, has achieved Oracle Database Ready status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

Mahindra Comviva Launches mobiquity Wallet
A recent Nielsen survey of the U.S. smartphone market revealed that the penetration now stands at 64.7 percent. With more than 140 million Americans owning smartphones, the mobile wallet can be adopted by these owners if and when they think it is safe enough for them to permanently replace their traditional wallets.

Starbucks to Release Updated Mobile App March 19
Starbucks Coffee Company announced on Wednesday that an enhanced version of its iPhone app would arrive the following week. Enhancements include digital tipping, 'Shake to Pay' and better access to rewards accounts.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
We are seeing a new promotion for American Express. If you recall Isis, you will remember that it is the mobile commerce joint venture between rivals AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile USA. For the next two and a half months, New York City cabs will hold something special for American Express card holders.

Security Is a Major Concern for Mobile Payment Users
The mobile payments industry has seen rapid growth during the last few years due to increased mobile usage and the resultant mobile commerce. Today, more people prefer to buy products while they are on the move using their mobile device. A study by IBM showed that mobile shopping accounted for 16.3 percent of sales during last year's Black Friday shopping spree. This growth in mobile commerce has been due to the advancements made in mobile technology, especially mobile payments.

Will Starbucks Mobile Ordering Boost Sales?
In a bid to take customer service to the next level, Starbucks is working on mobile ordering to enable loyal customers to select menu items via their smartphones while they are waiting in line or before even coming to the store.

LiveDeal Experiences Dramatic Increase in User Traffic on Its Real-time Deal Engine
LiveDeal Inc. announced that its "instant" real-time deal engine has been experiencing a dramatic increase in user traffic, recording a 43 percent growth during February 2014 as compared to the user traffic during January 2014. LiveDeal also witnessed a huge increase in the usage of its mobile marketplace with a 154 percent increase during February 2014 as against the usage in January 2014. Further, the company reported that voucher redemption has also increased by 44 percent.

RetailMeNot Coupons App Updated for iOS, Android
Digital coupon company RetailMeNot has released an update of its RetailMeNot Coupons app for both iOS and Android users. As with any noteworthy software update, the latest version of the app brings with it a handful of new features and improvements.

New Report Finds Shoppers Likely to Visit Stores with Apps
Smart mobile devices provide so many solutions that they are quickly becoming the lifeline of virtually everything we want to do. Whether it is finding directions to a location, using an application to work out, receiving tele-health services, or purchasing a product, these devices make it all possible. Businesses are aware of this fact, and they are introducing applications to engage consumers with the products and services they offer. A new report released by Apigee Institute highlights the influence mobile applications are having on consumers when it comes to choosing a retailer.

Perseus Telecom and ATLAS ATS to Launch New Bitcoin Platform
Perseus Telecom, a telecommunications services company, and ATLAS ATS, the digital currency trader, have partnered to launch a new bitcoin exchange system tailored for large and high-frequency financial institutions and trading firms. The globally integrated exchange will be in operation in New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Mobile Commerce with WeChat
Mobile apps are becoming more sophisticated to compete in today's digital world, coming up with newer features that allow users to do more actions within the app. An example of this trend of increased functionality is WeChat.

Contactless Transactions Set to Climb by 2018, Nearly Reach 10 Billion
Contactless transactions offer an exciting new way to conduct business, one that has some real potential for improving the bottom line at retail and similar businesses. But the sheer number of contactless transactions being carried out in the marketplace is set for a very big rise indeed, if a new report from Juniper Research bears fruit. According to that study, the total number will see a huge jump between now and 2018, and the sheer size of the jump will likely make businesses take notice.

Qliktag Bringing the Online Experience to In-store Shopping
Many small brick and mortar businesses have been suffering from the competition of online stores, but one company, Qliktag Software Inc., is hoping to heal the wound between those on-site stores and website stores with their new app. Just today, the company announced the release of the new Qliktage in-store mobile merchandising platform. This platform will allow businesses to create mobile experiences and promotions for specific products. Shoppers will scan such things as standard barcodes and QR codes on products, which will connect them to these mobile experiences and receive those promotions.

Sage 100 ERP 2014 - What It Means for Businesses
In today's tech world, information is growing at an exceptional rate. As information grows, there is a greater need for organizations to browse through the data and find meaningful and actionable data at the earliest time. To help them with this task, many companies have created applications and one such company is Sage. Its latest release called Sage 100 ERP 2014 is a cloud-based system that will give small and medium sized businesses the platform needed to better customer interactions, higher profitability, and make timely business decisions.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Deploys PayByPhone Mobile Payment App
In addition, regular MBTA commuters can buy a monthly "virtual" permit via PayByPhone's permit site saving on time and money. Also permit parkers need not provide their space number or display any permit receipts in their vehicle. All enforcement related tasks are integrated with license plate details.

AlixPartners: Mobile Banking Now Mainstream Behavior
Back when the whole idea of widely-available home Internet was getting started, the idea of shopping online was a perilous one with scammers eager to steal that very credit card being used to buy that thing online. But after security picked up and it became clear that Internet theft was on about the same level as local theft, it became a mainstream option. The idea of online banking did likewise, and so too-as a new report from AlixPartners reveals-did the idea of mobile banking.

FTS Launches New Payments Solution for E-commerce and Mobile Payments
FTS, the Israeli provider of billing, charging, customer care, and policy control solutions, has launched the FTS Smart Payments Enabling Solution, a new e-commerce and m-commerce focused solution for payments.

Wheelings & Dealings: Mozido Takes Over StickyStreet
Acquisitions and mergers are some of the ways to leverage the best of talents and ideas in today's competitive world. This is why more and more companies around the world are taking this route of expansion. The latest in the list of acquisitions is the takeover of StickyStreet by Mozido.

NCR Silver Makes it Easy for Small Businesses to Reward Customers
Loyalty programs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to build lasting relationships with customers. This is why every company, irrespective of their size and nature of operations, want to have a successful loyalty program. However, cost and outdated technology are major barriers for small businesses and they tend to lose out on the benefits that come with building good relationships with customers.

Cryptology Attack Shows Bitcoin and OpenSSL Weakness
Traditionally, hackers have relied on brute force techniques to try to obtain decryption keys. They have also used weaknesses in algorithms. As those techniques begin to take more time and computing power, and as algorithms become stronger, hackers may find themselves unable to reach their goals. With side-channel attacks, however, hackers can bypass those methods in favor of analysis that relies on information gained from the implementation of such algorithms.

Mazacoin Launched as Native American Cousin of Bitcoin
Tribes have been using Mazacoin over the last month and say it makes it easier to spend money at reservation stores. They can also easily translate the currency into dollars when they want to journey to the nearest Walmart or Target. While the United States does not actually recognize Mazacoin, Harris says that isn't really an issue as long as trading and use is done on reservation property.

Isis Announces NYC Taxi Tap to Pay Promotion
Isis, the mobile payment solution that was created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, has announced an exclusive offer for American Express users from now until the beginning of June. The offering will give members who use the tap to pay with a registered card in a NYC Yellow Medallion taxi, as much as 50 percent back in statement credits.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
If you think about mobile commerce, it makes sense that mobile payments play a very large roll in its success. Financial institutions, retailers, and several other companies have been creating apps to process mobile payments. There is an easier way.

Stripe Adds New Benefit to Checkout System
Stripe's Checkout may have gotten its start a year ago, but the company has been hard at work to bring new developments to this platform ever since. Stripe's goal, at last report, was to make Checkout a smooth and easy system to work with, and create what it describes as "best possible payments flow." While it certainly did quite a job with that previously, its ongoing development has produced some exciting new features that should prove welcome as well, and the new Checkout is set to be even better than its predecessor.

eServGlobal and MNepal to Roll Out New Mobile Banking Services in Nepal
Mobile financial tech company eServGlobal and banking consortium MNepal Limited have partnered up to collaborate on a new shared financial service for Nepal.

McDonald's Is Lovin' Samy
MobileBits, the provider of the Samy mobile marketing and loyalty network, has announced that McDonald's has picked it for its omni-channel winter campaign in Switzerland.

NOMAD 2.0 Brings Top of the Line Mobile Payment Solution
Retailers may not like it, but mobile payment acceptance is quickly becoming simply the name of the game. POS payment services are having to evolve in much the same way that mobile advertising has had to change over the last few years. Even retailers that have established their POS terminals to be relatively standard and immobile are having to give solutions like the NOMAD 2.0 another look.

Flexcoin Follows Mt. Gox Into the Bitcoin Graveyard
It's an old aphorism that any new technology is going to have a certain boom-and-bust cycle, as a huge array of new firms enters the market and many of same are shown the metaphorical door as flaws emerge in the business model. Bitcoin is no different, and after the fall of Mt. Gox only days ago, another such collapse has emerged as Flexcoin has stepped forward to shutter its operation.

Shift to Mobile Payments Has Billers Trying to Keep Up
It was that not long ago that the idea of mobile payments was looked at with a lot of trepidation. As is often the case, the prevailing concern was -- and mostly still is -- security. As mobile device management (MDM) software advances and provides greater support, so does the user's confidence that their information is secure.

Japan Moves Toward Bitcoin Taxation and Regulation
The United Kingdom just announced this week that it would be lifting its VAT or Value Added Tax of up to 20 percent from all Bitcoin trades, while keeping the tax on actual transactions or sales made by legitimate businesses.

Shift to Mobile Payments Has Billers Trying to Keep Up
According to research commissioned by global provider of financial services technology solutions, Fiserv Inc., it seems that only 12 percent of billers have a mobile bill presentment and payment (MBPP) strategy.

MasterCard, Syniverse Developing New Services Based on Location of User, Mobile Device
A new pilot-phase program by MasterCard and Syniverse will be able to limit credit card-based transactions when a user's mobile device is in a specific location, along with the consumer.
3/6/2014 Passes $1 Million Mark in Sales Using Bitcoin
After making Bitcoin purchases on its site possible less than two months ago, ( announced on Tuesday that sales using the digital currency have already passed the $1 million mark. and other well-known companies that accept Bitcoins are helping to move them to the mainstream as an accepted form of payment.

PowaTag Offers Retailers a Chance to Promote Mobile Impulse Buying
You see something in the shop window as you walk by, and you know you need it now. It's an urge to buy a product that makes your fingers itch with desire.

NXT-ID Readies MobileBio Biometrics Solutions Suite for New Show
The rise of mobile commerce has brought with it a wide array of new opportunities across several different sectors, including crime. Where there are a lot of people with a lot of money, so too will there be not only people out to provide said people with goods and services in exchange for some of that money, but also those just out to take the money outright. This has brought in an increased need for security in mobile commerce, and NXT-ID may have just the solution in its MobileBio line of biometric security mechanisms.

Mobiquity Extends Strategic Mobile Partnership with Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is a very popular diet plan, with participants of all ages. The program monitors one's weight, eating habits, activities and much more to devise the best approach for weight loss or gain and track progress through a customized plan, which requires users to have an account and pay subscription fees. There is an online version available as well as the Weight Watchers Mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

AnywhereCommerce Updates Mobile Point-of-Sale Magstripe Reader
Looking to expand its reach in the growing mobile point-of-sale (POS) market, AnywhereCommerce announced an updated version of its mobile POS reader for accepting magnetic stripe card payments on mobile devices.

TSA Demands to Search Passenger for Bitcoin...Slow Clap Please
From controversy surrounding full body scans, to detaining people for sharp key chains, the TSA never fails to impress and this week was no exception. Davi Baker of "Bitcoin not Bombs," an organization dedicated to facilitating the opening of the Bitcoin world to entrepreneurs hoping to begin accepting the new currency, was detained by the Transportation Security Agency after they asked to search his bag for Bitcoins.

UK Lifts VAT on Bitcoin, Opens up Future for Bit-economy Growth
In early February, the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) reiterated that the Value Added Tax would be applied to all Bitcoin transactions. There was concern, however, that a 20 percent tax on all Bitcoin trading in the UK would put entrepreneurs in a tight financial spot, making it hard to turn a profit for fledgling companies. However, this week they changed their position and have announced that while VAT must be collected on goods and services sold for Bitcoin, the trades themselves would not be taxed.

SessionM Partners with Punchcard to Reward Customers for Shopping
In today's competitive world, retailers are always looking to create a better shopping experience for consumers. Companies are coming up with innovative ways to reward loyal customers and to increase their loyal customer base. One of the options that they now have is to reward customers for in-store purchases through a point system. These points are redeemable for gift cards or other merchandise from partner companies.

MasterCard and Syniverse Team Up for Secure Mobile Payments Solution
MasterCard and mobile tech company Syniverse have announced their new mobile payments partnership at this week's Mobile World Congress in Spain, which is aimed at protecting mobile users when travelling abroad.

PXT Payments' Looped In Service Indicative of a Shift in Payment Methods
PXT Payments and Boston College (BC) announced on Tuesday that they had partnered to make the former's Looped In payment service available at sporting events held at Conte Forum, an arena on the BC campus. Fans attending games at the facility will be able to make concession purchases through the service.

Active Mobile Money Customers Reached 61M in 2013
With the popularity of mobile devices at an all-time high, it's not exactly surprising that various uses for such devices are on the rise as well. Take, for example, mobile commerce which was somewhat late to the game compared to, say, social media. However, now that trust has been established, the spending and handling of money via smartphone is becoming increasingly common at a rapid rate.

Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
As people become more comfortable with mobile commerce, they begin to embrace things such as mobile wallets and the ability to not have to reach into their pockets or physical wallets to pay for something.

Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Files for Bankruptcy Protection Amid Nine-figure Losses
While the Bitcoin crypto-currency itself is gaining ground, being taken progressively at more businesses and by extension more seriously, there are also inevitably those who wind up at the bad end of such new technology. Mt. Gox, one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges, seems to be one of those as it files for bankruptcy protection after losing a massive amount of customers' Bitcoins, the combined value of which reportedly stretches into nine-figure territory.

Fortumo Becomes Part of One Platform Foundation
If there is one thing that is rapidly outliving its usefulness, it is hard currency. There are cases in which consumers in developed countries can go weeks or even months without ever using cash, and as the migration to digital commerce continues to move forward, the intervals will grow longer, until eventually this antiquated platform will likely be obsolete.

Fred Wilson Takes on Senator Joe Manchin Over Bitcoin in Open Letters
Bitcoin is in and of itself a radical new development in the way we consider economics and money in general. A currency of sorts that has no ties to any one nation, or even any one central authority, there are those who consider Bitcoin to be a major advance, and those who consider it to be a scourge in the making. Recently, Senator Joe Manchin offered up a public letter on the topic, targeting financial regulators with the intent that said regulators would "take appropriate action to limit the abilities of this highly unstable currency." Now, Fred Wilson of has issued a response, and coalesced the issues in the accompanying debate around the crypto-currency known as Bitcoin.

VoIP Supply Joins Increasing Number of Firms to Take Bitcoin on Bills
It was pretty big news when started taking Bitcoin as a form of payment when shopping at the popular online vendor back in mid-January. Even here, however, wasn't alone. There were plenty of other places starting to take Bitcoin, like the Sacramento Kings basketball team and several others. A new company has joined in the fray, meanwhile, as VoIP Supply announces that, starting March 1, customers can turn to the online currency for placing orders with the company.

StraightPay Launches Payments and Rewards App for Businesses
Electronic payments company StraightPay has launched its new official app for businesses that includes a rewards system for customers.

Can BBM Transfer Money? BlackBerry Considers New Option
Things these days are not so great for BlackBerry. A long chain of bad news has emerged for the company; most recently, a Clean Master survey revealed that just two percent of surveyed Americans call the platform their favorite. But counting BlackBerry out may not be wise just yet, as the company is eyeing a new feature: using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) as a means to transfer money.