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Log In to Your Bank with Emoji? Don't Laugh, It Could Keep You Secure
By: David Delony
Emoji characters might look fun over mobile devices, but banks are starting to take them seriously, according to Computerworld.

Ericsson Partners With Verifone Mobile on Mobile Wallet Solutions
By: Oliver VanDervoort
Ericsson took another step towards offering its customers the best mobile payment solution on the market by announcing a partnership with Verifone Mobile. The announcement actually came late last week and allows Ericsson to make use of a service plat…

Visa's NotATourist Campaign Helps Travelers Go Off the Beaten Path
By: Andrew Bindelglass
Every vacationer wants their experience to be unique. The greatest joys in traveling are often found in the small, off-the-beaten-path restaurants and shops, the ones that you won't find droves of tourists in. Previously, finding one of these locales…

Android Pay and Mobile Wallets Start to Address Market Barriers
By: Tara Seals
Has mobile money finally come into its own? Big moves by Google and Ericsson are the most recent indications that it has.

Facebook Becomes Beacon for Brick-and-mortar Businesses
By: Dominick Sorrentino
Mobility has changed the way we shop, so businesses are changing the way they market, promote, and sell products and services. One of the most futuristic practices-eerily reminiscent of Minority Report's retina scanner-is beacon technology. These low…

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